All About NCT’s Jaehyun’s Healing And Casual Vlog Dedicated To NCTzens

Holiday of Yuno Vlog 3

Get Closer With NCT’s Jaehyun

It’s a natural thing when the things that our idols do can be one of our vitamins to make our days feel better. Looking at them on Instagram or social media, listening to their songs, or watching their activities videos can be some of the things that make us smile.

Maybe that is the reason why NCT’s Jaehyun has been making some vlogs dedicated to NCTzens! He knows exactly what NCTzens need so we can feel more vivacious and closer to him. Let’s take a look at his vlog now!

NCT’s Jaehyun’s Holiday Of Yuno

Holiday of Yuno Vlog

This is like being a cameraman for Jaehyun. Or maybe you can imagine staying at a hotel together with him. This vlog is a one-day vlog of Jaehyun that goes from sunrise to sunset.

You can see his activities, like washing his face, using his laptop, eating some fruit, and doing other things. It can make you imagine having one fine day at his apartment. So, let’s just watch it!

Yuno’s First Turntable

If Holiday of Yuno was almost like you were in an apartment with Jaehyun, in this vlog, you will go hang out with him. In this vlog, it feels like you are accompanying him to shop for some things at Vinyl & Plastic, where he wanted to buy a turntable and an LP from his favorite artist.

Yuno's First Turntable 3

After taking some time to look some turntables, Jaehyun finally decided to choose the one that was red and black. Then he continued to search for the LP that he wanted. But unfortunately, he couldn’t find what he wanted and he decided to buy another LP.

Yuno's First Turntable 5

After buying the turntable and LP, he went to the outlet and tried on some clothes. After that, he went to an aesthetic cafe and took some pictures there. The visit to the café was the last part of his vlog.