Who Is Kim Yoo-jung’s Boyfriend? Find Out More About Her Relationship Status, Here!

Kim Yoo-jung

Get To Know More About ‘Backstreet Rookie’ Actress: Kim Yoo-jung’s Boyfriend, Relationship Status, Dating Rumor, etc.

Kim Yoo-jung has been very popular for her role since she was a child actress and has received many achievements for her hard work. On the other hand, people are also curious about her personal life and when it comes to dating life since she has already become more mature.

This article contains detailed information about Kim Yoo-jung’s dating life and the truth about her relationship status. The ‘Love in the Moonlight’ actress has played a role in romance K-Drama several times, and let’s find out about her romance story in real life in this session below!

Kim Yoo-jung Is Single And Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend

Kim Yoo-jung’s relationship status is currently single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Although she has played the role of girlfriend in K-Dramas several times, she is still single in real life.

There is no confirmation from the agency about Kim Yoo-jung’s dating life in the past, and she is one of the female celebrities who remain single until now. Behind her relationship status, Kim Yoo-jung is also not the type who wants to be often involved in dating scandals.

Are you looking forward to Kim Yoo-jung being able to date in the future publicly?

Kim Yoo-jung’s Ideal Type For Dating

Kim Yoo-jung

Through her appearance on SBS ‘One Night of TV’ that was aired in October 2015, Kim Yoo-jung revealed her ideal type of male figure she wanted. “The guy should have a slightly hoarse voice and be able to sing,” Kim Yoo-jung said.

“I like someone strong and tough on the outside, but he’s warm on the inside.” The young actress also said that she likes someone who eats well.

Kim Yoo-jung Mentioned Several Celebrities As Her Ideal Type

During Kim Yoo-jung’s appearance on KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night”, she talked about several celebrities who are her ideal type. Many are curious about Kim Yoo-jung’s love interest in the future and how the young actress thought about a man that would date her.

Kim Yoo-jung mentioned actor Kim Young-ho when it comes to the personality that she likes.

Kim Yoo-jung also openly admitted that she had more Kim Soo-hyun than her co-star Yeo Jin-goo. “Soo-hyun oppa is the best! He is very handsome and wise. Much better than Yeo Jin-goo oppa,” Kim Yoo-jung explained when they appeared on MBC’s ‘Good Day’.

Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Soo-hyun met for the first time as roles in ‘The Moon That Embracess The Sun’.

Kim Yoo-jung’s Relationship With BTS’ V

On January 11, 2021, BTS’ V surprised the public with his latest upload on Weverse. He shared a picture of himself taking the subway or train without covering his face.

Previously, Kim Yoo-jung also updated Instagram for the first time since 2020. The picture shows her on the subway while smiling very cheerfully.

In addition, because Kim Yoo-jung was standing and BTS’S V was sitting, a netizen joked that they took photos of each other. The funny thing is, many hope they are dating because they think the two are compatible.

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Kim Yoo-jung Received GV380 From BTS’ V

In February 2021, Lovekpop95 mentioned some information regarding dating rumors of BTS’ V. Based on this information, BTS’ V is known to be close to Kim Yoo-jung.

The blogger provided some evidence of BTS’ V dating Kim Yoo-jung. One of them is where BTS’ V bought a luxury car with the GV380 type. They realized this after seeing a post from Kim Yoo-jung in July 2020.

On July 31, 2020, among the photos Yoo-jung shared on social media of fans giving her lots of flowers and gifts, there was a picture sitting in a car. When looking closely at this car, netizens realized that the interior of Kim Yoo-jung’s car was similar to the GV380.

The dating rumors about BTS’ V, who gave a gift to Kim Yoo-jung with a luxury car, is not valid. The two agencies also did not respond to this rumor.

Fans Commented About Kim Yoo-jung And BTS’ V’s Relationship

Some netizens commented that BTS’ V and Kim Yoo-jung didn’t date, and the evidence about their picture in the subway gave a different response.

“She was there two days before V. Do better research, the information comes from Taehyung’s haters. Even though he is indeed dating, it’s none of our business,” said by netizen.

“It wasn’t on the same day. To be honest, true fans will support Taehyung if he finds someone who can make him happy,” added another netizen.

“I won’t post these kinds of things because some fans will post death threats and post hate messages on Instagram. Better not to joke about things that related to personal problems,” concluded another.

Kim Yoo-jung Relationship With iKON’s Junhoe

Through an online community, Instiz, netters claim to find evidence of IKON’s Junhoe dating actress Kim Yoo-jung.

Netter also revealed evidence in two pictures that seemed to send each other ‘love codes’. What attracted the attention of the netters was the couple’s ring which was allegedly a sign of Junhoe-Yoo-jung’s love.

“Look at the couple rings, it’s a sign that they are dating. Fans also know about this,” wrote the netter. “iKON’s fan page must be crazy right now just by looking at it.”

“I think they are close with each other,” added a netter.

“I’m guessing someone saw Junhoe and Yoo-jung dating at the cafe so that this news could be exposed.”

Meanwhile, many netizens couldn’t believe the news. Not a few also thought that it was just a netter’s boast who wanted to make false rumors.

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