TVXQ Yun-ho And Solo Artist BoA Trip To The Amusement Park Looks Like A Date On MBC I Live Alone

TVXQ Yun-ho And Boa

Here Is The Friendship Between The Two Senior K-Pop Idols from SM Entertainment TVXQ Yunho And Solo Artist BoA

Friends are one of the most important things in the life of every person because they create a place for us to share both joy and sorrow. Friendship can be established by the closeness that begins in school or work environment, and this, of course, includes celebrities as well. Korean celebrities or K-Pop idols also need friends and they often make friends with their colleagues. They are often seen taking the time to gather together even go on holiday together.

Portraits of friendships between K-Pop idols have always been considered a hot topic of conversation. Moreover, friendships between two different genders of idols whose closeness is very similar to that of lovers. There is a saying that men and women cannot be friends because it is often flavored with the romance of love. But of course, the saying is not always true. In fact, there are so many Korean idols and artists who are close friends with the opposite sex. Their friendship is so sweet because they support each other.

Examples include the two senior K-Pop idols from SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s Yunho and female solo artist BoA. Even though they are both part of an industry where rumors of courtship are circulating constantly, Yunho and BoA have managed to remain good friends. They prove that men and women can really be friends. Spending a long time by being in the same agency and having the same age, of course, aided the process of the relationship between the two to develop closer. The two also support each other. Curious as to how close are TVXQ’s Leader Yunho and solo artist BoA?

In this article, Byeol Korea will discuss the closeness that exists between the two senior K-Pop idols from SM Entertainment which makes netizens furious with them: TVXQ’s Yunho and solo artist BoA. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down the article.

Yunho and BoA Relationship

TVXQ Yun-ho And Boa

BoA and TVXQ’s Yunho are SM Entertainment’s artists. BoA and Yunho are considered as senior 86-line idols, as South Korean celebrities who were born in 1986. Originating from the same management, the two have been friends since they both went through their days as trainees.

The closeness of two senior K-Pop idols BoA and TVXQ’s Yunho is no longer a strange thing. They have been friends for more than one decade. Both also provide mutual support for each other both professionally and personally. The two are also sociable figures, no wonder they are often caught joking backstage. If they act professionally, they can show good chemistry on stage.

BoA often visited Yunho when he was still serving in the military service. In one of the MBC special episodes of I Live Alone, BoA revealed that Yunho is like her twin because of the similarity of the characters between the two of them. Yunho also once said, “Even if we hold hands and hug, BoA and I are not caught in a scandal. That’s because we know everything about each other.”

A Day at The Amusement Park

TVXQ Yun-ho And Boa

On June 7th, 2019, TVXQ’s Yunho enjoyed a pleasant day with his best friend BoA. Yunho welcomed the members in the studio for the first time in almost a year since his last appearance in the MBC program I Live Alone in 2018.

Yunho started his day with an energetic dance in his living room before cutting vegetables and packing them in the fridge. He stated, “I will spend a special day with someone whom I am indebted to.” Yunho then entered the SM Entertainment’s building and happily welcomed BoA with a warm hug.

Speaking about their decade-long friendship, Yunho said, “She is a close friend to me after I debuted as a member of TVXQ. We were awkward with each other until we talked about this and that during overseas promotions. We became close so suddenly that I can’t remember exactly when we became close. She is a very close friend where I won’t get rumors of dating even if I hold her.”

Both of them traveled down memory lane by bringing a few memories of their past together. When a car stopped in front, Yunho showed his politeness by protecting BoA with his hands. He added, “I do that for men too.” BoA and Yunho arrived at the amusement park and headed to safari. “When I was with BoA, it felt like we were in my early 20s, I want to go back to my childhood.” They took a safari car and did an exciting tour where they could feed tigers and lions, and were fascinated by bears walking beside them.

The two then continued their day together at the camping site and Yunho tried to show his cooking skills by grilling meat. After eating, Yunho handed over BoA’s handwritten letter. He said, “This is the first time I received a handwritten letter after being discharged from military service.”

Yunho said during the interview, “There were two difficult moments in my life. For some reason, BoA appeared during that time. She is a friend who rushes to my side without asking questions. She is more loyal than men.” Yunho said to BoA, “We are friends of the same age and a senior and junior, and you are a friend that I want to meet for a long time.” BoA commented, “We don’t often contact each other, but it feels like yesterday every time we meet. I like that.”


Are They Really Just Friends?

Female solo artist BoA and TVXQ’s Yunho are known to be very close. When performing together, BoA and Yunho have shown strong chemistry several times. In fact, BoA and Yunho are not afraid to show their intimate body language. During an interview with Naver, BoA once revealed her ideal type of man. Although not mentioning the name, BoA had revealed Yunho’s physical characteristics. “I like men from physical appearance. I like men who are tall,” BoA said at the time. In fact, Yunho’s body height is 184 centimeters, which is pretty tall for an Asian man.

Although known to be friends, in fact, many fans secretly hope that BoA and Yunho will establish a more serious relationship. The closeness of the king and queen of SM Entertainment always leads to different perceptions in the minds of fans. Even though the two are only friends and support each other’s careers because the friendship they have formed has been a long time.

Fans Reactions

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  1. Both are beautiful and handsome.

2. Honestly, they look very good.

3. I don’t think the scandal will happen even if they hold hands. ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

4. These two people seem very young… Like in their 20s

5. I know that they are best friends, but they look great when they are together…

6. Both have the same hair color, the same facial contours, and similar clothes. It suits them very well.

7. It’s like they’re filming a drama.

8. Something like a romantic dating program ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ

9. It was a visual party.

10. Both are young and successful.

11. I’m jealous of Yunho’s hand touching her.

12. I’m not the only one who thinks about it … I’m crazy.

Latest News 

Latest News of BoA

Female solo singer BoA Kwon ​​announced a comeback and made fans excited. Boa posted a photo and a post on her Instagram on April 6th, 2020, that said, “It seems to be working well today. I’m making a good song.” In the public picture, BoA was wearing a microphone in the recording studio with her chin in front. On the next slide, BoA also uploaded an editing photo of the new song she was working on for her upcoming comeback.

Latest News of TVXQ Yunho

Face protective masks have become the most basic needs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world. In the midst of this condition, one of the famous K-Pop singers, TVXQ’s Yunho, made a new breakthrough by creating a mask design that is different from the one that had existed before.

Based on the Korean Intellectual Property Office page, TVXQ’s Yunho registered a patent for the mask design that he made. The mask design from Yunho was registered on March 16th, 2020. SM Entertainment has also confirmed this news by saying, “It’s true that Yunho applied for a patent on the mask design,” SM Entertainment said. The mask design submitted for patent has a lid in the center of the mask. The lid makes it easy for people to drink or talk when wearing a mask.

In an interview with SPOTV, Yunho explained why he made the mask design with a lid. “I often use masks and I think ‘Is there a way to drink quickly and easily while wearing a mask?’ so I registered the copyright,” Yunho said. Yunho is one of the celebrities who paid high attention to the COVID-19 pandemic that struck South Korea. In addition to designing masks, Yunho had previously donated 30 million won to the Korean Chess Community to use in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

That was all the information about the closeness that exists between the two senior K-Pop idols from SM Entertainment which makes netizens furious with them, TVXQ’s Yunho and solo artist BoA. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!