All About NCT’s Jaehyun’s Healing And Casual Vlog Dedicated To NCTzens

NCT 127’s Relay Cam 1-2 AM

NCT 127's Relay Cam 1-2 AM 3

Let’s continue with his NCT 127 Relay Cam 1-2 AM vlog. This vlog is about the new room of his. This vlog was probably made between 1-2 am, just like the title suggests.

In this vlog, he tells you about what he’s usually doing in his room, starting from using a headband and then trying out the new turntable that he just bought in the previous vlog.

NCT 127's Relay Cam 1-2 AM 2

He also talks about his LP collections and plays some of them for the viewers. Especially, he finally got the LP that he has been looking for! In this vlog, he showed us the first time he finally got to play the LP that he wanted.

He also told us everything about his room, such as the books that he’s read lately, the meaning of his mickey mouse doll, and as a closing, he played the organ. You really need to watch this vlog, as it will make you feel closer to him.

I’m Here To Work Out

I'm Here to Workout 2

As the title said, in this vlog, Jaehyun does a workout. He met Renjun at a fitness center when Renjun was about to leave. If you expect you will get a look at Jaehyun’s muscles, your wish is being granted here.

If you are watching this, it is like you accompany him to go to the fitness center and film some of his activities. He did pull ups, barbell exercises, ran on a treadmill, and other things.

You should watch this!