Summary of Jang Hyuk and His Wife Kim Jo Jin About His Married Life with Children!


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Who is Jang Hyuk?

Korean popular actor Jang Hyuk who starred in Korean drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” and then starred in hit titles such as “Tazza: The High Rollers”, “Thank you” and a historical drama “Great ambition”. In 2014, his starring drama titled “Fated to Love You” which he appeared with Jang Nara, an actress who played as his partner in “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” became a big hit! In accordance with the high viewing rate, he won numerous prizes with the same drama and adorn a perfect beauty.

Recently, the suspense drama “Voice” which he appeared with Lee Hanna and SUPER JUNIOR Yesung recorded the high viewing rate, and it became a hot topic.

Jang Hyuk who boasts unchanged popularity from fans of a wide range of age groups in Japan. This time we would like to introduce his meeting with a woman who is his wife, his married life, their children’s stories and so on.

When did Jang Hyuk get married?


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Jang Hyuk was married in 2008. Do not many people did not know that he was married? In Korea, there are many actors who frequently do not update social media like idols and young actors, and only have a few things we can see in a drama. Also, of course, in the drama they didn’t wear a wedding ring, so many people are surprised, “Eh, this actor is married already?” is not it!

Well, what kind of person did Jang Hyuk choose for his lifetime partner?

Jang Hyuk’s marriage partner is a former ballerina!


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The partner who became the wife of Jang Hyuk was Kim Yeo-jin who is 2 years older than him and was a former ballerina. Mrs. Yeo-jin says that she was a lecturer of jazz pilates at a fitness gym where Jang Hyuk has started working in 2002. Started to build relationships from there, after 6 years of association, it became a goal in fine weather.

Previously, when Jang Hyuk appeared in variety shows, he talked about his secret marriage with his wife Kim Yeo-jin. Originally it seems that he was going to the gym to build his muscles, but he fell in love at first sight by the beauty of Mrs. Yeo-jin and Jang Hyuk became totally lovestruck. After thinking of what should he do to become closer to her, in the end, he applied for her class (Pilates) in order to get close to her. In that class, there are 41 women and only 2 men! Moreover, another male seems to have applied for lessons, also aiming at Yeo-jin.

Because of Pilates class, women wear tights so they could move easily, and it seems that men had to wear them too in that classroom, so Jang Hyuk also wore tights like other women, and enthusiastically attended the class. However, his rival has become unable to endure the tights appearance, abandoned the class with only one week of attendance. The reason is interesting, is not it! Perhaps it’s like a humiliation for the young man to see himself in tights..

Jang Hyuk, who continued to participate for three months afterward, repeated her favorable approach to her, set up an opportunity to eat, asked her phone number and developed into a relationship. Meanwhile, in the movie ‘Please Teach Me English’ that appeared in the interview, surprising fact that he asked the director to forcibly make a dance scene, and nominated Mrs. Yeo-jin for dance guidance! Later Jang Hyuk confessed, “I was pretending that it was an accident, but I get her to go on date with me naturally as planned as my plan”, and making the audience in the whirlpool of laughter.


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Also, as to the question of what makes him fell in love with his wife Yeo-jin, “There is a shower room under the gym, when my wife comes out of the ladies’ shower room and climbs up the stairs, For the first time I went to the room I passed for the first time, that moment felt like a scene in the movie “, revealing a unique love affair. Did he seek dramatic encounters in everyday life as long as you continue acting? !

Because Mrs. Yeo-jin is an ordinary person, her face etc. are not clearly announced, but looking at the picture of the wedding, she seems to be unmistakably beautiful! Even when Jang Hyuk joined the military service in 2004 and continuing to associate with constant love until he was discharged in 2006. Asked Mrs. One day Jang Hyuk asked Yeo-jin, “Why are you still waiting for me until I was discharged (not separating)?” Yeo-jin answered, “You must not throw people away when they are in tough times”. Not only appearance but she also has beautiful heart!