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Let’s Take A Look at Stellar Top 5 Shocking Moments On Stage Before They Disbanded


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Do you know the K-Pop girl group that was known for their famous single, “Marionette?” Yes, the girl group consisting of four members, Minhee, Hyoeun, Soyoung, and Youngheun debuted under The Entertainment Pascal. They were formed into the group named Stellar and stole the attention of the public with their sexy concept.

The girl group itself disbanded on February 25th, 2018, because the members’ contracts had already ended and they had decided not to renew them. In this article, we’re going to check out the most legendary performances of Stellar to remind you of their hard work and stage presence!

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Music Stopped While Performing

Many professional artists have to face some kind of technical problem during their performance on the stage. Beside being a K-Pop girl group that was popular with their sexy concept, Stellar also bore the title ‘professional group,’ given to them by their fans for performing really well regardless of the stage issues, weather conditions, sickness or injury, etc.

When Stellar promoted with their top song, “Marionette,” they gained so much attention from the public as they also gained a huge fandom as well. On May 5th, 2016, Stellar performed “Marionette” at the 2016 SGC SUPER LIVE and unfortunately, there was a technical mistake where the track was cut off during their performance.

At 3:02 from the fan-cam above, the track sounded wrong and it keeps rewinding. The members kept looking at each other and in an urge from laughing as the song suddenly cut off without any signal from the staff at that time. In the middle of the performance, Stellar had to stop dancing and the audience was cheering for them.

Stellar continued their performance without any song played to complete their dance moves. Once again, this performance is one of the legendary ones since Stellar had to show their professionalism live on the stage which was seen by hundreds of audiences who attended the show.

Stellar ended their performance of “Marionette” on stage along with the cheering from the audience and they were smiling from ear to ear since it was very awkward for them to face a sudden technical problems during a live performance. Netizens also left comments on the fan-cam video that shows Stellar’s professional performance by saying,

“Queens of being pros by singing and dancing even after the track cuts.”


“The power behind Hyoeun’s voice when she first sang without the MR O_O she is so talented! Minhee’s voice singing the high part at the end was also very impressive!”

Stellar Gayoung Neck Injury

Working as an idol is not an easy job to do. Being an idol requires that you perform in any condition and act professionally at any time and any place. When someone is sick, they usually skip work and rest at home. This exception doesn’t belong to idols as they have to work under every condition.

Stellar had their schedule at the DMC Festival Asia Music Network Showcase 2016 Day1 and they had to perform despite the member, Gayoung’s health condition. She had to perform on the stage with an injury on the neck.

Although with a frown expression, Stellar’s Gayoung performed as best as she could on the stage and looked professional. With a neck cast that supported her injury, Stellar’s Gayoung’s dance moves looked a little bit stiff but she could handle herself very well throughout the performance.

Beside that, Stellar performed another song after “Marionette” during the DMC Festival Asia Music Network Showcase 2016 that was held on October 8th, 2016. The song itself, “Cry,” was performed with a different costume than before and all of the members looked very beautiful with brown-white outfits on the stage.

Although Stellar’s Gayoung performed with a neck injury, she still looked flawless and gorgeous when she went on the stage with the other members as well.

The netizens who saw Stellar’s amazing performance at the DMC Festival Asia Music Network Showcase 2016 commented, “Props to Gayoung and Stellar! They are very professional and always continue their performances no matter what! Remember when their music got cut off and they did the rest of the song acapella? Iconic.”

“So far, Stellar have performed in the rain (several times and flawlessly) sick, acapella, incomplete and now injured, when will SK stop to sleep on them?😡😤”

“Can we all appreciate our leader Gayoung’s dedication to being able to perform when she’s hurt? Also, Minhee who is sick. I am proud to be a twinkle 💓 shskzzhsjsbbsj”

“What sort of company is this. Her neck has a cast and she is still forced to perform?? You know it’s a major injury when you have to wear a cast and especially for the neck!!!😠”

Performing At The Headliner Pool Party

On September 8th, 2015, Mnet released a survival show with a theme of DJ that can represent Korea and find out the best one among the 11 DJ teams who participated in this show. Although this show didn’t receive a high rating internationally, some of the participants have become very well-known after joining this show, such as DJ Shaun (of The KOXX), DJ Rtee, and ZE:After (ZE:A’s ex-member, Moon Junyoung).

During the 4th episode of Mnet’s Headliner that was aired on September 29th, 2015, DJ SHAUN who’s become popular with his songs, such as “Way Back Home,” “Lunisolar,” and “Traveler” participated in this show and he collaborated with DJ KINGMCK.

Through this show, DJ SHAUN made the remix version of Stellar’s top song, “Marionette.” He also brought the original artist, Stellar, to perform together with him on Mnet’s Headliner on stage that was located in the middle of a swimming pool.

Stellar members looked very sexy and cute while wearing costumes that were mixed well with a theme of shock wave party. They also performed barefoot on stage to prevent falling off the slippery floor because they had to perform in a wet arena.

Stellar Minhee & Hyoeun Performing Girls Day Expectation

Beside creating rivals among the various groups, K-Pop actually is a huge inspiration and has brought legendary performances that have taken the group to another level and they have received attention by reaching the top with their song or comeback.

In 2013, the K-Pop girl group named Girl’s Day reached their top popularity by making their comeback with “Expectation” that brought a sexy concept they had never tried before. Eventually, this comeback became one of the most popular ones in their history and gained attention from the public, especially from their fans.

On August 21st, 2015, Stellar was very active attending many television shows and they even performed Girl’s Day’s legendary song, “Expectation,” but only with 2 members, Hyoeun and Minhee.

Known as a girl group famous for their sexy concept, Stellar’s Minhee and Hyoeun were dressed in Girl’s Day’s “Expectation’ costumes and they did their best to perform just like the original artist on the stage and surprised the audience with their amazing performance as well.

Legendary Performance Under The Rain

K-Pop idols have to perform in any situation and under any condition, whether the stage is located indoor or outdoor, they take the risk to perform as best that they can do. The weather is quite often the number one trouble-maker when it comes to outdoor performances.

There are so many K-Pop idol groups that have had to perform under the rain and the show must go on. Although it was very risky for them to slip on the floor and bump at each other, the idols still had to finish their performance that day.

In this case, Stellar also had a spectacular performance that they have to do under the rain. As we know from before, the weather was very risky for the idols to perform and the stage was very slippery, but Stellar did their best by performing two songs, “Marionette” and “Guilty.

The show that was held on January 6th, 2014, in a session “Let’s Team” on visiting train K-Force Special Show in Joint Forces Military University received huge attention from the citizens during their military services.

The MC was introducing Stellar before they performed and the crowd was already enthusiastic for their performance on stage. During their performance of “Guilty,” the rain still hadn’t come out, however, all of a sudden it started pouring in the middle of their performance.

After Stellar introduced themselves on the stage, the MC came up and greeted the audience by having a short interview session with Stellar. The male MC said, “In fact, today, we’re with the soldiers of Joint Forces Military University. But the rainfall doesn’t make any difference for this crowd to give them the chant. That’s why Stellar members love it right now.”

The female MC stated that Stellar members look sexier in the rain, “I think the weather is helping us right now,” she commented. “Okay then, we have a session with these Stellar members that soldiers have fallen in love with.” The male MC continued and they began to learn Stellar’s choreography session with the soldier that had been chosen.

Stellar members taught the soldier how to do the dance moves of “Guilty” but they didn’t do it very well because he didn’t have dancing skills. They were divided into 2 teams while having the dance session and the stage was really slippery at that time because the rain was falling so hard.

After the interaction between Stellar and the soldiers who went to the stage, Stellar continued their performance with “Marionette” as the rain was pouring really hard this time. The members were dancing to the song with passion and they were very careful to not make any mistake during this performance.

Well, what do you think about Stellar’s legendary performances above? We can approve that Stellar was such an amazing girl group and they worked really hard to get the title ‘professional girl group’ as well. Although Stellar has disbanded, let’s keep supporting their individual activities for now and hope for the best for their careers!