All BTS Slang Words You Need To Know


The Unique BTS Words that ARMY Should Know!

BTS, which stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, has conquered the world with their music and performances. They spread the Hallyu wave to the young generation in this era all over the world. Because of their popularity, people’s attention is drawn to what they say, including their slang words.

Check out the BTS slang words in this Byeol Korea article below! Keep reading!

List of BTS Slang Words

BTS Slang words Meaning
Manggae Teok/Mochi rice cake, a nickname for Jimin
Purple color for BTS
ARMY Bombs BTS’s official fandom light stick
Bang PD/Hitman Bang the founder of BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment
Muster BTS members doing performances for special concerts
Sunshine J-Hope
Worldwide Handsome Nickname for Jin
PTD Permission to Dance
BAK BAK (박박) cool or awesome
Visitors (방문 ) Respect unit: RM and Suga
Borahae / I Purple You (보라해 ) BTS color
APOBANGPO (아포방포) ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever
Amuhengal (아무행알) ARMY must be happy no matter what happens, okay?
Jan Jan Kook (잔잔국) Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook
It’s Definitely You Team (죽어도 너야” 팀) Terms for Jin and V from BTS Prom Party Unit Stage Behind
Car Door Guys (차문남) Jin stepped out of the car during the red carpet
Podo (포도) / Grape good luck in getting a ticket to the BTS concert
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화) In the Mood for Love
All Kill number one song on the chart daily
BON VOYAGE reality show of BTS when they travel the world
CAK / Certified All Kill the song becomes chart number one
EATJIN Jin’s eating broadcast (mukbang)
GLOSS Suga’s nickname as a rapper
Golden Maknae Jungkook
Hyung Line the older age member line
JIJINJUNG Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook
JINGIMIN Kim Seokjin, Min Yoogi, and Park Jimin
NAMJOONING Kim Namjoon’s ways of doing
TAEKOOK V and Jungkook

Manggae Teok/Mochi

Manggae Teok or Mochi means rice cake. This is a nickname for BTS’s Jimin because his cheeks and overall face look like cute rice cake.


Purple has become a significant color for BTS. This color means I will trust you and love you for a long time.

ARMY Bombs

ARMY Bombs is the name of BTS’s official fandom light stick. This light stick is mostly used for fans’ interaction with them while performing. ARMY Bombs are also used while singing chants to BTS songs.

Bang PD/Hitman Bang

Bang PD is the founder of BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment. He has many contributions to many of BTS’s songs in composing, writing, and producing, so he is called Hitman Bang too.


Muster means a military team where members do performances for special concerts where ARMY (BTS’s fans) gather in one place.


Sunshine is another name to call J-Hope because his existence is always contagious. J-Hope is able to make other people warm and he oozes a positive vibe with his bright personality.

Worldwide Handsome

Worldwide handsome is a nickname for Jin because of his handsome appearance.


PTD is short for BTS’s single “Permission to Dance” from the album Butter released in July 2021.


Jimin also called Chim Chim started from TS’s reality show American Hustle Life.

BAK BAK (박박)

Bak Bak is BTS’s slang for daebak which means cool or awesome.

Visitors (방문 )

Visitors is the team name made for the Respect unit: RM and Suga.

Borahae / I Purple You (보라해 )

Purple is the BTS color, whenever they exist, purple is the color that could describe their existence. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.


APOBANGPO means ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever. This term was made by Jungkook in his fan café with ARMY in 2019.

Amuhengal (아무행알)

Amuhengal means ARMY must be happy no matter what happens, okay? This is also a term created by Jungkook in his fan café chat with ARMY.

Jan Jan Kook (잔잔국)

Jan Jan Kook means Jamais Vu and consists of Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook.

It’s Definitely You Team (죽어도 너야” 팀)

There are terms for Jin and V made by BigHit staff for their BTS Prom Party Unit Behind Stage.

Car Door Guys (차문남)

This is a nickname for Jin after he became a trending topic in stepping out of the car on the red carpet at the 2015 Melon Music Awards.

Podo (포도) / Grape

Podo means grape which means the available seat in a map concert. So, ARMY uses this grape as a symbol of good luck in getting a ticket.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화)

The most beautiful moment in life is the English name of BTS’s album and is also related to “In the Mood for Love”.

All Kill

All Kill means the song becomes number one on the chart daily and happens close to song release.


Bon Voyage represents the reality show of BTS when they travel the world and interact with other travelers.

CAK / Certified All Kill

CAK or Certified All Kill means their song is charting first on the majority of music charts.


EATJIN is short of Jin’s eating broadcast (mukbang). This video is usually live on V-LIVE on BANGTANTV. Jin shows how he cooks some food with his methods.


GLOSS is Suga’s nickname before his debut when he was a rapper in an underground hip-hop group.

Golden Maknae

Golden Maknae is a nickname for Jungkook. It means the youngest member of the group with skillful talent. Golden refers specifically to someone who is really good at many skills among the group members.

Hyung Line

Hyung line is a group of members who are older than the other members. In the BTS Hyung line are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and RM.


Jijinjung is short name of Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook. This nickname was made on July 27th, 2020, on their V-LIVE.


JINGIMIN is short name for Kim Seokjin, Min Yoogi, and Park Jimin.


Namjooning is Kim Namjoon’s way of doing. Kim Namjoon or RM answered, “I’m Namjooning,” when he was asked about what he was doing on vacation.


Taekook is the V and Jungkook nickname when they did the Parents Day Carnation Making V-LIVE.

That’s all about BTS’s slang you should know about. Which slang do you find most astonishing? Put your comment and share your thoughts below! Keep supporting BTS in all their future activities. Check out BTS’s Instagram for more updates.