Popularity Rank of Bulletproof Boy Group (BTS) Member Profile

Who is BTS? Let’s See Their Member Profile

The bulletproof boy band (BTS) is a Korean male hip-hop idol group.

The members are RAP MONSTAR, JIN, SUGA, J – HOPE, V, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK seven. He made his debut on June 13, 2013, and has won numerous awards in just three years and is a hugely popular group.

How to read the bulletproof boy group, Korean (Hangul) notation?

Bulletproof boy group. There may be people who read “BTS” by this alone, but the correct way of reading is “Bantan Sonyeong Dan”.

The notation (name) in Korean (Hangul) will be solutions 년 목 advanced.

Bulletproof juveniles are sometimes written as BTS, which is the abbreviation for “BangTan boyS”. In addition, this group name seems to have included the meaning “stop suppression and prejudice towards teens and 20 generations and protect their music.”

Members of bulletproof boyhood team are said to have each character have character (color). This time we will introduce such seven members along with their profile in order of popularity!



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  • Real name: Jung Jong-guk
  • Birth date: September 1, 1997
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Nicknames: Jong Kuk, Jong Ki, Guk, Goodbye, Ulimane
  • Officer: main vocal, dance, youngest child

The youngest person in charge of the main vocal. A perfect person who not only vocals but also rap and dance are outstandingly successfully almighty. I have studied in the United States to study dance.

Since it is the youngest child, it has been really loved from the members, especially among them the love from Jimmin is amazing, and it is hugely hugged, and it is asserted that Jong Kuk is the coolest among the members.

Although visual and well-style are good Jong Kuk, they seem to be not interested in clothes so much and seems not to buy decent clothes for about 4 years. And I have plain T – shirts of various colors, I love plain T – shirts so that I want 50 plain T – shirts when asked what I want. The fans are surprisingly surprisingly compared to those at the time of their debut, and they are expected further from their growth.

V (bui) Profile


  • Real name: Kim Tae Hyun
  • Birth date: December 30, 1995
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Nickname: Buoys, Tae Hyun, Tejona, Tete, Four dimensions
  • Contact: vocal, visual

Member 1’s Wonderland. It is said that it is a visual responsibility and it is a good-looking but adorable behavior, but among fans it is said to be a four-dimensional and disappointing handsome.

In many cases, only one person is taking different actions, and in the music video of the Korean version “I NEED YOU” there is a scene where one member is staring at a camera’s eyes while another member is staring at a cool place far away There.

It is said that occasionally you can not read the air from such actions, but I think that the place where V is not swept away by others at my own pace.

Also, although private clothes are very fashionable among fans, it is also a topic to be talked about, but you can cut the scissors to the neck and sleeves of the T-shirt, even the shoulder and make a remake, or put on a mask with a strange pattern and a distinctive sense I’m waiting.

Profile of JIMIN


  • Real name: Park Ji Min
  • Birth date: October 13, 1995
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Nicknames: Jimin, Jimini, Jimina, Timchim, Abdominal muscle
  • Person in charge: dance, vocals, charm

Dance is doing very well and dancing in the center. There is the ability of dancing enough to enter the dance department of Busan Art High School, which is said to be difficult to enter in Korea.

In addition, as well as being proficient, he was a member of the efforts of member 1, and since it was the last time that he entered the bulletproof boy group, practicing dancing for 3 hours a day sleeping so as not to disturb the other members I heard he was doing it.

In addition, I tried my best muscle training because of the desire to be cool and at the time of debut a little plumped image, but now it is muscular enough to be called abdominal muscle. For that reason, there is a choreography that shows the abdominal muscles skillfully dancing in the dance and the exposure is high.

The personality is very bright and I am on good terms with V of the same age. Both of us were born in 1995, so among fans they are called Kuzu and they are healed when we see them innocently scooping together.

Profile of SUGA


  • Real name: Min Yoon-ki
  • Birth date: March 3, 1993
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Nicknames: sugar, minshuga, yunghi, sugar, grandpa
  • In charge: Rap, songwriting composition

The origin of the name seems to be coming from it compared to sugar because the skin is white. I regularly do songwriting and he is a producer of the bulletproof boyhood team. Although the talent of songwriting composition is also amazing, the ability of rap is also high and it has been evaluated from members.

Also, because moderation and progress are good, I often take charge of MC with radio and project with members. Although it is a bali SUGA at work like this in this way, sometimes it is called quietly because it usually does not do much to move quietly.

And since the tension is basically low, it seems to have a scary image, but there is also a cute one side. There was a surprise in which “Kumamon” appeared in Japan, but I love Takuma Mono who is delighted as if she seems to have met an entertainer.

Profile of J-HOPE


  • Real name: Jung Ho Seok
  • Birth date: February 18, 1994
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Nickname: Hokoku, Hobby, Hope, Hobby Hobby
  • Officer: rap, dance, hope

Members of the bulletproof boy’s mood maker are noisy. As the name suggests, she is always full of energy with such a personality full of hope. Reaction is great, I do the imitation at all, and at the handshake meeting the tension is higher than the fans and the service spirit is vigorous.

Although it is J-HOPE full of such humor, when it stands on stage, it becomes a charisma and it fascinates fans with the dance of Cirecchire and lap of gorigori. Originally good at dancing, he seemed to be famous for winning numerous dance competitions before debut. Not only that but also because of the power of rap, I am surprised because I can make songwriting.

Many fans are captivated by the gap between members who are usually messed around with members, playfully shaking their charms and performance at the stage.

Profile of JIN


  • Real name: Kim Suk Jin
  • Date of birth: December 4, 1992
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Nickname: Sukjin, Jinnim, Pink Prince, Mom
  • Contact: vocal, visual

The eldest of mothers of bulletproof boyhood team. Although I sometimes be in charge of chorus, I am in charge of rust, but I am not good at dancing and often talk about being told from J – HOPE, Jimin and Jong – guk of the dance line.

I also love pink color and it can become a fashion that can only be done by JIN, such as matching a pink trainer to a pink hat. Furthermore, he is good at cooking, he often cooks rice for the members in the lodging house, and sometimes complains about the taste although it is reputed as delicious.

I also love to eat and I have a section called “EAT JIN”. It is just a picture to just eat but it is delightful to eat deliciously and eating is good so it is fun to watch. In the future I’d like to do gourmet program as well.

Profile of RAP MONSTER


  • Kim · Nam Jun
  • Birth date: September 12, 1994
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Nickname: Nam Jun, Rapmon, Repulmon, Nam, Destruction God
  • Officer: Rap, Leader

A leader of a firm man of bulletproof boyhood team. It is very intelligent, in the past TOEIC got 900 points so that you can enjoy fluent English and IQ seems to have 148 as well. Since it is a leader, I often ask for comments but I feel good in using words and expressions.

As its name suggests, passion for RAP is in MONSTAR grade and lyrics are done by himself, but it seems that he is not good at dancing, and he / she also said that it is a genius of meaning in a meaning from members. It seems that they are being taught at the dance line with JIN.

Although it is such a leader, it seems to be pretty clumsy, and when planning to cook with all members in the past, it is not possible to use a kitchen knife, it has changed a way to cut it, and what you touch is nearly always destroyed became. I thought that I would lend it to members as they thought they would not come back when they lend it.

While serious and firm, on occasion I think that missing occasionally tickles maternity instinct.

How was it? Although I introduced the profile of the members of the bulletproof boyhood group one by one, I felt that each place has various aspects, and each place is full of personality and talent is the reason of popularity.

Currently he is active not only in music activities but also in variety and drama, so I think I will expand the place of activity further from now. Let’s continue to support the bulletproof boyhood team who will show us the growing appearance every year from now on.