Korean Airport Railway AREX! We Introduce Everything Up To Timetable and Ticket Fee!

arex train byeol korea

What is the airport railway AREX in Korea?

It refers to the railroad line connecting “Seoul Station” located in the capital city of Seoul, Korea’s capital, and the Korean sky gateway “Incheon International Airport”. It’s really a convenient line! You can head to Seoul city comfortably without concern for familiar traffic congestion in Korea.

This time we tried to collect the basic information we would like to know in order to get on the airport railway AREX, so please try accompanying the trip.

Check timetable of airport train convenient for traveling to Korea


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The airport railway AREX is a direct train connecting non-stop between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station. General train which stops at each station within the route. There are two types. Because there are also Hongik University entrance station of shopping district area on the way station, let’s use direct train / general train properly according to destination and application.

Direct train Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 · Terminal 2 – Non-stop between Seoul Station Approximately 25 to 45 minutes apart.
Available 1, 2 train in one hour, so we need to pay attention onboarding time.

General train Stop at each station between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station
Approximately 10 to 15 minutes apart.
It runs frequently about 4, 6 train in one hour, and it is characterized by being easy to manage the time.

South Korea’s airport railway, easy to ride?


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Traveling overseas makes me nervous… This time, we will introduce you how to ride the airport railway AREX simply.

First of all, please get off arrival floor to the first floor of basement by using a guideboard with the train mark as a landmark. Since Incheon Airport Station is located on the first floor of basement, let’s first aim to this floor. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 have an AREX stand on the basement floor.

When you come to first floor of basement, let’s look for the entrance to the railway station! The direct train is orange and the general train is blue. If you successfully come to the entrance, we’re sure that there are ticket vending machines that can purchase tickets nearby. People are gathered mostly in ticket vending machines so they will be found soon.

Points to be noted are a direct train is in orange and general train is in blue. The ticket vending machines that can buy direct train tickets are displayed so that the letters “Express Train Tickets” can be seen. We hope you remember this.

If you purchase a ticket according to the screen display, you are ready to ride on AREX. (Those who have T-money can use it if it is a general train.)

Let’s Check Korean Airport Railways Fare Cost!


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【Direct train fee】
9,000 won Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 / Terminal 2 – Seoul Station

【General train fee】
4,850 won Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 – Seoul Station
4,250 won Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 – Seoul Station
1,550 Won Gimpo Airport ~ Seoul Station
* When using T-money, it will be reduced by 100 won from the above amount.

From Korea Airport Railway To Seoul Station quickly!


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To Seoul Station in the capital of Korea, Seoul Metropolitan City, there are various routes that can go to sightseeing spots, hotels, and live venues. It is big and clean, and it is also one of very convenient stations, isn’t it?

If you use AREX which can quickly come and go to this Seoul station, Korea tourism will definitely be convenient and enjoyable! If you catch the time and get on the direct train you can secure a seat and be able to travel safely and comfortably.

In addition, it is quite convenient service that we will be able to check in at Seoul Station! Those using Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Tea Way Airlines and Easter Air from Incheon International Airport will be able to check in at Seoul Station by using a direct train. You can also deposit heavy luggage that takes care when moving, so please take advantage!

A convenient Korean airport railway, can you make a reservation?

Convenient and comfortable airport railway AREX was introduced so far. If you can reserve tickets for direct trains that run nonstop from Incheon International Airport – Seoul Station in advance, you can make the movement even faster?

If you use a site like stated above, you can book a ticket! Depending on the site, it may be better to utilize it because it is a cheaper discount charge than on-site purchase.