How Rich is Kim Soo Hyun? Let’s Find Out His Net Worth

The list of highest-paid actors has been revealed in mid-2020 and guess who sits at the top of the it? It was none other than Kim Soo Hyun, the actor who created buzz all around internet through his latest role in Netflix hit It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. New fans might know him from his a few minutes’ cameo appearance in 2019’s Hotel Del Luna, but he has earned his fame long before that.

Let’s dig deeper about Kim Soo Hyun’s net worth and find out about how rich he actually is.

Kim Soo Hyun made his debut through a small role in sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile. He shot to fame after playing Song Sam Dong, a vocal prodigy with hearing disease in 2011’s Dream High. Among the idol casts, he was the only actor with no singing career as a background but his outstanding vocal stole the heart of the viewers.

The success of Dream High was followed by a series of another hit such as Moon Embracing The Sun in 2012 that earned the title “national drama” as it recorded 42.2% viewer ratings. At the end of the year, Kim Soo Hyun reportedly make 600 million won, not only from the drama but also many advertisement deals that use him as a model.

Kim Soo Hyun was crowned as “King Commercial” since he guaranteed the success of every product he represents. After the success of his tow movies The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly, his value increased to 800 million won.

But it was not the peak of his success. In 2013, he starred along Jun Ji Hyun in one of the biggest drama of the year: My Love From The Stars. It turned him into an international star overnight and raising his net worth altogether. In the very same year, he bought an apartment unit in the luxurious Seongsu neighborhood of Seoul with estimated price around 4.02 billion won.

In 2014 alone, Kim Soo Hyun appeared in 30 ads including in China and other Asian countries. His long list of endorsements included top brands such as Tous le Jours, Samsonite, Lotte Fittin, Beanpole, Calvin Klein, and many more. MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay reported that his net worth that year was around 30 billion won.

His fame overseas was no joke as well. For a single appearance in Chinese variety show Biggest Brain in 2014, Kim Soo Hyun received 500 million won paycheck. His temporarily hiatus for mandatory military service from 2017 to 2019 did not seem to have an impact on his career. In his first ever drama after being discharged, Kim Soo Hyun earned 3.2 billion for its 16-episode run.

The number is expected to constantly rise since Kim Soo Hyun name, face, and acting talent is enough for a promising fame and success in everything he involves in. Let’s hope that he will comeback to the screen soon.