What Happen With T-ara Bullying Scandal? Let’s Find Out The Facts!


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Younger Members Being Get Bullied By Senior Members of T-ara?

T-ara is Girlband beneath MBK Entertainment who surfaced in 2009. They have been on top in popularity ever since they surfaced, and especially when they published the song Roly Poly. A while after their debut, 2 new members finished the group. Hwayoung joined T-ara since the 7th member in 2010 and Ahreum since the 8th member of 2012.

As they were in the very top of the career, some problems suddenly came out about their bad behavior toward a part of T-ara, Hwayoung. There are many speculations about the T-ara bullying scandal. Plenty of folks are still confused about what actually happened behind the scandal.

Some people even put the entire blame on T-ara’s Jiyeon and Eunjung. So here, we will reveal the truth about the T-ara bullying scandal and we will also give you a thorough chronology.

Chronology Scandal How Did the T-ara Bullying!


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The bullying scandal first came to the surface and was spotted by netizens when T-ara maintained their solo concert in Japan. In the concert, Hwayoung only performed one song because she had been reported suffering from an accident.

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“There are differences in levels of conclusion. Let’s have more determination”, she wrote.  T-ara’s Jiyeon also came and commented on Hyomin’s tweet.   “The differences in amounts of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ and thoughtful ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^” she composed. Starting from one tweet, the entire story concerning the T-ara bullying scandal began.

It got worse after Hyoyoung, who’s T-ara Hwayoung’s twin sister posted a tweet saying”Even determination alone isn’t enough.”. Hyoyoung additionally added, “God, you know everything”. After all those incidents, everyone began talking and presuming that Hwayoung was bullied from another T-ara members.

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After that, Hyoyoung tweeted a post saying “My other half is going through troubles.” , to that T-ara Hwayoung responded, “I just have you.”. All those posts revealed how pathetic Hwayoung’s condition was at the time. A good deal of T-ara’s fans was disappointed, and they started to despise T-ara members due to the bullying scandal.

t-ara bullying scandal

T-ara Jiyeon Bullying Scandal Toward Hwayoung

There’s a lot of speculation concerning the T-ara bullying scandal, and two T-ara’s members who have been supposed as the cruelest among all T-ara members were Jiyeon and Eunjung. This is some evidence collected by netizen about Jiyeon’s rude behavior toward Hwayoung.

1. Jiyeon Spotted Ignoring Hwayoung After Doing High-Fives

This happened when T-ara arrived at a Japanese variety show. Jiyeon succeeded in rolling her bowling ball during the game, she then came to T-ara members to provide each of them a high-five. But the awful thing is, Jiyeon jumped Hwayoung who sat on the first chair after which she gave high-fives into the remainder of the T-ara members.

2. Jiyeon Gave Hwayoung Acorn in a Dog’s Bowl

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T-ara’s Hwayoung once shared a photo on her Twitter accounts of a cute gift given by Jiyeon. It was a lego dog that stood facing acorn bowl. For Korean people, an acorn at a dog’s bowl signifies something that’s related to”outcast”.

3. Jiyeon Being Bullied in Twitter

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After winning, Jiyeon posted on her SNS account, stating “I won first place in a popularity poll, and so I am sharing this film ~ Oh, and Hwayoung got 0 votes haha. , which brought up another feeling of her bullying Hwayoung.

4. Jiyeon Embarrassed Hwayoung In Front of Camera

t-ara bullying scandal

T-ara appeared as guests in”Star Life Theater”, and there was a minute when all of the members were heading somewhere in a vehicle. Suddenly, Hwayoung opened up a novel to study, which brought the producer and he said, “Oh, Hwayoung, it seems like you enjoy reading” .

Hwayoung was going to answer, but then Jiyeon unexpectedly said “It is because of the camera. Wow, you are really funny. I have never noticed Hwayoung read a novel while being in precisely the exact same group.” , which directed Hwayoung to embarrassment.