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All About Kim Jae Jong Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend Rumor That You Need to Know!

Kim Jae Jong byeol korea

Kim Jae Jong byeol korea

Who is Kim Jae Jong?

Kim Jae Joong who is a member of the Korean idol group “JYJ” and is also active as an actor, songwriter, and composer. After making a debut in “TVXQ ” in 2004, it became a group of great popularity in South Korea, Japan, and China.

However, withdrew from the group in 2010, formed “JYJ” with Junsu and Yuchun. Currently, it is active not only in Asia but also internationally, including USA, Canada, Spain, Chile.

Jejun is an image of a man who does not feel relieved because it is cool like a prince figure, but this time he gathered someone rumored to be such a jejun and enthusiasm.

Kim Jae Jong’s love affair The first one is RAINBOW’s Kim Jae Kyung

It is the leader of the Korean idol group “RAINBOW” and is called “miraculous, unformatted beauty”. Although she is a model with a height of 168 cm and many women adore, she is rumored to be love with Jaejoong in 2011.

The reason for the rumor was that private videos of them were leaked on the net. Originally co-starred in music program etc. There was an exchange, so it is said that it became an intimate relationship from there. It seems that the outflowing video seems to be quite radical and I think that the fans who viewed it were shocked.

However, the truth of the problem movie is not clear as a result. People appearing in the movie spread because they are similar to the two people, but the face is not clearly reflected just by being similar but the famous idol photographs such an extreme movie as much as anything else Because it is hard to imagine itself, I think the likelihood that a person in a video is the person himself is low.

However, because there are not many opportunities to meet with beautiful beauty girls, it seems that there was not a lot of possibility of being a loving relationship.

Kim Jae Joong’s beloved love The second person is Jessica Former Member of SNSD

Jessica debuted as a member of “Girls’ Generation” in 2007. There is a nickname of ice princess and it is a cool image. He left the group in 2014 and is now active as a singer and a designer in solo.

Two people were rumored because they were paired and the photos that were secretly meeting in the hotel leaked out. At that time Je Jun was still a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Jessica was a member of girls’ age and his affiliation office was the same, so it became a very hot topic that it is going out with the net.

Among Jaejoong fans, “Jaejoong is as easy to understand as being told to ring the index finger and ring finger while she is there”, but even at this time as well, pairing with Jessica is the index finger.

However, this enthusiasm which became quite talkative also does not know a clear truth, it is finished rumored. It can not be decided because there is not a secret photo in the hotel because there is nothing clearly reflected in them, but if you truly danced it would be a big couple.

Kim Jae Joong’s beloved love The third person is model Mikiko Yano

Mikiko Yano, famous as a popular model for decorating covers of numerous magazines. Their enthusiasm is featured in “Weekly Women”.

There was written that the two were enjoying the date near Shibuya 109, and it was like they were like lovers as they assembled their arms. Photographs are also posted which are actually walking while clasping their arms. Also, it seems that they met from a common acquaintance.

Both affiliated offices deny the report, “We are meeting with a manager, I met you once, I am not a lover but a friend of mine,”.

I can not conclude because my office and principal deny it, but I think that there is a great possibility that we have had a relationship beyond friends because there is definitive sighting information. By the way, Mikiko YanoYano is married to a general man at the moment.

Relationship Kim Jae Joong with Hamasaki Ayumi

Ayumi Hamasaki is also said to be a Japanese diva. In his childhood, he has been active as a model and actress and has debuted singers in 1998.

Ayumi Hamasaki who has caused social phenomena such as many occurrences of women who imitate her fashion and makeup, seems to be on good terms with Jaejoong so long ago that he has a friendly conversation with Twitter and is held in Korea I was rumored about the enthusiasm for being witnessed where I visited private showcase “JYJ”.

In addition, when Jaejoong came to Japan, information that he was doing a spade date also came out. Although I stand on the stage with a-nation and Jejo appears in a promotional video of Mr. Ayumi Hamasaki, I can tell you a very good relationship, but if you are a lover you can truly get along with Twitter I think that I will not do.

Because of these open interactions, there seems to be a lot of opinions that there is no enthusiasm for these two people even among fans.

Relationship Kim Jae Joong with Yamada Yu

Yu Yamada is active not only in fashion models but also in actresses. It is famous for being married to actor Shun Oguri in 2012, but such a girl was also rumored to be love with Jaejoong before marriage.

Yamada Yu, who originally admired Korean style lover, seems to have been addicted to “supernova” and “2 PM”, for example. Meanwhile, enthusiasm came to be rumored from visiting JYJ ‘s American performances held in November 2010 privately. At that time, I have taken pictures with members of JYJ and are also open to the public.

Jaejo himself has denied this passionate love affair “Yamada Yu is one of the close friends.” In addition, at that time I was already associating with Shun Oguri, but Je Jun has announced that he is also in friendship with Oguri Shun.

From the above, the frustration has subsided by the fact that they do not have a passionate love, just being friends. After that, Yamada Yu and Oguri Shun got married, but in one article, it was written that Yamada Yu was purposely appealing Korean flow in pursuit of Oguri Shun’s marriage It was.

Although the truth is not certain, I wonder if Jejun blesses the happiness of their two people.