Complete Information About Super Junior M’s Zhoumi’s Solo Debut With ‘Rewind’


Super Junior M’s Zhoumi Made A Solo Debut?

Super Junior was known as the group with the largest number of members when they debuted back in 2005. Due to their large number of members (formerly 13 members), the agency decided to divide the group into subunits. The most popular subunit is Super Junior M, which emphasized its promotion and market in China. The group originally comprised a Chinese member from the main group, Hankyung, and two additional Chinese members, Henry and Zhoumi. Although the group itself is not currently active, its Chinese members are focusing on their solo careers. Hankyung chose to leave the company in 2009 and Henry chose not to renew his contract in April 2018. What about Zhoumi?

Zhoumi was born on April 19th, 1986, in Wuhan, China and debuted as a member of Super Junior M in 2008 as the main vocalist. After joining the ballad group SM The Ballad in February 2014, he was said to make his solo debut with an album titled Rewind in the same year. How was his solo debut? How was the album? In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Zhoumi’s solo debut and his album Rewind.

Solo Debut With Rewind

After working as a member of Super Junior M for six years, Zhoumi got the chance to make a debut as a solo artist. On October 27th, 2014, the agency, SM Entertainment, released a teaser image via their official Twitter account, indicating that they would debut a male solo artist. It was unrecognizable because the guy in the image is looking down and he has put his head between his arms.

However, some fans had speculated about who it was. They also made a comparison of Zhoumi’s width of his arms and also the birthmark on his left knuckle. A few hours later, it was then confirmed by the agency that Zhoumi would be the next solo artist who will make a debut and they released the first teaser image.

On October 29th, the agency released another teaser image with a similar look like the first one, looking away from the camera with a serious look.

He officially debuted as a solo artist on October 31st, by releasing the album titled Rewind. Because he is basically Chinese he concentrated on the Chinese market: he would be focused on it and release the tracks in Chinese and make the Korean version for a few songs including the title track. It was said he would promote the album in South Korea and China simultaneously. In an interview with The Celebrity magazine, he confessed that he was happy about his solo debut that he almost burst into tears as he saw the teaser banners on portal websites and buses. He also claimed that he was the first Chinese artist to launch a solo career in Korea.

The music video was released in two versions: Chinese and Korean. The Chinese version featured the former Chinese member of EXO, Tao (who was still an EXO member at the time and is now known as Z.Tao), and the Korean version featured EXO’s Chanyeol. The teasers for both versions were released on October 30th. The music video is about Zhoumi reminiscing his time with his ex-girlfriend.

Chinese Version Featuring Tao

For the Chinese version, he chose to make a collaboration with the EXO’s Chinese rapper, Tao. It starts with Zhoumi inside a car, then when the song starts, he is shown snapping his hand while saying, “Rewind” several times. He looks handsome with his suit while dancing to the song. Just like the title, it involves rewinding some clips to before he breaks up with his girlfriend. We can also really enjoy the catchy “rewind” hand gesture. In the middle, Tao appeared from a car when his rap part comes. At the end of the video, we can see the shirtless Zhoumi rewinding to before he entered the room.

Korean Version Featuring Chanyeol

For the Korean version, he chose to collaborate with EXO’s Korean rapper, Chanyeol. It is not much different from the Chinese music video. In the middle, it’s Chanyeol who appears in front of a car when his rap comes.

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