Get Closer With NCT Member Lucas, From His Full Profile, Facts, Variety Shows, and Photoshoot


All You Need to Know About NCT Lucas

Not long after he debuted, he managed to steal a lot of girls’ hearts with his hilarious actions. He is the kind of guy that will always make us smile, not only because of his charming face, but also because he is a cute weirdo. Who is the guy that we’re going to talk about? If you have guessed Lucas, then you’re right! He is the weird NCT guy that has a lot of charms.

On April 5th, 2017, SM Entertainment officially introduced Lucas as one of SM Rookies trainees. In January 2018, SM officially stated that Lucas will be joining the group as the new NCT member. His real name is Wong Yuk Hei and his stage name is Lucas. He’s a Chinese from Hong Kong, who was born in Hong Kong on January 25th, 1999. Although he was born in Hong Kong, he actually has some Thailand blood in him, inherited from his mother’s side, so basically, he’s half Chinese and half Thai.

As Lucas was born in the same year as NCT’s Mark, he thought that he was going to participate as a member of NCT Dream in the song titled “Chewing Gum,” but he didn’t, which made him feel quite sad. Even so, he was featured in NCT’s Ten music video titled “Dream in A Dream” that was released for SM Station in 2017.

A year after that, he officially debuted as an NCT member after he was included in the NCT U sub-unit for the single titled “BOSS.” At the beginning of 2019, along with other Chinese members and Ten, Lucas debuted with WayV, a sub-unit of NCT in China. They debuted with the song titled “Regular.”

With his fun personality, he has been promoting his group in many variety shows and it has made him quite popular. He also has a really stunning visual and looks a little bit like his senior from SM Entertainment, SHINee’s Min-ho. He’s also funny and has entertaining skills. That’s why a lot of people love seeing him on TV, especially when he talks about how he learned Korean.

If you’re curious about more facts about him, let’s take a look at the information below!

Full Profile About NCT Lucas
  • Real name: Wong Yuk Hei
  • Stage name: Lucas
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Date of Birth: January 25th, 1999
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Nationality: Chinese Hong Kong
  • Agency: SM Entertainment
  • NCT sub-unit: NCT U, WayV

Interesting Facts About NCT Lucas That You Don’t Know

  • Lucas is very confident about his face and his body.
  • Lucas has a younger brother and he has said that his younger brother is not as handsome as he is.
  • Lucas had no intention of participating in an SM audition at first, but he passed anyway.
  • Due to his Korean language skill, that is still lacking, Lucas has a habit of mixing languages and fans call it Lucas Language.
  • Lucas really wanted to join the NCT Dream sub-unit for the song titled “Chewing Gum.”
  • He is NCT’s Kun’s roommate and is very close to him.

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