SEVENTEEN Scandal: From Bullying, Anti-Fans, and The Aftermath

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SEVENTEEN is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2015 and has 13 members with S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino.

As one of the famous K-Pop boy groups, many have highlighted the members’ lives. On the other side, do you know about SEVENTEEN’s scandal? Are the members also been involved in the scandal? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Bullying Scandal


Several anonymous netizens claiming to be Mingyu’s schoolmates have posted a number of accusations of bullying over the past few months. According to them, Mingyu has carried out various kinds of bullying (including students with disabilities) as well as sexual harassment.

On April 6, 2021, Pledis Entertainment announced that SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu had resolved the bullying scandal with his accusers. The agency also confirmed that he will continue his activities in the entertainment industry.

Pledis explained that Mingyu had met with the accuser and spoke directly to resolve the matter. In the end, both sides agreed to make peace and promised not to hurt each other again.

Here’s the official statement from Pledis regarding SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu bullying issue :

Furthermore, Pledis explained that it had contacted a number of parties related to this rumor. Because it took a long time to confirm the truth, the agency asked fans to give their understanding.

Finally, Pledis also apologized to fans who had been worried for the past few weeks. The agency also officially announced that Mingyu would be doing his normal activities as usual.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Apologize For His Past


Pledis revealed that Mingyu felt very sorry for causing fans to worry. In his statement, Mingyu promised to behave well so as not to disappoint fans in the future.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu wrote his apologies to fans and he will learn from his previous mistakes, so he can become a better idol in the future.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo ‘Anti-SNSD’

During the pre-debut era, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo made a comment in the online community by comparing the visuals of a former member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica.

He commented on the visual change of one of the members who debuted under SM Entertainment and talked about plastic surgery.

Not only that, many people have received evidence that SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo is an active and anti-SNSD member. You could say that he is quite active in publicly shaming Girls’ Generation’s members.

One of the pieces of evidence obtained is SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo using the username ‘NamDoIl’ and replying to some comments, but with the aim of directly disliking the Girls’ Generation.

There are many comments and posts from SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo as anti-SNSD during his pre-debut era. Even though it was in the past, many fans were disappointed with his attitude and questioned why he did this.

Everyone has mistakes in the past and finally SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo realized this and immediately apologized.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Posted His Apology In 2016

Pledis Entertainment the agency released a handwritten letter by Wonwoo. The agency that also oversees the girl group fromis_9 also expressed an apology for feeling lacking in taking care of their idol.

Their agency also provided an opportunity for SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo to apologize personally and express his feelings.

Here’s the apology letter that was written by SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo :

You can also read the English translation in this picture below :

Netizen Comments About SEVENTEEN’s Scandals


If previously SEVENTEEN’s members were involved in a scandal, the group was also criticized for making comments that were considered harassing fans.

This incident began when a fan uploaded a photo containing a message written by several SEVENTEEN’s member. The message was received by the fan after he participated in a fan signing event or signing autographs for fans.

In the picture, the fan wrote a short message for SEVENTEEN’s member before it was his turn to get an autograph that read, “What do I mean to you?” The question was answered by Seungkwan, “My bread and butter”. In Korean society, the expression “bread and butter” means a source of income.

S.Coups, wrote, “You are a fan of Woozi!”, knowing the girl who wrote the message was a big fan of Woozi. “Hahaha, Woozi fans,” Wonwoo chimed in.

The article made netizens angry and criticized the SEVENTEEN’s members. “Bread and butter… Has he gone mad? He must have thought the trashy posts were funny,” said one netizen.

“I was more surprised when he wrote ‘Woozi fan’. He should have said something nice because fans had spent money to come to see them. Is it hard to write something nice for a cherished fan?” said another netizen who was furious.

In response to this controversy, SEVENTEEN’s agency said, “We think it’s hasty news about the unconfirmed situation being spread by the fandom (fan kingdom-red), so we are very careful in conveying the response.”

“You all know that SEVENTEEN’s members don’t take advantage of relationships with fans. We hope you don’t forget that they really value CARAT (as Seventeen’s fans) more than anyone else,” Pledis Entertainment said.

“We hope that fans who support SEVENTEEN don’t feel hurt,” he added.

SEVENTEEN is accused of being a boy group whose scandals are even being ignored and big fandom will protect them. Until some Korean netizens posted through Pann and received 1846 agrees and 99 disagrees about it.

Here’s some netizen comments about SEVENTEEN’s scandal :

[+371, -9] Tell me about it Their scandals never become controversies

[+261, -6] Wonwoo being a malicious commenter in the past was a legendary one

[+227, -3] To the public, SEVENTEEN’s image = funny Boo Seung-wan, that’s why they don’t bother to criticize the group

What do you think about SEVENTEEN’s scandal?

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