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Find Out More About LOONA Dance Cover Compilation Of Famous K-Pop Groups


Everything You Should Know About South Korean Girl-Group Famous For Their Powerful Dancing LOONA

LOONA or LOOΠΔ (이달 의 소녀, Read: Idal-ui Sonyeo), is a new girl-group formed by Blockberry Creative, which is a subsidiary of Ilkwang Polaris Entertainment. This group has a unique concept compared to other newcomer girl0groups. Almost every month, starting from October 2016, new members have been revealed one by one. They’ve released a single album for each member, and each song is a collaboration with other members who have already been revealed.

In this article, Byeol Korea will show you the dance ability of the girl-group LOONA through their dance covers. We’ll look at their dance covers of NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb, BTS –Fire, and Seventeen – Thanks. So, stay tuned!

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

On May 22, 2019, at 8 pm (KST), the Blockberry Creative agency uploaded a dance cover video of a boy-group song from SM Entertainment, NCT 127’s Cherry Bomb, on LOONA’s official YouTube channel, Loonatheworld. Cherry Bomb was one of NCT 127’s hit songs, and was released in June, 2017.

In the video set in their dance practice room, the LOONA members wore black training clothes and performed choreography that was synchronized with perfect angles and direction of movement. The group attracted a lot of attention when it perfectly brought dance moves with a high level of difficulty.

BTS – Fire

On April 22, 2019, the Blockberry Creative agency, as LOONA’a agency, uploaded a dance cover video of a boy-group song from Bighit Entertainment, BTS’s  Fire, on LOONA’s official YouTube channel, Loonatheworld. Fire was a BTS hit released in May 2016.

In their cover of Fire, the members showed their extraordinary dancing skills in the dance practice room. Even though the choreography was made for male idols, LOONA members covered it in a very energetic and compact manner. This song is also known for its very difficult choreography, but the LOONA members nailed it.

GOT7 – Eclipse

On December 3, 2019, the Blockberry Creative agency, as LOONA’a agency, uploaded a dance cover video of a boy-group song from JYP Entertainment, GOT7’s Eclipse, through  LOONA’s official YouTube channel, Loonatheworld. Eclipse was a GOT7 hit song that was released in May, 2019.

Almost all of the senior boy-groups are known to have some difficult choreography, but even though it is very difficult, that doesn’t stop LOONA from showing their ability to cover the dances very well. This shows what talented dancers the LOONA members are. With very difficult choreography, LOONA is able to deliver a powerful and energetic performance.


On the JTBC program “Idol Room,” which aired on November 20, 2019, the members of LOONA were present to promote their album together with members of Fromis_9. On the program, they were asked to showcase their various charms and talents by the MCs, one of which was a cover dance battle.

The first group to perform their battle cover dance wass LOONA. They were asked to do a cover dance from the boy-group under Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN, with their hit song Thanks. SEVENTEEN is known as one of the groups that uses energetic, powerful,l and very difficult choreography. However, the LOONA members were able to complete the choreography of SEVENTEEN’s song very well, leaving everyone in the “Idol Room” studio amazed by their abilities.

KCON LA 2019 Random Play Dance

In the Mnet tour concert, KCON LA 2019, held in Los Angeles, California in August 2019, LOONA made a special appearance in the “RANDOM PLAY DANCE BOY GROUP K-POP VER SONG” segment by covering dances from several famous and popular South Korean boy-groups, including BTS, NCT 127, and SEVENTEEN. They started the cover dance with the BTS song Fire, then continued with the NCT 127 song Cherry Bomb, and finally the song from SEVENTEEN, Thanks.

In this random play dance, LOONA did the cover dances very well, even though the choreography of the three songs was very difficult. They did a very energetic and powerful cover dance that made the entire audience scream in amazement with their performance.

That was all for the information about how the dance ability of the girl-group LOONA through their dance covers, from NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb, BTS -Fire, to Seventeen – Thanks. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!