All You Need to Know About Relationship Between Song Ji-hyo and Park Shi-hoo!


Chemistry Between Song Ji-hyo and Park Shi-hoo’s in Love Horribly

Do you know actress Song Ji-hyo and actor Park Shi-hoo? Both of them are starring in a drama together where they play the main characters.

Song Ji-hyo (송지효) is an actress who was born in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, August 15th, 1981 and has a real name Cheon Soo-yeon. Before debuting as an actress, she was a model for Kiki Magazine and chose her stage name Song Ji-hyo because she was inspired by the actors from Autumn In My Heart, Song Seung-heon and Song Hye-kyo.

Meanwhile, the main character in the drama Lovely Horribly is played by Park Shi-hoo (박시후), who has a real name Park Pyeong-ho and was born in Eunsanmyeon, Buyeo County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea on April 3rd, 1978. Park Shi-hoo began his career as an underwear model and stage actor. He made his official television debut in 2005 and had been cast to play the supporting roles in many dramas before gaining popularity in 2010 for starring in the drama Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess.

Well, as the two stars are playing the leading roles in the same drama, let’s check out their moments below!

Song Ji-hyo and Park Shi-hoo’s Romantic Moments in Lovely Horribly

Lovely Horribly (러블리 호러블리) is one of the most popular television dramas with 32 episodes in total, aired on KBS2 from August 13th to October 2nd, 2018.

Lovely Horribly is a South Korean television drama created by KBS Drama Production and is also known as Lovely Horror-vely. This drama was written by Park Min-joo and directed by Kang Min-kyung, starring popular actors and actresses, such as Park Shi-hoo, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Gi-kwang, Ham Eun-jung, and Choi Yeo-jin.

The director, writer, and leading roles, such as Park Shi-hoo, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Gi-kwang, Ham Eun-jung, and Choi Yeo-jin had their first script reading on June 30th, 2017. Lovely Horribly began airing when the last episode of Are You Human was aired.

The genre of the drama is a romantic comedy horror story about Yoo Philip (played by Park Shi-hoo) who was born lucky and successful in everything he does. Philip is an entertainer and has charisma like a star but he actually has a different side life. Reaching his golden age at 34, Philip has to face an unexpected death. Meanwhile, he is actually bound with an unusual fate with another person, which means the happiness of one brings misfortune to the other.

Meanwhile, the female lead in the drama is named Oh Eul-soon (played by Song Ji-hyo) who constantly has bad luck. The female main character is working as a drama series screenwriter, even though she has to struggle with her own life but she actually has optimistic energy to keep going and survive.

Philip and Eul-soon begin to work together for a drama series and a lot of mysterious things happen between the two since they seem to be sharing an intertwined fate with each other.

The other supporting roles are characters such as PD Lee Seong-jung (played by Lee Gi-kwang), who actually has a crush on Eul-soon and he is secretly hiding his supernatural ability, which is being able to see ghosts.

Another supporting female character in this drama is Shin Yuna (played by Ham Eun-jung). Although she looks pretty and charming, Shin Yuna, who’s also Philip’s lover, has a jealousy issue that she hides behind her humble appearance and acts like she is the antagonist of the drama.

Ki Eun-yeong (played by Choi Yeo-jin) is another supporting female character who works as a best-selling scriptwriter and she really hates Eul-soon as she hears that there’s another writer who is better than her. Ki Eun-yeong is Eul-soon’s old friend but at the end, she gets increasingly jealous and hateful towards her that they actually become rival in their career.

Yoo Philip and Eul-soon’s relationship has to come a long way before the two realize that they actually have mutual feelings for each other.

On September 4th, 2018, KBS2TV released the sweet moments between Yoo Philip and Eul-soon as the couple became more romantic enjoying their special relationship.

In the scene below, we can see Yoo Philip typing vigorously, making viewers curious about the content of his writing. We can also see Eul-soon accompanying him and thus demonstrating the affection between them and the increasing intimacy they develop each day.

Continuing from the previous episode, Yoo Philip wakes up after Eul-soon’s sacrifice for him and they realize that their feelings have grown deeper even though they have to face many horrible and mysterious things together.

In Episodes 19 and 20, that were aired on September 11th, 2018, KBS2TV revealed the cut off scenes from the couple having romantic moments together. The scenes are a continuation of the previous episode where Yoo Philip had succeeded in kissing Eul-soon.

The day after Eul-soon throws away the necklace with the lucky apple tree pendant, their first date goes through an unfortunate series of events, such as stepping on dog poo and also starving all day.

Luckily, the bad luck on their first date doesn’t last for too long as Yoo Philip and Eul-soon end their date having fun simply sitting together on the couch watching TV at Yoo Philip’s house. The couple is able to showcase their lovely moments together despite the unlucky events that they have to go through.

Eul-soon starts feeling hopeless since bad luck is always following her everywhere, but Yoo Philip helps her gain back her luck by buying a new necklace for her. Previously, Eul-soon had given up on the fortunes and threw away the lucky apple tree necklace in the sea.

The most awaited scene was the one that was aired on September 18th, 2018, where the couple is fighting with each other inside an elevator.

The fight ends with a fierce kiss as the two reconcile with each other after being ripped apart by fate.

It would seem that the two have something going against them and once Eul-soon grabs Yoo Philip by his collar with emotions, it is actually the scene where the couple is reunited after being painfully ripped apart from each other in the previous episode.

Check out Yoo Philip and Eul-soon’s elevator kiss behind the scene below!

Check out another behind the scene of Yoo Philip and Eul-soon below!

Off-screen Moments

As a couple, Yoo Philip and Eul-soon are a lovely couple after all. They even look really matched and sweet with each other as seen in the behind the scenes photo below.

In this scene, Yoo Philip is taking care of Eul-soon’s injured hand. It can clearly be seen that the two are smiling from ear to ear which is a sign that they have special feelings for each other.

They are also watching the previous scene they filmed before going to the next scene. Park Shi-hoo and Song Ji-hyo are really matched as a couple in this drama, don’t you think?

Not only they shared romantic moments, but Yoo Philip and Eul-soon also shared ridiculous things together as the two almost always fight each other, every time they see each other, but they end up in a cheerful laughter after the quarrel.

The photos below are taken from a Lovely Horribly press conference.

“I’ve never had to act with a personality as a scaredy-cat person so I found this one as a difficult one for me.” Park Shi-hoo

“Park Shi-hoo is actually a scaredy-cat person in real life.” – Song Ji-hyo

“Apart from her beautiful appearance, she also had a warm heart. She likes to take care of everyone around her and really is an easy going person. When we first met, I thought that she’s very cold since she didn’t talk much but after meeting often and having drinks together, I felt that she’s well-considered with anything surrounding her.” – Park Shi-hoo

“When I first met him, it wasn’t easy since he is a chic person but I thought this man is a very good looking one. After meeting him for a few times and having a talk with him, I found that he has a great personality aside from his appearance. He has a warm heart but is clumsy as well.” – Song Ji-hyo 

That was all about the moments of Park Shi-hoo and Song Ji-hyo in the drama Lovely Horrible. They are indeed a sweet couple and have great chemistry as a couple in the drama. Well, let’s keep supporting these artists so we can see them appear again in the upcoming dramas or movies this year!