Calling Out K-Pop Fans To Get Stylish By Wearing Your Favorite K-Pop Idol Group Hoodie

K-Pop Idol Group Hoodie

Find Out More About the Best K-Pop Idol Groups Hoodies

The Korean wave exports not only music, but also pop culture. Each management agency puts a lot of effort into nurturing talented people into becoming idols. After debuting, each idol produces albums and singles which are promoted to global audiences. Not only exporting music, major label management puts extra effort into producing idol merchandise. The merchandise sells like hotcakes to K-Pop fans all over the world.

Idol merchandise is sold in variety of forms, such as photo albums, clothing, jewelry, light sticks, and many other items. One of the most popular types of merchandise is K-Pop idol group hoodies. The hoodies are comfortable and fashionable. They’re also a testament to their love and support of the fans’ favorite idol groups.

In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about fashionable hoodies from K-Pop idol groups. Which one is your favorite? Find out in this article!


The SM Global Shop prepared the EXO Obsession black hoodie zip-up with exclusive photo cards. It is sold for $80 at the SM Entertainment official merchandise shop. On the black hoodie, all EXO member’s names are written along the zipper line. There is also the number of EXO members placed at the  upper right part with bright neon hoodie line. Fans that purchased the hoodie have been extremely pleased with their purchase. One of the customers said that the black hoodie is very comfortable and it looks very beautiful.


EXO Hoodie


The EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo hoodie looked very cool and stylish. It’s bright red tempo-meter makes the hoodie look spirited and energized, it clearly represents EXO’s young and energetic image. It is sold in two sizes: S-M and L-XL. The cool-looking hoodie sells for $70 at the SM Global shop. It has a classic pullover silhouette. The hoodie comes  with an adjustable drawstring hood and front pocket. EXO fans are drooling because of wanting to own the hoodie. It looks cool and beautiful at the same time.

EXO Hoodie

The EXO white Obsession hoodie looks extremely comfortable and stylish. It looks bulky and oversized, but comfortable to wear. It has two black flags at the front and the EXO Obsession logo at the back. It also has the phrase “we are one” running down the front and back of each sleeve



The BLACKPINK hoodie pictured above costs $21.93 and was produced in Australia. On the front, there are huge drawings of each member of Blackpink. The art is done in beautiful colors and the likenesses are excellent. It is very stylish to wear for school or going to university or attending classes. However, it looks like it’s a body fit style.



The BLACKPINK Kill This Love hoodie has an oversized silhouette that will fit any size. On the front, The name of the idol group is printed down each sleeve, and “Blackpink Kill This Love” is printed across the chest. It sells for $23.26 and is made in Australia. The cost for shipping ranges from $3-10 USD. The hoodie is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.



BLACKPINK’s black hoodie sells for $37.99 and is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The group’s logo is on the front, above four cartoon drawings representing each member of the group. The art is all done in shades of pink. This black hoodie is cut to have vry loose sleeves and hood. There is also a hand pocket in the front. Too bad that only it comes in one color.


The third hoodie has a simple design. It has a huge graphic of BTS’s new logo on the front, and one of the members’ names and year they were born are printed on the back. The number is done in a beautiful floral pattern that reminds us of the Love Yourself album. This hoodie is produced in versions showing all seven members of BTS, and is very useful to use for sports and for fashion.


BTS Hoodie

The BTS Map of the Soul Persona hoodie comes in three different colors, black, white, and pink. It has a BTS mini logo on the chest, over the name of the album. At the end of each sleeve there are stylized heart drawings. On the back of this style there is a huge BTS writing, BTS logo and the entire BTS member’s name written in smaller letters. At the back end of each sleeve there are more of the stylized hearts.


BTS Hoodie

The BTS Love Yourself hoodie is available in five different colors, black, dark blue, grey, pink, and red. These hoodies already include BTS’s latest logo and are made from a cotton blend. On the front, there is a huge BTS logo done in pink, cream, or blue, depending on the color of the hoodie. On the back, the words Love Yourself and Her are written close to the shoulder. The white hoodie stands out from other colors simply because it fits the color of BTS’s new logo. The gradual pink to cream blue color made the logo super stylish. The hoodie also looks very comfortable for everyday use.


Twice’s unisex black hoodie sells for $35.95. A picture of the group is printed at the front. This hoodie is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The picture of TWICE seems small compared to the size of the hoodie


TWICE Hoodie

TWICE’s pink hoodie looks very comfortable to wear. It has Cheer Up Baby printed on the front of the hoodie, with TWICE ’15 written below it. The hoodie seems comfortable enough to wear when working indoors. The pink hoodie costs $30.99 USD. It has unisex size and is meant to fit both men and women. It’s also double-needle stitched for durability. It has more stitches in the sleeves to make it durable sportswear.


Among other hoodies, this cream pink hoodie stands out for its soothing and relaxing color. It is made with unisex sizing and sells for $35.95 USD. The hoodie seems sturdy and warm enough to wear during cold winter or autumn months. It’s 1-800 theme design looks good against the base of creamy pink color. It is highly recommended as a gift for a girlfriend or loved ones.

Stray Kids


This Stray Kids hoodie is among the best-designed K-Pop hoodies. It has three different colors, cream pink, black, and white. The Stray Kids logo is written at the front, while the members’ names are printed on the back. There are two designs for the back, one is each member’s name, and the other gives one individual member’s name with their birth year. It costs $22.99 USD at most online stores. These hoodies look comfortable enough for indoor wear and sturdy enough for heavy exercise.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Hoodie

SM Global Shop opened pre-orders for the Red Velvet Finale black zip-up hoodie with exclusive photo tag. The black hoodie is available for $80.00. This size is ranged for small, medium, and large. Red Velvet’s R rhinestone logo stands out against the black base color. There is also a random photo tag included with the purchase each hoodie. The R logo looked elegant and luxurious with diamond-like dots that make up the R initial.

Aside from black hoodie, SM Global Shop also offers a Red Velvet Day 1 white zip-up hoodie. This white hoodie also includes an exclusive photo tag with every purchase. The comfortable-looking hoodie is sold at slightly cheaper price point than the black hoodie. It costs $70.00.

One of the most popular hoodies featuring Red Velvet is the style RV member hoodie. It comes in black and has the group’s name on the front in pink and black. It also includes one of the members’ names on the top of the hood. The Red Velvet members are often seen wearing this oversized hoodie when traveling to other countries. It is sold for $38 at K-pop merchandise sites.


The navy blue Seventeen hoodie is also available for purchase. It has the diamond logo on the front, and is the perfect present to for lovers and as matching couples clothing. It sells for $45 and is available in four different styles.

Seventeen Hoodie

The Seventeen Teal Ombre hoodie is available for purchase for Seventeen fans. A teal rose sits on one corner of the group’s logo on the front of the hoodie, contrasting with the grey material used to make it. Other than the classic style hoodie, there is also a lightweight hoodie, a lightweight zip hoodie, and a classic zip hoodie. It sells for $45 USD in online stores. The teal hoodie seems to simple and too light compared to other K-pop idols’ products.

Seventeen’s black hoodie seems very sturdy yet comfortable to wear for light exercise. On the front, Seventeen’s diamond logo is in the center. All the members names are written on the back.


IKON’s black New Kids Begin hoodie is part of iKON’s branded merchandise. It has a large iKON logo at the front and New Kids Begin written on the back. The series comes in three different colors: white, grey, and black.

iKon Hoodie

The Continue Encore collection from iKON is available for purchase for $46.51 USD. It is available in two different colors, dark green and navy blue. There is an adjustable tie for tightening and loosening the hood. The hoodie also seems loose enough for daily use and for relaxing on the weekends. The design is originated from iKON’s Continue encore tour in Seoul. It is 100% cotton and made in Korea.

That was all the information about K-Pop idol groups hoodies. There are a lot of official merchandise from popular idol groups. Hoodies are one of the items that stand out because of their designs. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about K-Pop idol hoodies in the comment section below.