Jessi Net Worth, How Rich Is She?


Learn More about Jessi’s Net Worth, Salary, and Highest Earnings

Most people know Jessi as the South Korean-American rapper and songwriter, but she is also a former of the Hip-Hop groups Uptown and Lucky J, then Unnies and Refund Sisters, known as project girl groups. In 2022, Jessi became one of the most influential musicians, and she gained more recognition than before.

Her music, her stage performance, her entertainer career, and other projects successfully increased her popularity as well as his income. No wonder many people are also curious about how much she earns, her highest salary, her net worth, and more. Let’s get to know the answer through the article below by Channel Korea!

Jessi’s Net Worth in 2022 Approximately $2 to $4 Million

In 2022, Jessi’s net worth was approximately $2 to $4 million, based on several sources. Her wealth isn’t collected easily, mainly because Jessi used to struggle while living in South Korea when she was younger, which made her have to live in the sauna because she didn’t have enough money to rent a place to stay. But look at her now. All of the struggles and her hard work eventually paid off!

Jessi’s Income as a K-Pop Singer/Rapper

Most of Jessi’s income was from her occupation as a rapper and singer. She has released over 15 singles, two extended plays, one single album, and one live album, and even participated in K-Drama OSTs. Not to mention some of her singles successfully gained a lot of attention and accomplishment such as “Ssenuni”, “Drip”, “Nunu Nana”, “Numb”, and “Zoom” as well.

“Ssenuni” successfully sold over 110,800 downloads and peaked at number 29 on the Gaon Chart. Then “Nunu Nana” peaked at number 2 on Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100, number 17 on World Digital Song Sales, and made a milestone by receiving over 100 million views which marked her first single to do so. Jessi’s most significant achievement as a rapper isn’t stopping there since “Zoom” has been marked as another masterpiece that she has ever released.

The single “Zoom” also marked her fastest music video to hit over 100 million views, beating up the previous winner, “Nunu Nana”. Not to mention how “Zoom” received many hypes not only in South Korea but overseas you can easily find a bunch of people made TikTok videos with “Zoom” as the music background. With that fantastic achievements, we can tell how huge the income and royalties that she has received are, and she deserves every penny of it!

Jessi’s Income as a K-Pop Entertainer


Aside from Jessi’s career as a rapper and singer, she is notably well-known as a popular entertainer. Not only receive many offers to appear in variety shows or reality shows, but Jessi also made her show named “Showterview with Jessi”. Meanwhile, some of her famous appearances were marked through “Hangout with Yoo”, “Sixth Sense”, “Street Woman Fighter”, and many more.

Then, how is that can make her income even higher? In South Korean entertainment, the more experienced the artist, the more payment they can get, including Jessi. The experienced artist can get approximately $1000 to USD 30.000 per episode of a variety show.

We can tell Jessi’s popularity is huge since she has also been in the industry for over a decade, and most of her appearances as the entertainer successfully received positive reviews and the highest rating.

That’s everything about Jessi’s net worth! Although Jessi currently lives a comfortable and good life, the singer-rapper is still as humble as ever and even shows us that hard work never failed, it somehow leads the way and brought a good life afterward. Let’s hope for nothing but the best for Jessi’s career ahead!

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