All Information About Cutest Red Velvet’s Member Yeri and Her Relationship With Others KPOP Idol


The Cutest, Red Velvet’s Maknae Yeri With Others KPOP Idol

Red Velvet’s youngest member Yeri is the newest addition to the group, debuting a full year after the group first debuted in 2014. Her addition was something fans were hesitant about at first, but as time went by, fans were charmed by her bright and friendly personality. It seems that her cheerful attitude has not only wooed fans into loving her but also fellow celebrities and idols alike. Unlike other idols who usually keep to themselves and make friends within the same company, Yeri warms her way into the hearts of all kinds of celebrities, making friends left and right.

Her outgoing personality has led her to create various circles of friends, from friends her own age to ones people are shocked she is close with. She even earned the title of an idol that would know everyone in the industry in five years time. Her charm is definitely her biggest weapon in attracting idols like flies, but some even say that it might be her sweet and cute visuals. As Red Velvet’s newest addition and a maknae on top of that, her visuals become the first thing that fans notice about her. This caused rumors to fly regarding her visuals and how it might be the result of going under the knife.

So, are you curious about Yeri and her endless circle of friends or her beautiful and charming visuals? Well, wait no more, and let’s dive into Yeri’s idol friends!

Red Velvet’s Maknae Yeri’s Friendship with Other Idols

Yeri is known to be very friendly with her members and fellow colleagues. She knows no bounds when making friends, from same-aged idols, actors and actresses older than her, to company seniors that some might be intimidated by. No one can resist Yeri’s charms so here are some celebrities that are known to be included in her circle of friends and some of their interactions!

Kim Sae-ron and Red Velvet’s Yeri

One of Yeri’s most famous friend that constantly shows up in both their social media posts and stories from fans is younger soulmate, actress Kim Sae-ron. Dubbed her soulmate Yeri and Red Velvet members admit that she cannot be separated from her other half, as she and Kim Sae-ron meet up whenever and wherever they can. There are no clear or distinct reason and timeline as to how and when they got close but despite the one year age gap, the two are just adorable together.

Some things that they have admitted on air is that they chat with each other every day and talk about absolutely everything together. Their friendship is also apparent in how they support one another as at some point Yeri has made appearances in Kim Sae-ron’s drama set and has sent a support truck for the staff and Kim Sae-ron herself. Recently, they even went on a holiday together for 4 days in Bali, Indonesia. The two are just the stereotypical image of what best friends should be brought to life!

TWICE’s Na-yeon And Red Velvet’s Yeri

Another group that Yeri is close with is Twice. Particularly she is close with two members, one of them being the group’s proclaimed center and visual, Na-yeon. Despite the four year age difference between the two, they are extremely close with one another, having a few schedules overlapping with each other and often meeting behind the scenes or even on stage for end-of-the-year award shows.

One of their first interactions can be traced back to when they attended Idol Star Athletics Championships, hosted by MBC twice a year in celebration of two of Korea’s biggest holidays. This event is one of the best ways to see how idols interact with other idols outside of the group, and some have even confessed to saying that they have made more than just a few friends from the event by chatting and asking for each other’s numbers as they wait for the event they are competing in. This seems to also be the case for Yeri and Twice members, Na-yeon included.

Their interactions are endless, and most of them are even captured on camera. One of their most touching moments is when Yeri broke down on stage due to the tribute being done in honor of her company senior and close colleague, Shinee’s Kim Jong-hyun. She started tearing up as another close senior, IU sang on stage, and Na-yeon rushed to be by her side to comfort her. Other than that, the two can always be seen joking around with each other both on and offstage, with playful butt slaps and silly dance moves.

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