Here Are The Top 5 BLACKPINK Songs That Will Make You Dance Along!

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Let’s Dance Along With BLACKPINK Songs!

Calling out all the BLINKs out there! Prepare yourself to dance along with BLACKPINK’s songs! Since BLACKPINK’s first appearance in 2016, they have gained a lot of attention due both for their music and appearance. Most of BLACKPINK’s songs are easy to listen to and people fall in love with them. Through this article, Byeol Korea will tell you about the top five BLACKPINK songs that will make you wanna dance all night long!


Let’s start with the hit single Boombayah! The song was officially released on August 8, 2016, and was the group’s debut single. With its upbeat, Boombayah quickly became one of fans’ favorite singles from BLACKPINK! Boombayah is a number that’s a mix of K-pop and hip-hop which was totally great!

People are also in love with the rap session from Jennie and Lisa in this song, which made Boombayah a truly ‘wanna dance all night long’ song! The lyrics of Boombayah tell a story about a bunch of ‘bad girls’ with their own style, who are a kind of ‘crime squad,’ as well. According to Seoul Beats, the bad girl concept was that those girls were conducting some sort of robbery.

You can get the idea through Lisa’s rap, with this English translation: “Middle finger up,  F U pay me ’90s baby, I pump up the jam, hop in my getaway o look it’s a Lambo, Russian Roulette to Macau I go gamble, each Rose has its thorns but this one’s a bramble.” Besides that, the BLACKPINK members also seen rocking ‘punk’ and ‘sassy’ styles through their outfits and style in the song’s music video!

Why did people love that song? For those of you who love K-pop and hip-hop, Boombayah could be your best choice! It has a nice rhythm, up-beat tone, lots of rap, and makes you want to follow the rhythm with your body!

Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire was officially released on November 1, 2016, along with its own music video! Just like the title and the music video, Playing With Fire showed us that those girls were ‘on fire’!

Playing With Fire was described as a love story that looked like ‘playing with fire.’ The love between a guy and a girl made their hearts burn out because the attraction in their love was strong but also terrifying, as if they were playing ‘with fire’. Such a deep meaning, right? Playing With Fire mixed a healthy dose of tropical house music into this K-pop number!

According to Seoul Beats, Playing With Fire was about romantic attraction and love to fire, as well. For the group’s concept, we could seen that BLACKPINK was still using the dark-edgy concept, with a strong girl-crush image! The girls wore colorful outfits with metallic elements, and were surrounded by fire while they were dancing!

There’s no doubt that people would love the hit single, right? With a piano instrumental for the intro, followed by strong rhythm and loud beats, Playing With Fire was truly a song that kept people wanting to dance!

As If It’s Your Last

Let’s move on to As If It’s Your Last! The song was officially released on June 13, 2017. In this era, BLACKPINK sowed a different style and look, which was a significant change from their previous dark, edgy vibe. Jisoo described it as a different kind of ‘girl crush’ concept.

From the title, we can see that the song represented something that might last forever. As If It’s Your Last also showed the different vibes of BLACKPINK! Previously, they were often seen with a ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’ concept, but with this single we could see a brighter side of the girl group, with a colorful and cheerful concept! The BLACKPINK members looked cute with colorful outfits and a cute-feminine style, as well!

What is the song about? As If It’s Your Last told a story about a girl who fell in love with a guy. She kept thinking of him and couldn’t control her feelings. But this time, it seems like the guy didn’t feel the same way as the girl, so the girl asks him to made her love to be ‘as if it’s your last love.’

But still, As If It’s Your Last is one the top 5 of BLACKPINK songs to make you wanna dance due to its fun rhythm and up-beat tone! Even though the single was kinda different than the usual concept of BLACKPINK, people still love to hear it! The music and its own concept are very in tune with happy, holiday vibes!

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Next is the single Ddu-du Ddu-du! The single was officially released on June 15, 2018. For the song’s concept, it was a kind of pop-rap song, which made people love it from the first time they heard it! Billboard described the song as a fierce hip-hop track with charisma, as well!

The lyrics of Ddu-du Ddu-du tell a story about a guy who fell in love with a woman. It quickly becomes clear that the woman has two different sides of herself. One was a good side, when she was lady-like, sweet, and nice, but she could also be badass and savage, as well. The guy might have thought the woman was easy to deal with, which wasn’t true at all.

It also referred to this phrase from the Ddu-du Ddu-du lyrics in English translation, “I can’t act nice like other people, don’t be mistaken. I only smile easily for myself, you may not know well yet.” Meanwhile, for the concept, BLACKPINK showed themselves as chic and confident women. Each of the members also represented a different character, such as Jennie as ‘power’, Jisoo as ‘fame’, Rosé as ‘beauty’, and Lisa as ‘success’!

Ddu-du Ddu-du also gained a lot of attention and became a hit single immediately after its release! With the strong lyrics, danceable rhythm, and up-beat vibes, Ddu-du Ddu-du is the kind of song that makes you wanna dance all night along! Further proof of the song’s popularity is how many people have made their own dance covers of the number.

Kill This Love

Last, but not least, let’s dance along with BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love! This was the group’s most recent single, and people have fallen in love with the rhythm and concept. Kill This Love is a very powerful song, and was officially released on April 4, 2019.

The lyrics talk about a toxic relationship which should come to an end. Besides that, Kill This Love is also about finding yourself again after leaving a toxic relationship, love that has been hurting us, and finding something new that will made us confident in love again.

Even though the song was about a toxic relationship, it also referred to a deeper-romance love story which made the two people in that relationship become really dangerous for each other. The track is an electro pop song that makes people want to dance along.

If we take a look at the Kill This Love concept, BLACKPINK was showing us the classic, elegant, royal concept, and was pretty lady-like! Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa looked like  strong princesses with royal-style outfits!

Since Kill This Love was an electro pop song, the rhythm easily gets people moving on the dance floor! The track works wonderfully for working out, too. Not only that, it’s very catchy, and will stay with you after you hear it for the first time! The mixture of pop and rapping lyrics made the song really unique.

Those are the top 5 BLACKPINK songs that make you wanna dance all night long! Overall, BLACKPINK’s music never goes wrong, right? It always makes us want to sing and dance all night with those beats and rhythm! Let’s always support BLACKPINK and wait for for their next comeback in the future!

Comment down below about which is your favorite BLACKPINK dance song on our list!