Let’s Check Out TV Personality Noh Hong-chul House On MBC Share Room

Noh Hongchul
Noh Hong-chul

Let’s Take A Look At Noh Hong-chul Unique House On MBC Share Room

No Hong-chul is a Korean comedian, TV personality, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He hosted various variety shows during his long career. Because of a drunk driving accident, he withdrew from the entertainment industry and left MBC’s Infinite Challenge, the show that catapulted his popularity.

After a long hiatus, he returned to TV variety shows and has hosted various successful programs. One of the shows was MBC’s Share Room. On the show, Korean celebrities shared their precious things and gathered the things in a communal house, treating them as public property. Through the show, viewers had a chance to take a look at No Hong chul’s unique house. In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about No Hong-chul’s unique house on MBC’s Share Room. So stay tuned!

About MBC Share Room

MBC Share Room

MBC’s Share Room is a variety show that showed how its cast members shared their precious things and used them as public property. The program was aired from December 11-12, 2019. Due to the low ratings, the program was canceled after only two episodes. Other than No Hong-chul, other Korean celebrities also participated: comedian Park Myung-soo, singer Park Ha-na, singer Kim Jun-su, and AOA’s Chanmi. The first episode of Share Room reached 2.1%, but the second episode’s rating plunged to 1.3%

Noh Hong-chul and His Self Love House

Noh Hong-chul
Byeol Korea

No Hong-chul’s house and its interior was revealed several times on variety shows, on MBC’s I Live Alone, MBC’s Share Room, and MBC’s Students. During the peak of his popularity, No Hong-chul lived in an apartment in the same area as Yoo Jae-suk’s apartment. His previous apartment was never revealed on television. However, his current house was revealed several times on MBC variety shows.

His home’s interior was dominated by the color red. His carpet, blankets, and other fabric were mainly red. Inside the living room, guests were welcomed by a huge ornament based on his screaming face. His huge face and his A-Yo greeting was his trademark signature. The screaming face was made by an artist and it was placed close to the ceiling. Noh Hong-chul is famous among Korean celebrities for having a huge face.

Noh Hong-chul has nine beds in his house. He wanted to feel like he was traveling all the time, so he changed rooms and beds based on his moods. Since he loves traveling, there are various ornaments from foreign countries. Since he practices Buddhism, he also placed a small shrine in front of his house.

Recently, Noh Hong-chul operated his house as library and bakery. He gathered a lot of books inside his house, so that his customers could enjoy eating and reading books at the same time.

There is one special room in his house. No Hong-chul was selected as the ambassador for Switzerland’s tourism board. One of his rooms was decorated with Swiss flags and ornaments.

Other than books, No Hong-chul also loves to collect and show caricatures of his face. There were a lot of caricature scattered neatly inside his unique house.

Yoo In-Na and IU Frequently Visits Noh Hong-chul House?

Noh Hong-chul, IU, and Yoo In-na met for the first time during the production of a variety show. They met 10 years ago, and have been sharing stories and becoming close friends since that moment. Their close relationship was revealed during the recording of MBC’s Funding Together. As the show’s main MC, Yoo Hee-yeol noticed that Yoo In-na frequently visited No Hong-chul’s house. No Hong-chul said they were friendly enough to visit each other’s place.

Other Cast Respond To The House

MBC’s Share Room was surprised when seeing Noh Hong-chul’s house. His house was neat and tidy. His house’s decorations and fabrics were mainly dominated in red. The interior lighting was slightly dim because he prefers darker colors compared to brighter color.

Customers to Noh Hong-chul’s bakery shop were usually surprised when entering his shop-house. His huge face-statue greeted the customers and gave a scary feeling.

Latest News

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No Hong-chul opened a new bakery shop in Huamdong, Yongsan Area, Seoul in February 2020. The bakery also operates as an open library for bakery customers. Other than bread, customers can order beverages and drinks. Customers can also buy souvenirs such as Noh Hong-chul mugs, eco-bags, and stickers. His bakery is open from noon to 5 pm every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the shop is closed.

No Hong-chul’s latest variety program, Mnet’s Between Quiz and Music, is scheduled to air at the end of March 2020. On the program, songs from 1990 to 2000 were played, and members answered quizzes about the songs. No Hong-chul performed as the leading MC, while Lee Guk-ju, Sinji, Kim Na-young, and Seol Ha-yoon acted as supporting MCs.

That was all the information about Noh Hong-chul’s house and his latest news. Don’t forget to share your opinion about the funny comedian and TV personality in the comment section below!