Full Compilation List of K-Pop Artists’ Friendship Will Make You Think They Are In a Relationship!


Here it is! Friendship that exists Between Male and Female K-Pop Idols Which Makes Them Think of Having a Relationship!!

Friendship between K-Pop idols is often a hot topic among K-Pop lovers. For K-Pop idols, being familiar with the opposite sex in public can get them into trouble. Especially if the idol just debuted, these rumors will affect their careers in the future. If a male and a female idol are caught doing something together, it can be ascertained that a few days later rumors will emerge between them.

Moreover, if the friendship that exists between them is a friendship between male and female idols. This is certainly very special because for K-Pop lovers if there is a girl with a guy a little close to each other, there must be many people who think that there is ‘something’ between them or they will assume that the seeds of love must be blossoming between them, even though they might only be pure friends and only friends.

In fact, this relationship is actually more durable than dating. Just like the pairs of several Korean idols here, whose friendship relationship is very famous because of their attachment. Who are the male and female K-Pop idols who are so close that fans think they have a relationship? Let’s see who they are here!

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a rundown of the friendship between male and female K-Pop Idols who are close to each other. So, don’t skip this article and keep scrolling down!

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Solo Artist BoA


The fellow labelmates of SM Entertainment became good friends after the two had difficulties in promoting overseas after their debut. The closeness of the two senior idols under SM Entertainment, BoA and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is indeed not a strange thing anymore. They have established a friendship that lasts for almost a decade.

Yunho and BoA are always regarded as the king and queen of the SM Entertainment kingdom. They have championed their respective careers. Not to forget, both of them also provide mutual support professionally and personally. Remember the moment when BoA promoted the song “Nega Dola?” At that time, Yunho came when his best friend recorded with food.

That was a small form of attention that the 32-year-old gave to his best friend. Yunho also claimed that giving this food was the result of his efforts instead of management’s settings.

BoA also did something sweet when Yunho had to carry out military service. She wrote a letter and sent it to the military dormitory where Yunho took shelter. Both are also sociable, no wonder they are often caught joking backstage. If they act professionally, they can show good chemistry on the stage.

Once they were caught so close while at the airport. After seeing the familiarity, the old question reappeared about their relationship, whether it was just friendship. There was a lot of hope fans expressed for their relationship, but so far the rumors were only rumors. But in reality, Yunho and BoA are just a pair of friends who are very close to each other.

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Solo Artist IU


In 2015, IU performed at Jonghyun’s solo concert as a surprise guest to sing the same song, “Meaning of You.” Although IU doesn’t have many celebrity friends, IU is very close to Jonghyun. Jonghyun gave his song”Gloomy Clock” to IU, which was originally intended for his album, but he eventually gave it to IU as a present.

SHINee also debuted in 2008, the same year that IU debuted. IU also included celebrities who attended Jonghyun’s last tribute event.

BTOB’s Ilhoon and APINK’s Naeun


BTOB is a group formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment, while Apink debuted under the auspices of A-Cube Entertainment in 2011. A-Cube Entertainment itself is a sub-label of Cube Entertainment, so they are accustomed to practicing in the same place, that makes them very close to each other. However, in 2015, the stocks of A-Cube Entertainment were purchased by LOEN Entertainment so that the agency changed its name to Plan-A Entertainment. Therefore, BTOB and Apink are now not under the auspices of the same agency.

Now, BTOB’s Ilhoon and Apink’s Son Na-eun showcased their friendship on Mnet’s TMI News. On the May 18th episode, Apink starred on the idol news program with special guests who shared stories about the members.

The girl group initially guessed that it might be someone from their agency, such as Huh Gak, but it turned out to be Ilhoon! Talking about their friendship, Yoon Bo-mi began, “I actually became close with Ilhoon after I debuted,” and Ilhoon replied, “No, we were close before that.”

Speaking about Son Na-eun, he said, “I got to know her in 2009 during my third year of middle school,” but could not look her in her eyes while speaking. He continued, “She’s someone who hides herself. There’s a maiden-like feel about her. Since she seems like a maiden from a noble family, I can’t act comfortably towards her even though we’re close.” Son Na-eun then made everyone laugh by asking, “You weren’t comfortable with me?”

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