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Details About 14U

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Today, in this article, we will provide you with some information about one of the K-Pop groups that have already disbanded, 14U. It’s unfortunate that they have already disbanded, but then, there’s nothing wrong with learning some information about them even after the disbandment. 14U (원포유 in Korean) was a South Korean boy band formed by BG Entertainment in Incheon, South Korea. The group debuted on July 22nd, 2017, with the single album VVV, and disbanded on May 10th, 2019. The group consisted of 15 members: E.Sol, Luha, Gohyeon, B.S., Loudi, Eunjae, Woojoo, Dohyuk, Hyunwoong, Hero, Rio, Sejin, Gyeongtae, Gun, and Doyool.

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Full Profile


These profiles and facts are according to


Birth Name: Jeon Jaehyeok (전재혁)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Date of Birth: September 17th, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

– He used to be a member of the group M.Crown under the name Jaehyeok.
– His favorite food is gopchang and chicken feet.
– E.Sol’s motto is: “You Only Live Once! So live hard!”
– His hobby is lying down at home and singing.
– His specialty is swimming and writing lyrics (Makestar project).
– Role Models: his parents, Yoon Jongshin, Jung Joonil.
– His favorite things: watching dramas, listening to music, visiting restaurants, and lying down at home.
– He has already served in the military.



Birth Name: Lee Gyeonghun (이경훈)
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: February 15th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– His hobby is editing music.
– His specialty is playing soccer. (Makestar project)
– The people he respects are his parents, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Michael Jackson.
– He enjoys listening to music and watching dramas.



Birth Name: Go Hyeon (고현)
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: October 1st, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 180 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– He is known as the “Emotional Main Vocal.”
– His favorite foods are BBQ Pork and Chocolate.
– His specialty is playing basketball. (Makestar project)
– Gohyeon doesn’t like cucumbers.
– He says his main attraction points are his lips and voice.
– He has already served in the military.



Birth Name: Lee Youngsu (이영수)
Position: Rapper, Dancer, X Team’s Leader
Date of Birth: April 14th, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A

– B.S. stands for Be Special.
– His nickname is Puppy.
– His specialties are taekwondo, jumping rope, track-running (Makestar project).
– He loves to have conversations with people.
– B.S likes traveling and family outings.
– He is good at aegyo.



Birth Name: Edward Wen
Korean Name: Won Jihoon (원지훈)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Date of Birth: April 13th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– He is the language expert in the group and can speak English.
– He used to live in Indonesia under the name Edward Wen.
– Loudi is of mixed Korean and Chinese ethnicity. His nationality is Indonesian.

– Loudi used to be a model.
– His specialties are drawing and speaking foreign languages. (Makestar project)
– Loudi is a 4D member.
– He likes to do oil painting and dance by himself.
– He hates being hungry and hot days.



Birth Name: Kwak Eunjae (곽은재)
Position: Main Vocalist, L team’s leader
Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type: A

– Eunjae loves to watch dramas.
– He doesn’t like to be hungry and doesn’t like people who don’t clean.
– The people he respects are DBSK, EXO, Park Hyeonshin, etc.
– His specialty is playing soccer (Makestar project).
– His hobbies are singing, taking walks, and playing soccer.
– His nickname is Fox.



Birth Name: Kim Sangyun (김상윤)
Position: Vocalist
Date of Birth: September 18th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: A

– Woojoo was the last member to be announced for the group.
– His specialty is exercising. (Makestar project)
– His hobbies are listening to hip hop music and eating.
– His role models are his parents, Taeyang, and BtoB’s Lee Changsub.
– Woojoo doesn’t like shellfish or oysters.



Birth Name: Kim Dohyuk (김도혁)
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: January 16th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: A

– His hobbies are walking and exercising.
– He doesn’t like cucumbers.
– Dohyuk likes playing games.
– His specialties are taekwondo and track-running. (Makestar project)
– He says his new interests are new idol groups debuting.
– He is really cuddly with the members. (vLive)
– His role models are HIGHLIGHT, Infinite, Shinee, and BtoB.



Birth Name: Kim Hyunwoong (김현웅)
Position: Rapper
Date of Birth: February 8th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– Hyunwoong loves anything that is free.
– His specialty is playing basketball. (Makestar project)
– His hobbies are writing lyrics and exercising.
– He sleeps really well.
– Hyunwoong’s role models are his parents.



Birth Name: Jo Youngwoong (조영웅)
Position: Vocal, Rap
Date of Birth: May 1st, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B

– His nickname is Kangaroo.
– His specialties are taekwondo and playing basketball. (Makestar project)
– He is closest with Sejin and Rio (all born in 1999).
– He respects MC the Max & NCT 127; iKon.
– Hero dislikes long car rides because they make him nauseous.
– Hero is very energetic.
– Hero’s role model is BTS’ Jungkook.



Birth Name: Son Gwanghyuk (손광혁)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 174 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

– The people Rio respect are Henry and Rain.
– He is the Happy Virus of the group and the Mood Maker.
– His specialty is playing badminton. (Makestar project)
– He doesn’t like green foods.
– He is called the dancing king.
– Rio’s main attractive point is that he is very bright and cheerful but serious on stage.



Birth Name: Lee Sejin (이세진)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– Sejin’s shoe size is 250 mm.
– His nickname is Haribo.
– His specialty is playing soccer. (Makestar project)
– Sejin likes jellies (gummies).
– His role models are NCT and Yoon Jungshin.
– His main attraction point is his reverse charm.
– He is currently a member of UTH.



Birth Name: Kwon Gyeongtae (권경태)
Position: Vocalist
Date of Birth: July 23rd, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: O

– The people Gyeongtae respect are NCT and Shinee.
– His nickname is Goldfish.
– His specialty is doing aegyo.
– He dislikes cucumbers, veggies, and seafood.
– He is really interested in interior design.
– Gyeongtae’s hobby is painting.
– Gyeongtae is closest to Woojoo.



Birth Name: Kwak Gun (곽건)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Date of Birth: September 29th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B

– He was introduced as a new member on February 11th, 2019.
– Favorite food: Tteokbokki, gopchang, chicken feet.
– Favorite color: Sky Blue and Pink.
– Favorite Animal: Hedgehog.



Birth Name: Kim Doyul (김도율)
Position: Rapper, Visual
Date of Birth: April 7th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: A

– His nickname is Beagle.
– His specialties are rapping and acting. (Makestar project)
– Doyool’s hobbies are writing lyrics and rapping.
– His favorite color is pink.
– He respects his parents, Lee Ninho, Hwang Geongmin, and Giriboy.
– Doyool doesn’t like his handwriting.
– He’s not promoting for a N.E.W.S comeback due to personal circumstances.
– On January 11th, 2019, on the Fan Café, it was announced that Doyool left the band.
– As of June 2019, Doyool is undergoing his mandatory military enlistment.



This discography is according to


  • Release Date: July 18th, 2017
  • Label: BG Entertainment, Danal Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download

Don’t Be Pretty (예뻐지지마)

  • Release Date: February 1st, 2018
  • Label: BG Entertainment, Ogam Entertainment, Windmill Media
  • Formats: CD, digital download

나침반 (N.E.W.S)

  • Release Date: October 26th, 2018
  • Label: BG Entertainment, Ogam Entertainment, Windmill Media
  • Formats: CD, digital download


Disbandment News

According to SOOMPI, in May 2019, the Agency where 14U belongs confirmed their disbandment.

In response to the previous reports, the group’s agency released the following statement:


Hello. This is BGent. First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who have cherished and loved 14U until now.


After long discussions between the agency and the 14U members, it was decided that the group will disband and go their separate ways.


Although they cannot continue with the name 14U, the members have a close relationship with each other and the agency, but the mutual agreement was made to respect each member’s dream and future.


We express our gratitude to the 14U members who have worked hard together in unity towards their dreams. We will support and cheer on the paths that the members want to go down, and we will do our best to help them.


Along with our apologetic feelings towards the many fans who have given unchanging love and support, we ask for warm interest and support for the members who are awaiting new beginnings. Thank you.

On May 13th, Xportsnews reported that the group actually disbanded because of sexual relations between one of the members, who is in his early 20s, and a female staff member, who is in her late 30s. According to the reports, the other members and staff members found out, and the parents of the members requested the agency to terminate their contracts.

The head of BGent, however, denied these reports, commenting, “The rumors have been exaggerated, but that did not happen. Their disbandment was decided by mutual agreement with the members and their parents because they have differing dreams.”

According to the reports, the members who have terminated their contracts have left the dorms and will be going their separate ways. A source stated, “The members who have left are said to be feeling apologetic to fans for the hurt this will cause, so they have not been able to speak up about it. Instead, they seem to be sharing updates on social media that they’re on vacation.”


Latest News

In November 2019, one of the former members of 14U wrote something that made fans worried.

Hyunwoong took to his personal Instagram account to post a message that read, “I want to die.” Following the message, he deleted all of the posts on his account except for that message, leaving fans worried for his well-being as they left words of encouragement for him.

But then, Hyunwoong posted a new message to fans after deleting the initial post. His new statement reads as follows:

I’m so sorry for worrying you.


To be honest, there’s an emptiness in my heart that is so large every night, and I think it’s grown and gotten much worse than I realized.


Reading each of your comments has been a great source of strength for me, and it made me realize that I really shouldn’t have thoughts like this.


I won’t worry you again. I’ll show you a free and smiling Kim Hyun Woong. I’m so, so sorry for worrying you, and I’m so sorry to my family, friends, fellow members, and fans.


I promise something like this won’t happen again. I’m really sorry.

That was all about 14U and the members’ profiles and facts. We hope that these guys can do better in the future and make their own way to success even though they are not known as 14U any more. Keep supporting them. Also, respect each other and we will see you in the next article. Bye, guys!