All Information About Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V (Bromance, Friendship, Moments, and Concert)


Unique Friendship Between Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V That You Don’t Know

Park Bo-gum is a famous South Korean actor and MC who is very well known to fans with his friendly and warm attitude. Park Bo-gum has a very distinctive smile and charm.

Likewise, Taehyung, or commonly known as V, who is a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, is also very well known for being cheerful and very friendly. The friendship between these two celebrities certainly makes fans enthusiastic because of the similarity between the two.

Having similar careers as part of the entertainment world in the Land of Ginseng, South Korea, whether it’s in K-Pop or K-Drama, give an opportunity for celebrities to get to know each other. Even so, not everyone can become familiar and be close friends. This is different from the friendship relations between K-Pop actors and idols. In the midst of their busy time acting for Park Bo-gum, and BTS’s V who was on an American tour, they showed their closeness by going on a trip to Jeju Island.

V, or the real name Kim Tae-hyung, once told the story about the beginning of his friendship with Park Bo-gum, as reported by Allkpop, Sunday (23/4), because both of them often met during a music program where Park Bo-gum was the MC of the program. “We met because he became the MC of the music program Music Bank. At that time, we exchanged cell phone numbers. Because we often communicate, we realized that we are suitable and share the same hobbies,” said V.

#FriendshipGoals! Let’s Check Out Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V’s Moments

Taking a selfie backstage when Park Bo-gum was still the MC of Music Bank

They also support each other’s careers. An example is when Park Bo-gum’s drama titled Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is airing, V doesn’t forget to give his support via Twitter.

Through the BTS Twitter account, V promotes the series Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. In the photo he has uploaded, V appears posing with Park Bo-gum. In addition, he has also uploaded a poster of Park Bo-gum’s character in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

“Don’t forget to watch it at 10 pm on KBS,” reads V’s promotion of the series. Besides that, he also added the “premiere” tag, “Monday-Tuesday” and “today”.

Well, this is the right time for them to hang out in Jeju. Really cute, right?


They are playing in the flower fields.

Because they are so familiar, they are even making the same gestures when posing for the photo

Park Bo-gum and V also uploaded their vacation videos from Jeju. Making ARMY (BTS fans) get carried away!

Park Bo-gum and Taehyung also hung out together at LOTTE World. It’s really exciting!

In the midst of their busy days, they still manage to spare some time for a hangout together.

Fans often call them TaeGum, because their friendship is really adorable.

Even though they are already very popular and famous, amazingly, they still like to use public transportation.

Well, both of them are seen watching a Big Bang concert.

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