Here Is the Truth About Jay Park and Jessi Relationship!

Jay Park and Jessi

Let’s Find Out the Truth about Jay Park and Jessi Relationship!

Everybody knows Jay Park is a famous rapper under AOMG, and he’s a member of b-boy. People started to know him when he debuted with 2PM a boy group under JYP Entertainment. Meanwhile, Jessi Ho is a female rapper and songwriter from South Korea who knows her American style. Jessie has reflected independent women who live with freedom; even so, she was frequently hit by dating rumors with fellow musicians, such as Jay Park. There’s a rumor that the two of them have a special relationship. Is it valid?

Don’t worry. Through this article, Byeol Korea will give you the truth about Jay Park and Jessi’s relationship. So, keep on reading!

Jay Park and Jessi Aren’t Dating

Jay Park and Jessi
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In 2019, Jay Park appeared in Jessi’s song by collaborating through her song entitled ‘Drip’. People saw them as perfect partners, and half of them started to think that they were will be matched if both of them had a relationship in real life.

Day by day, this rumor was going dim and lighting up on their own. Even though there are still people’s thoughts that claim that Jay Park and Jessi were doing on dating. Jay Park was often involved in dating rumors, but he’s rarely cleared it up or even given statements anything.

Meanwhile, there’s one thing that’s for sure they don’t have any special relationship whatsoever apart from being friends. Moreover, Jessi once said in a live broadcast on social media that she’s currently not dating anyone.

Jessi Rumored to be Pregnant with Jay Park

On June 30, 2022. there were rumors spread that talked about Jay Park, and Jessi was going to be parents. Based on the news, Jessi was pregnant from her relationship with Jay Park.  It is because Jessi’s statement mentioned she wanted to have a baby and she would take care of well. Not only that, but Jessi also wants to have a family and child with a happy life. With these rumors, Jay Park or his agency didn’t take it seriously or something, because there’s no defense, rebuttal, confirmation, or whatever.

Jessi Response to Her Pregnancy Rumors

Unlike Jay Park, Jessi actually responded to the rumor and was able to speak about the sensitive topic bluntly. When she knows the rumor, she gave a striking response through her personal Instagram live (@jessicah_o). During the live, she said:

“People saying that I’m pregnant with someone’s baby… I know my hope, and you know, I want a baby.” After hearing these statements, people and her fans were shocked.

Then, Jessi added that she doesn’t care about these rumors, as well as other controversial matters that dragged her name. Jessi frequently says that she wants to have a child soon. For example, when she was the MC in The Sixth Sense, she said: “I will confess here. I making money from my music and gaining popularity, but it’s all useless now. I’m not happy. Because all I want is a family, it’s my dream.”

Because of her statements, sometimes people think that she wants to have a family and then date someone secretly.

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