Summary of Jang Hyuk and His Wife Kim Jo Jin About His Married Life with Children!


Does Jang Hyuk have children?


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Jang Hyuk and his wife Kim Yeo-jin celebrated their wedding in June 2008, but in fact their baby boy, Jaehoong, was born in February 2008, which is four months before the wedding. It seems he had already submitted their marriage notification at that time.

And one year later in November a second boy, Sun Hong, was born. Recently a long-awaited girl was born in 2015, now Jang Hyuk who became a dad of three children.

Jang Hyuk seems to be less likely to act as a daughter ‘s dad in dramas and movies, and even from the world Jang Hyuk who is said to be “homeless figure can not be imagined”, but the condition of his wife who gave birth after 5 years He was also concerned about his / her mind, and he seems to have witnessed himself for the third birth. Also, as it was the first girl, from around the actor ‘s group, “It has already been demonstrating my parents’ fool since I was born,” had been exposed on TV programs.

How is Jang Hyuk’s marriage life?


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Jang Hyuk who said his father was busy due to work and had only a little time as parents only a month in a year. When Ihe was a child, I saw such a father and decided that “I will become a teacher and civil servant who will be able to return to regular time in the future”. If possible, I thought about getting to work that spends a lot of time with my child.

However, now he chooses the job of entertainer Jang Hyuk. Actually, because it is a popular actor, there seems to be not much time to spend at home, and because he’s often shoot overseas, it is often to leave my house.

“In the interview before,” I am very tired when I get home after the shooting, but I try to meet up with the children (because the kids are still young and full of energy) in front of the entrance. If you include the time to sleep, you may have a lot of time to be with you, but as it is a fact that there is not much time to share something, we are taking a break as much as possible during the weekend so that we can spend time together ” I peeped at one side.

Also, since his wife Yeojin also a ballerina herself, he seems to have a very understanding of balancing private life and irregular work and balancing it, due to Jang Hyuk’s work and schedule Confessions that there was never a misunderstanding or misconduct occurred.

Even in actor activities, as well as living as a person, “Jang Hyuk declares” to keep basic minimum things. ” I’m sure that that belief is the basis for defending my family and loving my wife and children.

We look forward to seeing Jang Hyuk’s success in the future and growing up becoming even better dad.