All Information About Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V (Bromance, Friendship, Moments, and Concert)


Friendship Goals! To Support V, Park Bo-gum Attends BTS’ Concerts in Seoul

Park Bo-gum and one of the BTS members, V, are indeed known as very close friends. To support his friend, Park Bo-gum came to the BTS concert that was recently held in Seoul.

Quoted from AllKpop, on Monday (11/12/2017), Park Bo-gum was seen enjoying a BTS concert titled ‘2017 Trilogy Episode III of The Wings Tour’ The Final’. Just like other BTS fans, Park Bo-gum can be seen holding the official BTS lightstick along with the slogan.

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Park Bo-gum and V are already known as close friends. Not infrequently both of them often make plans to go on vacation together.

Other than Park Bo-gum, several other popular Korean artists, such as Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, and SNSD’s Yoona, also watched the concert to support BTS.

The excitement of BTS and Park Bo-gum in the Latest CF of Coca Cola Korea!

The handsome South Korean actor Park Bo-gum and members of the boy band BTS look cool and handsome in the latest CF Coca Cola Korea.

BTS, who have just joined the brand of refreshing drinks show their charisma in their CF that was released just recently. In the video, it appears that all BTS members, who are gargling on the edge of the pool enjoy the stinging weather in the summer. Then the actor, who was born in 1993, comes with a box containing the refreshing drink.

Unable to resist the temptation of the drink, finally all BTS members seem happy and enjoy a bottle of Coca Cola this summer. After this CF was released, many responses came both for BTS and Park Bo-gum. Not a few have said that Park Bo-gum looks like he is the 8th member of BTS. Although it’s only a joke, many fans like the interaction between the two parties.

In addition, Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V indeed have a very good friendship. Both of them once hosted a program at one of the South Korean music shows together, and enjoyed a wonderful holiday together in Jeju.

BTS Taehyung and Park Bo-gum Bromance Cute Moments Compilation

Park Bo-gum is Confirmed to be Involved in Seo Bok’s Film with Actor Gong Yoo

Handsome actor Park Bo-gum will play a role alongside actor Gong Yoo in a film project. Reporting from, there has been confirmation that Park Bo-gum will be involved in the making of the film titled Seo Bok.

Previously there was news of Park Bo-gum’s involvement in the film and this information confirmed the news. The project will be his first film in four years.

The last film that Park Bo-gum played in was China Town (Coin Locker Girl). He acted alongside Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun.

Veteran actor Gong Yoo will be Park Bo-gum’s opponent in the film Seo Bok. Gong Yoo will act as a former South Korean intelligence agent who has met with Seo Bok.

Seo Bok himself is the first cloned man obsessed with eternity. Seo Bok will be Gong Yoo’s film comeback project after almost two years, since his last film Train To Busan.

The film will be directed by director Lee Yong-joo, who worked on the film Architecture 101 (2012). Rows of reliable actors and directors make this film a highly awaited event by the South Korean public. Seo Bok will begin the filming process in April.

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