Get Closer With NCT Member Lucas, From His Full Profile, Facts, Variety Shows, and Photoshoot


NCT Lucas’s Filmography

Reality Shows

  • Real Men (2018)
  • Law of The Jungle in the Maldives (2018)
  • Knowing Brothers (2018)
  • Happy Together (2018)

Music Videos

  • Dream in A Dream – Ten (2017)
  • Boss – NCT U (2018)
  • Yestoday – NCT U (2018)
  • Black on Black – NCT 2018 (2018)
  • Regular – WayV (2019)

NCT Lucas as a King of Variety Shows

Just like a lot of his sunbae or seniors in SM Entertainment, Lucas also has various skills that make him interesting to watch in reality shows. Even when he appears in a show without his other band members, he can still enjoy himself and quickly adapt with the others in the show. In a lot of variety shows, he has talked about the cultural differences, how hard it is for him to learn Korean, how he got accepted in the SM audition, and a lot more. By watching him on TV, we can find out his other charms, among which is the fact that he is also a funny guy who has an adorable personality.

Let’s take a look at a short clip of his appearance in some of the variety shows that he has been in!

Real Men

On September 3rd, 2018, it was announced that Lucas and other celebrities, like Kim Jae-woo, Monsta X’s Shownu, VIXX’s Ravi, Narsha, WJSN’s Eun-seo, and many more, will be joining Real Men 300, a variety show where celebrities train as army soldiers for a period of time. In this show, Lucas will get the taste of how it is to be in the Korean army. He trained in the 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. Lucas was reported to have a fit physique as he did 80 push-ups and sits ups, which demonstrated that he is strong enough to join the show.

However, this show is not a joke, and not anybody can join in. Even though it is a variety show, Lucas and the other celebrities have to follow the rules and all the training that they have to undergo, even though it is somewhat hard for them.

Let’s see some clips of Lucas in Real Men!

Law of the Jungle

Not only he is as strong as an army soldier, but Lucas can also adapt to the wildlife, which we can see from his appearance in the Law of The Jungle episode, filmed in the Maldives.

In the beginning, he said that he had a lot of ambition and fire in his heart. He also said that he wasn’t scared of mosquitos since he is a powerful king kong. The cuteness of Lucas and his own language!

Knowing Brothers

In Knowing Brothers, Lucas was invited as a guest along with Got7’s Bambam, (G)-IDLE’s Yuqi, and Joon Park. They are all born and raised outside Korea and they talked about how they have adapted to live in Korea, how they learned the language and also talked about the culture in their own country.

Not only that, but Lucas also talked about how he passed the SM Audition in Hong Kong. Let’s check out the short clip below!

Happy Together

Lucas really has good skills for a variety show and has created impressing moments in every episode of the variety shows that he has been in. After being a guest in Real Men, Knowing Brother, and Law of The Jungle, he got invited to be a guest in Happy Together, in October 2018, along with actress Park Eun-hye, actor Im Chang-jung, and WJSN’s Bo-na.

Since this was the first time an NCT member to join the show, he felt honored and the other members also felt proud of him. In this show, he talked about how handsome and how confident he is, and also his background story in Hong Kong. His handsome face made everybody in the studio amazed, even Park Eun-hye could only see him, just like the rest of us!

Let’s see a short clip of him in Happy Together!

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