Who is Lee Min-ho Girlfriend? Let’s Find Out About Her

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General Information About Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho who played Dōmyeonji Tsuji at “Flower than Dango” broadcasted in 2009, joined a famous actor at a stretch. After that, not only play as actor, but also active in singles and music.

I wonder what kind of lady she is like in the past that Lee Min-ho has been going out with so far. Let’s quickly introduce actress Lee Min-ho and enthusiastic rumors.

Lee Min Ho’s beloved love The first one is Ku Hye Sung


Actress Kwa Hye Sung who co-starred in 2009 <Drama than flower> that was made into a drama and became a topic. They said that they developed into a lover relationship with the drama shooting.

However, in both interviews, Koo Hye Sung answered, “I did not feel charm to young men, but I really feel magical as a man though Lee Min-ho is still younger.” Suspected to happen.

At the time of shooting Ku Hyeon-son traffic accident, Lee Min Ho rescued her like a drama one scene and transported to the hospital. Thanks to that, it became a fuss that the two people love relationship because it did not become a catastrophe.

By the way, Ku Hye Sung announces marriage with actor Anne Jae Hyun in 2016! Ahn Jae-hyun is also younger, perhaps maybe I woke up to younger men with Lee Min-ho as a trigger.

Lee Min Ho’s love affair her second person Park Mi Young


Actor Park Min Young who co-starred in the drama <City Hunter> broadcast in Korea in 2011. It seems that our relationship started with drama shooting as well. And as soon as a hot love news report was given, both offices acknowledged a love affair, announcing that they would be warmly watching the relationship between the two, surprised the fans.

On the other hand, netizens showed various responses such as “It is a shock as a fan, but they fit together very well”, “Not only the role of the drama but really a lover relationship was surprising!”

The drama that was broadcasted and popularized at SBS in 2013 was attracting popularity not only in Korea but also in China and Japan, but it seems that their love of love was covered in China and spread.

That makes it clear that this drama was popular. Both offices denied this, but their overseas popularity seems to be well proved.

Lee Min-ho’s beloved love The third person is Miss A’s Bae Suzy


Members of the girls group Miss A who is told in Korea “First love of the people”. A love affair with her was rumored last spring and both parties have become an official celebrity entertainment entertainment acknowledging this.

It seems that the encounter between the two people was a preview. It seems that Lee Min Ho evolved into a love relationship while contacting it earlier with streaks.

Also, it seems that Suzy is perfect for an ideal woman, as the ideal woman of Lee Min Ho is “a bright and adorable woman”. Especially two people seems to be 7 years old difference and attention was gathered to the way of love of two people.

Actor Lee Min-ho who fought in May 2017. It will be impossible to see his success until 2019 which is scheduled to be discharged, but it will become more masculine after the discharge and I hope to be happy with my beloved woman.