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Did ITZY’s Members Admit Their Plastic Surgery or Not?

For K-pop idols, the appearances and visuals of the members who debut under girl groups or boy groups certainly attract a lot of attention because of their performances. Besides being talented and getting well-trained for a long time, they must also have perfect visuals to optimize their appearance in front of the camera.

One of the girl groups that debuted under JYP Entertainment, ITZY, is also attracting attention because each member looks beautiful and has a strong personality from their appearance. Something that is commonly asked is whether their visual beauty is from plastic surgery. Let’s find out more about the answer in the article below!

ITZY’s Ryujin Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery- Check Out Her Transformation

ITZY's Ryujin before debut

ITZY’s Ryujin is one of the members who has been famous since her pre-debut era. She appeared on survival shows several times and was able to maintain her position as a top contestant until the final episode. Besides that, during Ryujin’s pre-debut, she also appeared as a feature at some BTS events and projects.

ITZY’s Ryujin has been popular since her pre-debut even though she was still a trainee. There were so many people waiting for her debut. Not only that but Ryujin’s beauty and talent are among the biggest agencies in South Korea. Although she has looked beautiful since her pre-debut, did ITZY’s Ryujin ever have plastic surgery?

According to @drlee90210 on his TikTok, he compared Ryujin’s early debut appearance and her newest look. Through his TikTok content, he said that ITZY’s Ryujin had some minor changes to her visual appearance, and it started with lip fillers which made her upper lip look a little bit fuller.

ITZY’s Ryujin also seems to have had eyelid surgery to make her double eyelids larger than before. The side effect of eyelid surgery also made her brows drop a little bit, which is common after having the surgery. He also added that ITZY’s Ryujin had her inner-corner eyelids cut and made the folds on her eyelids look deeper.

Aside from the lip filler and eyelid surgery, ITZY’s Ryujin seems like she also had her nose done through rhinoplasty. If looking at ITZY’s Ryujin’s pictures, she literally has a perfect nose shape, and @drlee90210 said that she might have had an L-shape implant done to her nose, making the tip a little bit droopy.

Although the content was discussed, other platforms also discussed ITZY’s Ryujin’s visual through Pann Nate. The uploader also compared Ryujin’s childhood and current portraits. “Ryujin-ah, thank you for legally spreading your childhood photo kekekeke,” said a netizen. “She’s so cute kekekekeke,” another netizen commented.

“She was very beautiful since she was young…,” said a fan. “Ryujin is perfect,” continued another. “Seeing this, you have to believe that she didn’t make a single thing on her face [surgery]… She’s so beautiful,” added another.

The comparison of photos from ITZY’s Ryujin’s childhood pictures until her recent look makes people praise her visuals because there are no significant changes. This means that ITZY’s Ryujin has never had plastic surgery. Besides that, the childhood pictures of ITZY’s Ryujin were also uploaded by her to prove that there was no change due to plastic surgery on her face.

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ITZY’s Yeji Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery- Check Out Her Transformation

ITZY's Yeji before debut

ITZY’s members have often been the talk of the town since their debut. This time, it was Yeji’s turn to attract attention because a certain part of her face looks changed between her pre-debut and after-debut image. Yeji’s pre-debut photo was revealed again, and people are talking about her eyebrow style which is different from now.

At that time, Yeji really looked like someone else. But, it was not plastic surgery. It turns out that the 2000-born idol looks different because of the shape of her eyebrows. In the past, Yeji used to draw her eyebrows straight. But, now, she tries to make her face look tougher with her eyebrows raised to match her cat eyes.

“I like her face now. She looks tougher and more attractive,” commented one fan. “Her face used to look more feminine because of straight eyebrows. Now, she looks more attractive with eyebrows like that because of her cat-like eyes,” added another fan. “Yeji has been beautiful from the past. Now, her image looks stronger,” concluded another.

ITZY’s Yeji also became a topic of conversation among the online community because of her facial changes, but this happened because she was wearing different makeup from usual. Although there have been no significant changes from some of her appearances since her debut, ITZY’s Yeji actually has changes that are more mature and strong.

If the pre-debut pictures from ITZY’s Yeji show her innocent look with no makeup, now every fan can see how bold she is when on stage. ITZY’s Yeji is very famous for her cat eyes that always look sharp and her dance moves that are always energetic. Not only that but her makeup is also on point during every comeback while still showing her natural beauty as well!

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ITZY’s Lia Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery- Check Out Her Transformation

ITZY's Lia before debut

As one of the oldest members in ITZY, Lia’s visual also stole the attention of many people because she looks the same age as other ITZY members who are younger than her. Talking about visuals, ITZY’s Lia seems to have a visual that hasn’t changed much since her pre-debut.

There are many pre-debut photos of ITZY’s Lia that you can find that show her wearing no makeup. In one look, you can definitely guess that it’s ITZY’s Lia! How come? She still has the same visual until now.

ITZY’s Lia has the same natural beauty as the other members. She doesn’t seem to have aged in years. ITZY’s Lia has a character that is quite strong when viewed from her visuals and always looks perfect during any comeback.

Even with different hairstyles, costumes, and makeup, she actually looks more stunning and beautiful with different fashion concepts. Not only that but she also has her own charm with an eye smile that can make fans fall in love with her appearance.

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ITZY’s Chaeryeong Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery- Check Out Her Transformation

ITZY’s Chaeryeong is a member who is known to have had a long trainee period under JYP Entertainment, and she also became a contestant on Sixteen, a survival show where TWICE debuted. Finally, ITZY’s Chaeryeong got the opportunity to debut with ITZY, and some of the members were the same age as her.

However, ITZY’s Chaeryeong also received some comments about her visual. Not to mention that she has underrated looks compared to the other members, but some comments were criticisms about her visuals. The comments were so intense that her mother even spoke up about it and defended her daughter.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong debuted as an idol when she was 18 years old, and, probably, her visual didn’t fit the beauty standard in South Korea so some netizens started to comment about her looks and say that she was not pretty. Instead of changing her visual, ITZY’s Chaeryeong actually has her own charm, and she is pretty in her own way.

There is nothing to be found about ITZY’s Chaeryeong undergoing plastic surgery and the significant difference between her pre-debut and recent look. As for some of the changes and transformations of her visuals that occurred, she tried several different concepts such as makeup, hairstyle, and fashion, just like ITZY’s Lia and Yeji.

The people who bullied ITZY’s Chaeryeong through hate comments are rude, and she is also human. Her beauty cannot be equated with any standards because everyone has their own uniqueness. Even though ITZY’s Chaeryeong is spotted to have some transformation, it must be because she lost weight after dieting, and it’s good if she became healthier than before.

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ITZY’s Yuna Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery – Check Out Her Transformation

ITZY's Yuna

ITZY’s Yuna is the youngest member and has a proportional body figure. Many people fall in love with ITZY’s Yuna’s body and often refer to it as body goals. Not only that but ITZY’s Yuna also has quite a beautiful visual because she naturally has round eyes, a high nose bridge, and small lips as well.

Those are the characteristics that ITZY’s Yuna has as an idol who meets the Korean beauty standard. If you take a look at ITZY’s Yuna’s pre-debut pictures, there doesn’t seem to be a significant change in her visuals and her body proportions have been very good since the beginning. You can also say she has a slim body type, but she is also athletic at the same time.

Nothing can be found about ITZY’s Yuna having plastic surgery because she was still 16 years old when she debuted with the group so she was still a minor. Just like the other members, ITZY’s Yuna has her own charms, and her beauty is just natural!

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Well, that is all of the information about the truth of ITZY’s plastic surgery rumors, and the conclusion is the members have not had any plastic surgery to change their natural beauty because they already look stunning! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Byeol Korea.