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Who is Son Seung Heon Girlfriend? Let’s Find Out!

son seung hon

son seung hon

Who is Son Seung Heon?

After playing a drama debut in the drama “Men and Women 6 Love Story” in 1996, he has appeared in various dramas and movies, and now is the top star in South Korea, Song Seung Heon. In Japan “popular with the fragrance of the summer” became popular, now it has become a Korean star that everyone knows. What kind of ladies are the women rumored to have such love with him? Immediately, let’s introduce!

Son Seung Heon’s beloved love The first one is Lee Yeon-hee

Actress Lee Yeon-hee who played with Song Seung Heon at the drama ‘East of Eden’ broadcasted at MBC in 2008. While shooting a drama it was reported that it developed into a lover relationship from a senior junior relationship, attracted attention.

Also in the drama, the two were also love relationships, so there were various reactions of the netizens such as “From the viewers looking like they really love each other”, “When happiness was true”. However, in the interview, Song Seung-hun said, “Actually, relationships that were originally close together became a little awkward after the enthusiastic theory came out.”

However, on the side of Yi · Yeoni “Although it became somewhat alienated immediately after the enthusiasm theory, each one no longer cares about it because of that, rather now I do not mind anything before Sung Seung Heon nose my nose” Humor made comments and made the viewer laugh.

Son Seung-heon’s beloved love The second person is Son Dam Bi

Son Dambi of a sexy singer who was popular in Korea at that time in 2010. As soon as Son Seung Heon’s enthusiasm for her was reported in South Korea, attention took place in the relationship between the two.

Both offices denied love affair as factless. Song Seung-hun himself also questioned about repentance from reporters at the production presentation of the movie, denied that it is “disappointing but not fact”.

However, Song Seung Heon confessed honest feelings and surprised the fans, saying, “There is not anyone who is badly thought rumored with Korean top sexy singer.”

Song Seung Heon’s beloved love The third person is Liu Yifei

Recently, the enthusiasm with Chinese top actress Liu Yifei was reported and made the public a big noise. I also surprised the netizens further because the difference between the two years is 11 years old. Their encounter is said to be a movie released in China in August 2015 <third love>.

Lee Jae-han told the relationship between the two at the time of filming, “I did not notice at all, later they confirmed their relationship with each other.When I heard it was very surprised, but I am very happy to be a director I think that it is that it is that it is that “.

And even after filming of the movie has ended, they say that they are fostering love while traveling between Korea and China on their respective birthdays. Moreover, it seems that they have been referring to each other’s parents on the premise of marriage, sometimes being introduced.

Seng Seung-heon, a handsome actor who is a gentleman whom anyone sees. It is no longer so young that my colleagues Bae Yong-jun, Jang Dong-gun, Kwon Sang-woo and others are married one by one, so it’s not too far for him to announce his marriage. While expecting future activities, let’s look forward to hearing more delightful reports!