BTS Jimin Plastic Surgery Information, Let’s Check The Truth!

BTS Jimin

The Possibility of Jimin Undergoing Surgery and Fans Who Imitate Jimin’s Face!

Who doesn’t know Jimin? He is one of the members of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), the South Korean boy group that has cracked the Billboard and international music awards with many of their songs nowadays.

South Korea and plastic surgery are always linked by people due to their advanced technology and professional surgeons. Physical appearance is also considered an important factor in the entertainment industry besides talent and character.

Jimin and plastic surgery are also asked about since he has intimidating looks and charismatic eyes. Even one of the international fans took extreme action to look like him. Let’s find out if BTS’ Jimin had plastic surgery or not. Keep reading!

Did BTS’ Jimin Have Plastic Surgery?


Many people do self-analysis and share assumptions about celebrity plastic surgeries, including Jimin. Jimin has a high probability of not having plastic surgery, but, of course, several assumptions about him having surgery is always there.

As a famous artist, he sometimes gets mocked and over-speculated about from A to Z in looks and performances. However, the boy who was born in 1995 in Busan may not have had any surgery. Here’s some analysis below!

Jimin’s Plastic Surgery Analysis

Some assume Jimin had surgery on his cheeks and jawline, but no one is sure about that since there’s no confirmation from Jimin about this.

His cheeks changed a bit and his jawline is also slimmer. Jimin looks like he just lost his weight and matured from a teenager to a young adult. As an idol, mostly, they begin to notice their appearance. However, they exercise and have dance practice daily which also contributes to their overall looks after all.

Some idols also follow diet plans or eat healthy meals to maintain their bodies to get maximum results on their looks. Jimin probably did the same to achieve his looks. Looking at his picture from when he was a teenager, Jimin does have squishable fat cheeks, but the more he grew and exercised, the chubby cheeks went, too. What do you think?

Jimin’s Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jimin’s cheeks looked chubby in his high school era. Look at his fat cheeks, so adorable! Fast forward to now and his cheeks are not chubby like in his pre-debut era.

Jimin’s nose also may look a little bit different but only slightly. His angular nose is a perfect fit. He may not have had a nose job here. However, it could be just cosmetic application or angles in photos.

For eyes, nothing can prove if Jimin had surgery or not. In South Korea, eyelid surgery is considered common. Even more, beautiful eyes can also be achieved by only applying makeup techniques and non-surgical methods.

Jimin’s Childhood Pictures

Jimin has a similar face contour to what he has now. He is just more mature and grown as a young handsome adult. Do you agree?

BTS’ Jimin and a Look-a-Like Fan

A British influencer, Oli London, revealed that he underwent surgery to have a face similar to Jimin. He has been a fan of Jimin since he saw BTS on TV performing while he living in South Korea in 2013.

His purpose was wanting to be in the K-pop lifestyle, and he said Jimin was perfect for him. So, in 2018, he made his face similar to Jimin with plastic surgery on his nose, cheeks, eyes, and lips. Oli said that this is him following his dream, and it makes him happy.

That’s all about Jimin and plastic surgery. Do you think Jimin underwent plastic surgery? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on Twitter, too!