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UV Muzie

Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Musician Under Mystic Entertainment – Muzie

Muzie is a South Korean musician and also a DJ and composer. He is 35 years old and he performed together with Yoo Se-yoon in a musical comedy duo called UV. UV is comedy music with their funny lyrics and they promote it only on the TV channel Mnet. This program is called UV Syndrome.

In 2014, he collaborated with actor Hyun Joon-shin and created a project group called Hero. He was nominated at the World Music Awards, in the category for Best Video in the world and in the category for Best Song in the world.

In this article, Byeol Korea will introduce you to one of the members of UV – Muzie. Starting from his full profile, facts, songs, to his latest news. So, stay tuned!

Muzie Full Profile

UV Muzie

Muzie is a South Korean musician, DJ, songwriter, producer, and actor. He was born on October 15th, 1981, in Jayang-dong, Gwangjing-gu Seoul, South Korea with the birth name Yi Yong-gun and his South Korean citizenship.

Birth Name: Yi Yong-gun
Stage Name: Muzie
Date and Place of Birth: October 15th, 1981, in Jayang-dong, Gwangjing-gu Seoul, South Korea
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Zodiac: Libra
Label: Mystic89 or Mystic Entertainment
Website: http://mystic89.net/artist/muzie
Social Media:

  • Twitter: @_muzie
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMuzie
  • Instagram: @__muzie__

Facts About Muzie

  • He is a member of UV.
  • He plays in the drama Warm and Cozy.
  • He was nominated at the World Music Awards in the category for World’s Best Video.
  • He is also a DJ.
  • He collaborated with Dynamic Duo for the “BAAM” song.
  • He posted a picture with his daughter on Facebook.
  • He is a silly man, he dressed in a wedding dress and posted it on his Facebook.
  • He and Shin Hyun-joon made a group together, dedicated to students who wanted to study and have a career as a celebrity.
  • He once used false eyelashes.
  • Even though he acts silly, he is very fond of his children.
  • He makes Christmas cookies with his children.
  • He has posted many photos of his children on Instagram.
  • His favorite music genre is vintage electronics.
  • His favorite animal is the dog.
  • His favorite collection is robots.
  • His favorite people are his two children.
  • His hobby is spending time with his children.

Songs and Official Music Videos

  • Dynamic Duo (Feat. UV’s Muzie) – BAAAM

  • UV – 미세초 (Fine Dust) (Feat. Joon Park)

  • SUV (Super Junior’s Shindong & UV) ‘치어맨 (Cheer Man)

  • UV – 그 여자랑 살래요 (Feat. 윤도현 of YB) I Want to live with her

  • UV(유브이) _ Because Of You(너 때문에)(Feat. Sung Hoon(성훈) of Brown Eyed Soul)

  • MUZIE(뮤지) _ Love at first sight(첫눈에 반했어) (feat.Dynamic Duo)


TV Shows

Year Title Episode Role Rating
2019 Rewind 16
Regular Member
2019 The Call Season 2 10
MC (as UV)
Regular Member
2018 Vocal Play 12
Regular Member
2018 300 5
2018 A Battle of One Voice: 300 5
[Participant](Ep. 1)
2018 Unexpected Q 25
(Ep. 8)
2018 The Call 10
3rd Line-Up
Regular Member
2018 Video Star: Season 2 90
[Special MC] (ep. 108)
2018 Book It Out 6
Regular Member
2018 I Can See Your Voice: Season 5 13
(Ep. 6)
2016 Mr. House Husband 14
2016 Singing Battle 29
Ep. 10–11, 14–29
Regular Member
2016 Video Star: Season 1 90
(ep. 89)
2016 The God of Music 2 10
Regular Member
2016 Vocal War: God’s Voice 17
Regular Member
2015 Knowing Bros 250
(Ep. 174)
2015 Hidden Singer: Season 4 16
[Panelist] (Ep. 9)
2015 Always Cantare 2 7
Regular Member
2014 EXO 90:2014 11
2014 Hidden Singer: Season 3 17
[Panelist] (Ep. 4)
2014 Abnormal Summit: Season 1 102
(Ep. 94)
2013 The Return of Superman 350
(Ep. 25-26)
2010 Running Man 500
(Ep. 176, 195, 272)

King Of Masked Singer

On October 25th, 2015, Muzie joined the King of Masked Singer program. He became one of the singers by using athlete taekwondo equipment.

The Call

One of the Korean musicians, Muzie, entertained the audience by bringing “For You.” The song, popularized by singer Im Jae-bum, was sung in the 4th episode of The Call appeal.

He performed the song very beautifully, using his voice which was very heavy and similar to Im Jae-bum. This made some people think that Muzie was Im Jae-bum.

Immortal Songs

On July 23rd, 2016, Muzie appeared on the Immortal Songs program by presenting the song “Where is the End of Goodbye.”

And in 2017, he returned to the Immortal Songs program by performing the song “Murphy’s Law” (feat. Skull).

Mr. House Husband

On December 27th, 2016, Muzie became one of the cast members of the Mr. Husband House. He showed his life with his child.

Duet Song Festival

In the Duet Song Festival program that aired on December 12th, 2016, Muzie & Park Hyeon-ju performed the song “You’re my first and last,” then on December 23rd, 2016, Muzie performed with Park Hyeon-ju by singing “Yeosu Night Sea.”

Latest News

Members of the comedy-music duo appeared as guests on April 6th, 2019, on jTBC’s Knowing Brothers program, and they were asked to comment on their chemistry as groupmates. Muzie stated, “There has not been any hostility. However, we received so many offers to star in advertisements during our ‘Freedom Itaewon’ period, but Yoo Se-yoon hyung refused everything. He said UV was about comedy, and he didn’t want to use the material for advertising.”

Yoo Se-yoon explained, “Characters have a lot of courage, and they act like they are musicians and world stars. I feel if we appear in commercials, people won’t be able to focus on that.” Muzie then said, “If we count the money we lost, it will be one billion Won ($ 878,975.00 USD). I think the industry is like that. I think even if we reject the offer, we will get another offer. I think he thought of the next offer, but the offers really stopped coming.”

In other news, UV recently made a comeback with “Fine Dust” featuring Park Joon-hyung from g.o.d.

That was all the information about UV’s member Muzie, starting from his full profile, facts, songs, to his latest news. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!