Who is Ji Chang Wook’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend? Let’s Find Out!

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Who is Ji Chang Wook? General Information About Ji Chang Wook

First starring drama “Laughing Tongue” recorded the highest audience rating of 51.4% at the moment and Ji Ji Wak who played as a popular actor.

It is said to be the most active actor in Asia now, and boasts tremendous popularity, especially in China. Popular in Japan, the tickets for fan meeting were sold out in just 10 minutes. What kind of lady was rumored falling in love with Ji Chang Wook?

Ji Chang Wook’s beloved love The first one is Ha Ji Won


The first person is Korea’s leading beauty actress Ha Ji Won. The enthusiasm became whispered by the collaboration in the drama “Odd Empress” broadcast in 2013 and alleged deeply as Ji Ji Wak cited the name of Ha Ji Won as an ideal woman.

In the interview, “Ha Ji Won is always smiling even when it is hard work,” he says that some staff said, “It’s a good fit if you go out with me?”

However, it seems that it was not one of the love relationships, it is one of the good co-stars who is just a good match. Ha Ji Won is said to be countdown wedding popular actor Hyun Bin.

Ji Chang Wook’s beloved love The second person is Park Min Young


The second person appeared in numerous CM with pretty facial features and preeminent style, actress Park Min Young who is called “Queen of CM”. It is an actress who became a topic by playing a man-made heroine at “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” which was broadcast in 2010.

Such Park Min Young and Ji Ji Wak are now whispered by the enthusiasm with the co-starring in the drama “Healer” broadcasted in 2014. However, it is a rumor to the last, there is no information that it was actually a romantic relationship.

In the drama they are playing romantic scenes such as “blindfold kiss” and “back hug”, it seems they just became a topic that it seems like a real lover.

Ji Chang Wook’s beloved love The third person is Kim Joo-ri


The third person is Miss Korea’s actress Kim Joo-ri.

It is said that Ji Chang Wook and Ji Jang Wook have got rumors of enthusiasm caused by photos uploaded on the net. Photos taken in sunglasses and necklaces of the same design and photos taken in similar places were compared on the net, and it seems that it became a hot love theory spreading.

However, Ji Chang Wook’s affiliated office has completely denied the enthusiasm for “fruitlessness” and the necklace is a gift from Chinese fans, explaining that the sunglasses were coordinated by the stylist.

Although it is Ji Chang Wook that is extremely popular with its well-balanced facial features and outstanding looks, there has been no definite hot weather report so far.

Previously, in an interview, I answered “Hiding and going” about the reason why there has not been a hot love coverage so far and seems to be stuck with top-secret dating. “It is sometimes good for each other to put out on the table, but it feels like there are things that are not so, so it is better to meet in secret and secretly,” he said.