Let’s Take A Look At NU’EST’s Hwang Min-hyun’s Life and Fun Facts Through MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Fun Facts Min-hyun from his appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone

NU'EST's Min-hyun on I Live Alone

Here are some facts about Min-hyun from his appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone:

  • He started living alone after lsharing quarters with the other NUEST members for 9 to 10 years.
  • He uses siren sounds as alarm because he wants to wake up at once.
  • He doesn’t like idling in bed after waking up.
  • He finds small happiness in his daily life.
  • He has his own way of living;
  • He takes the slippers off before going on the carpet
  • He always puts the remote controls on top of magazines on the table and the tissue box must also be there, too.
  • He arranges the cushions in a fixed order based on their colors.
  • He has terrible writing.
  • He can’t make anything or cook.
  • One of his dreams is to live by a perfect set of rules.
  • He uses four different fabric softeners because he is sensitive to scent and his moods differ each day.
  • He has stacks of masks.
  • He has a dust allergy.
  • His hobby is cleaning or organizing.

Latest News

NU'EST's Min-hyun and VIXX's Leo

On June 11, 2019, it was confirmed that Min-hyun would be appearing in an upcoming production of the musical Marie Antoinette, along with VIXX’s Leo. This musical will be Min-hyun’s first musical performance. He will be taking on the role of Count Axel von Fersen, a charming and brave Swedish count who is in love with Marie Antoinette. He expressed his enthusiasm for having the opportunity to work with renowned staff and famous senior actors. He also expressed his desire to work hard and put on an impressive performance.

Meanwhile, I Live Alone reached Episode 300, which aired on June 28, 2019. The latest new guest was actor Namkoong Min, who appeared on Episode 298, which aired on June 14, 2019.

That was all the information about NU’EST’s Hwang Min-hyun’s daily life on MBC’s I Live Alone. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!