All About NCT’s Jaehyun’s Healing And Casual Vlog Dedicated To NCTzens

NCT 127’s Relay Cam 9-10 PM (with Mark)

This special vlog was made with Mark, and guess what? They are playing basketball. They were playing at Hangang Park between 9-10 pm.

If you watch this vlog, it is like you are watching your friend or crush or boyfriend playing basketball. Jaehyun also said that he has liked to play basketball since he was still in school.

NCT 127's Relay Cam 9-10 PM (with Mark) 2

They played once bounce, horse, and other games. They also did some tricks with the basketball. There is a funny moment when the ball accidentally hit the camera, and Mark asked if the camera wanted to go to the hospital or not.

Bowling Excercise

Jaehyun shows us his new hobby! Yup, he said bowling is his new hobby. He is very happy to show you things that he uses when playing bowling. He is trying to learn how to bowl, and he was also talking about ISAC. He hopes that he can be stronger on ISAC later.

Bowling Experience 2

You can see him wearing a beanie in this vlog. If you watch this vlog, it feels like you have a bowling date with him. He played 10 rounda and did very well.

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