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Find Out More About EXO Lay Birthday Celebration Through Time!


Want to Know About The Handsome Lay EXO Birthday Party?

Lay, the former member of the popular South Korean boy-band, EXO, has the real name Zhang Yixing. Since beginning his solo career and activities in 2015, Lay hit the 20th spot on the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity 100 List, with estimated earnings of 120 million yuan. He built a personal agency for his solo activities, serving as an exclusive management and record label. Over the years, Lay has been celebrated his birthday party incredibly. Let’s read about his celebrations on this Byeol Korea. Stay tuned!

Birthday Party in 2014

October 7th is Lay’s birthday, his special day. An official invitation was sent to fans a month before the opening EXO’s fan club, though only 200 fans could attend the ceremony.

Those lucky fans were contacted and met in a secret location that was sent to them for a few hours worth of joy. Fans were waiting and standing around, expecting to come inside, and they wrote birthday wishes for Lay on sticky notes.

Lay played a few songs on the piano, and then it was time for cake! The other members of EXO came out with a cart in tow, gave Lay a crown, and sprayed glitter everywhere. The video below shows Lay thanking his guests for coming, and giving away special t-shirts with the title of the event, “Forever With You”.

Here’s some clips to see how was going in Lay birthday on 2014,


Birthday Party in 2015

On October 7th, 2015, Lay and his fans celebrated his 24th birthday in Shanghai, by throwing a birthday party or mini concert and fan meeting. The tickets cost between $90-$160 USD. In fact, the money collected from the tickets wasn’t even enough to cover the venue, so Lay covered the rest of the cost from his own pocket. Surprisingly, all the fans attending the party received a T-shirt that he designed by himself.

The venue was enormous and packed with people. One thing that happened was so heartwarming. Before the concert, Lay hid ten roses under random seats and the lucky guests who had those seats received a gift, a flash disk containing three songs of his own in addition the ones he performed in the show. So, lucky fans who got them!

Birthday Party in 2016


In October 2016, Lay’s solo career as a  singer started when he released “What U Need?” as a surprise gift for his fans on his birthday. The song hit the number four spot on the China V Chart and Billboards World Digital Songs. What a huge achievement!

On Lay’s birthday in 2016, his fans were put their birthday wishes on billboards in Times Square in New York City. They must have been Lay’s core fans, to so willingly spend money for supporting Lay. Look at those huge ads!

SM Entertainment also invited 200 EXO-L to join EXO-M Lay’s special birthday party celebration. The location was in Song-pa GU, Seoul, but the exact building/address would be messaged only to those who were lucky enough to receive an invitation. SM Entertainment also emphasized that if someone was invited, they MUST be able to attend the event. They put extra emphasis on this for EXO-L who live outside of South Korea.

Here is some of the rules for attending Lay’s birthday party:

If you were chosen to attend the event and you did not show up, you would be banned from applying/attending any future EXO-L events. It’s harsh, but it made sure that Lay would not be celebrating his birthday in an empty room.

If you were one of the lucky ones chosen to be a guest at the party, you had to be bring your ID to prove that you are indeed the same person who applied. You could also use your EXO-L membership card for verification.

When the event started, those who were first in line would be able to get the best seats (as there are no assigned seating arrangements), so if you wanted to sit front and center, you had to be sure to get there super early. Because there are no assigned seats, things were expected to be chaotic, so SM stated that fans must cooperate with the staff and guards on the scene. Fans had to follow their directions or be booted from the event.

Fans were not allowed to bring in any banners to event.

Neither were fans allowed to bring any electronic devices, such as cameras, video recorders, voice recorders, or phones into the event, as well. If you were caught using these devices, you would be removed from the venue.

Those were some of the regulations that happened at the birthday party SM held for Lay, which were meant to make the event comfortable and safe both for Lay and for the guests.

Birthday Party in 2017

Lay was born on October 7, 1991, which made him 26-years-old that year.  In celebration of the special day, fans were sending out much love and support via Twitter, with lovely messages and the hashtag #HAPPYLAYDAY.  The hashtag ended up trending worldwide.

Some of the tweets were:

Birthday Party in 2018

In 2018, Lay became 27 years old. that year he  released the music video for Give Me A Chance! on his birthday. Lay was saying thank you for the support and giving a reminder that there would be 12 days until #NAMANANA.  Here is his tweet below!

Not only that, fans were also celebrating Lay’s birthday, by naming it 018 YIXING BIRTHDAY PROJECT #1. Below, the announcement of their celebration only along with fans in Shanghai.

Hi!This is MrDimple_KL Yixing’s birthday is around the corner! We are planing to celebrate it in Shanghai!.At WHEAT&BAKER, there are a limited amount of fans and cup holders for free! We are welcoming all Yixing fans to celebrate together!

Birthday Party in 2019

On October 7th,2019, hundreds of thousands of fans both in China and abroad sent their birthday wishes to Lay.

For the record, his birthday wishes hit 3.82 billion views on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo, through the hashtag #HoneyLayDay.

Below are some of the birthday wishes Lay received:

I want to send my best wishes to my idol! I know that you have experienced a lot. Every opportunity you get is inseparable from your efforts. For example, you established an art scholarship at your alma mater so that more students can pursue their art dreams,” Han Rui, one of Zhang’s fans and a 20-year old college student in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, told the Global Times on Monday.

“Happy birthday to our multi-talented and passionate Zhang. May you celebrate this day knowing that EXO-Ls are with you every step of the way, always and forever,” posted by EXO Philippines Twitter account.

Some wishes also expressed a hope that Lay could join EXO again. Since his solo career, he never contributes in EXO promotions anywhere.

Recently, Lay joined in a discussion on the topic “I am a member of the Chinese national flag color guard” with other Chinese stars, regarding an incident where protesters in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region threw the Chinese national flag at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier into the sea on August 3. He earned praise from fans for his brave action and statement.

That’s all about birthday parties for Lay EXO throughout the years. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!