How Are Seo-hyun, Soo-young, And Tiffany Doing After Not Renewing Their Contracts With SM?

Seo-hyun, Soo-young And Tiffany

Let’s Catch Up With Seo Joo-hyun, Tiffany Young, and Choi Soo-young After Their Departure From SM Entertainment!

It’s been a while since the announcement came some of SNSD’s members didn’t want to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. The three members in question were Seo-hyun, Tiffany, and Soo-young. However, their fans still believed that even though they were no longer part of SM Entertainment, it didn’t mean that they left the group.

Meanwhile, all the group members have been still keeping in touch. Even though Seo-hyun, Tiffany, and Soo-young were busy with their own schedules, they have also been looking forward to the time when they could reunite again. Through this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details about Seo-hyun, Tiffany, and Soo-young’s life after their departure from SM Entertainment. So, stay tuned!

Seo-hyun – Rising as an Actress Through Namoo Actors


First, let’s catch up with Seo-hyun! People already recognized her as one of the members of SNSD who has beautiful voice and an excellent visual. While she was in SNSD, Seo-hyun proved her skills by releasing a solo EP which was titled Don’t Say No in 2017. Unfortunately, she also decided not to renew her contract with SM Entertainment that same year.

After her departure from SM Entertainment, Seo-hyun returned to acting. Previously, she was involved in some acting projects such as the musical theatre drama with the title Moon Embracing The Sun, some small roles in several K-Dramas, and more.

Seo-hyun also revealed her thoughts about leaving SM Entertainment and her plan to pursue an acting career. According to Soompi, Seohyun said that SM such a huge company; however, the system left her unable to reflect her personal opinions. She wanted to move to another environment where she could try to made her own decisions and have things on her own.

Finally, she got the lead role in the K-Drama Time, which aired in 2018. In the series, Seo-hyun was cast as Seol Ji-hyun, who was looking for the truth behind the death of her mother and her sister.

In 2019, Seo-hyun decided to sign a contract with Namoo Actors, and continued her career as an actress. Seo-hyun used to talk about her desire to go to the another agency where she could focus on her acting career. One of the representative from Namoo Actors also offered their compliment to Seo-hyun, especially with regard to her talent in acting and singing. Besides representing her, Namoo Actors also manages several famous actors and actresses such as Park Min-young, Lee Jun-gi, Shin Se-kyung, and others.

Tiffany – Successful Soloist in America


Let’s move on to Tiffany! People knew her as Tiffany Hwang while she was in SNSD, but currently she’s famously known as the American solo singer Tiffany Young. After not renewing her contract with SM Entertainment, she left the agency in October 2017. After that, it was reported that Tiffany went to the USA to pursue her solo career and learn acting.

For a couple months, Tiffany went to acting classes while she was also working on her music. Then she revealed her desire to enter the American music industry, despite all of the thoughts that it would be difficult for an Asian performer to excel in the USA.

Tiffany Young proved her amazing skills with her new career as American singer. Since she left SM Entertainment, she has been based in Los Angeles. She began her American debut in 2018, and at the time she had already joined a new record label, Paradigm Talent Agency. The same year, she successfully made her debut in the US with the single Over My Skin, followed by the singles Teach You and Peppermint along 2018.

Finally, she spoiled her fans with her first American EP, Lips on Lips. The EP was released in February 2019. As people might expected, Lips on Lips successfully entered music charts and had good digital sales, as well! In addition to that, Tiffany also held the Lips on Lips Mini Showcase Tour to promote the EP. She gave performances in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Fransisco, and other locations!

After getting a lot of attention from her showcase tour, she released a new single which was titled Magnetic Moon in August 2019. She also held the Magnetic Moon Tour in North America, performing in approximately eighteen different regions.

After she introduced herself as a new American singer, she also became the first female K-Pop star who walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards. Her Lips on Lips EP, earned her the 2019 iHeart Radio Award for the Best Solo Breakout. Such a great achievement, right?

Tiffany also spoiled her fans by uploading some of her tour diaries to her YouTube channel. Through the diaries, viewers can see how Tiffany prepared herself to perform, what she did on the backstage, her rehearsals, and other moments, as well! If you’re curious about any of that, you can watch the videos on YouTube!

Soo-young – Focus on Acting and Her Romance Story

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Just like Seo-hyun, Soo-young also decided to focus on her acting career after her departure from SM Entertainment. Actually, it wasn’t her first experience in acting, since she had previously appeared in a lot of K-Dramas such as Squad 38, Man in The Kitchen, My Spring Days, Dating Agency: Cyrano, and many more.

Some of her latest acting appearances after she started focusing on acting include shows such as The Man Who Sets The Table and Tell Me What You Saw in 2020. Through Tell Me What You Saw, Soo-young was cast as Cha Soo-young, a detective with a photographic memory. She co-starred with actor Jang Hyuk.

Soo-young also released her first single in 2018 after she left SM Entertainment. It was called Winter Breath and had a music video, as well.

Besides that, Soo-young also spoiled her fans by creating a YouTube channel which was named ‘the sootory 더수토리’. Through her channel, she started uploading her daily activities, her travel vlog, and other content. It seems like Soo-young also wanted to be closer to her fans, as well!

Watch one of Soo-young YouTube videos here:

Soo-young’s romance story has also gotten a lot of attention from her fans. People were getting really excited about the relationship between Soo-young and her boyfriend, Jung Kyung-ho. Even though both of them were busy with their own schedule, they still always found time to support each other, as well.

Part of the romance was shown through the surprise in their relationship. While filming Tell Me What You Saw, Soo-young was really busy with her schedule. Jung Kyung-ho sent a food truck to the location where she was shooting! It was a coffee truck, snack truck, and also steak truck which was sent for the cast and crew!

The truck also had a huge banner with sweet messages such as ‘Good luck, Soo-young‘, and ‘I will be always supporting Tell Me What You Saw’s crew and cast.‘ Such a sweet message, right? Through her Instagram account, Soo-young posted a picture of her special gift, and thanked her boyfriend, as well.

Their Friendship with the Other SNSD Members

Seo-hyun, Soo-young And Tiffany

What about the friendships with the rest of the SNSD members? We are relieved that their friendship seems to be remarkable, since all of them still keep in touch. When Tiffany was holding the Open Hearts Eve show in Seoul, Seo-hyun and Soo-young surprised her by coming to her performance! Seo-hyun and Soo-young even participated by performing some songs, as well!

At the Open Hearts Eve show, part two, Tiffany also posted a picture of herself sitting, surrounded by a bunch of pictures with the faces of the other SNSD members! She  expressed how touched she was by that, as well.

There was another reunion among the SNSD members in 2019, with a little party for Tiffany Young’s birthday. At the time, they were gathering in Tiffany’s place in Seoul. Even though everyone has a busy life, they still took the time to meet up together.

They had a little birthday party for Tiffany, while also reminiscing about their friendship from the beginning until now. Tae-yeon, Sunny, Seo-hyun, Soo-young, Yu-ri, Yoo-na, and Hyo-yeon also gave Tiffany several birthday gifts.

Through Soo-young’s YouTube channel, she also recorded the intimate moments while they were celebrating Tiffany’s birthday. All of them looked happy and spent their precious time on Tiffany’s birthday celebration!


Latest News

How about the latest news from Tiffany Young, Seo-hyun, and Soo-young? Let’s find out the answer here! One of the latest projects from Tiffany was the release of her hit single Run For Your Life! The single included an amazing music video which was released in 2019. Not only that, she also participated in writing the lyrics for the song!

For those of you who haven’t watched the music video yet, you can check it out below:

Tiffany has also been seen at several fashion events. One of them was the Tom Ford fashion week event. At the event, she was looking effortlessly stunning and gorgeous! Not only that, she was also spotted sitting next to CL! Obviously, they had to take a picture together

Meanwhile, Seo-hyun has continued her career as an actress. Seo-hyun was involved in the K-Drama Hello Dracula, a kind of fantasy thriller. Besides that, she made another appearance, in JTBC’s drama Personal Life.

According to Soompi, in Hello Dracula Seo-hyun was cast as An Na, an elementary school teacher who was stuck between her unbalanced relationship with Mi Young (played by Lee Ji-hyun), her mother. When they saw the teaser, people were already getting curious about Seo-hyun’s appearance and the story-line of the series! The producer of Hello Dracula  complimented Seo-hyun’s performance on the show. It was also reported that Seo-hyun really comprehended her emotions within the character of An Na.

She will also be involved in the upcoming K-Drama, Private Life! She will be cast in the drama along with  actors and actresses such as Kim Hyo-jin, Go Kyung-po, and many more. In Private Life, Seo-hyun will be playing the character Cha Joo-eun. If you’re excited for her appearance, you’ll have to wait a little while, since the series won’t be aired until the second half of 2020!

Soo-young has also stayed focused on her acting projects, and also appeared on several variety shows while promoting her various projects. One of her latest appearances was on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, along with Jin Seo-yeon. Through the variety show, Soo-young was talking about her drama, Tell Me What You Saw and also a little bit about her boyfriend.

At the time, Lee Sang-min was teasing Soo-young by saying that he was actually a huge fans of Jung Kyung-ho. Then he also asked as if it was all right to talk about Soo-young’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Soo-young was giggling in response to Lee Sang-min’s statement. It also came up that even though Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho have been in a relationship for eight years, Soo-young was still nervous to talk about their relationship.


That’s it for today’s article about life updates for Seo-hyun, Tiffany, and Soo-young! It was really pleasant to see them getting their own happiness through each other’s career. Even though they are no longer in SM Entertainment, it doesn’t mean that their careers were over. They looked even brighter than before. Let’s always support Seo-hyun, Tiffany, and Soo-young in their careers!

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about them through the comment section down below!