SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister, Sofia Full Name, Age, Instagram, and More

SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister Sofia

Who Is Vernon Little Sister?

Since Vernon is one of SEVENTEEN’s foreign members, many people are curious about his personal life such as his descent, his family, and even his siblings. Not to mention the fact that Vernon has talked about his siblings quite often in public.

For those of you who haven’t known yet, yes, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon has a little sister who he loves very much. Get to know everything about SEVENTEEN Vernon’s little sister through the article below by Byeol Korea!

Meet SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister Sofia Chwe

SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister Sofia

Many Carat (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name) has recognized SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s very well. Yes, Vernon has a little sister named Sofia Chwe! Just like her older brother, Sofia is of Korean-American descent, and she was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 26, 2004. Her birth name is Sofia Elizabeth Schumo Chwe with her Korean name is Chwe Hang-yeol (최한결).

It also reported that Sofia initially studied in South Korea since she was born there until she grew up, but later on she went to a boarding school in Pennysylvania to continue her study. Sofia Chwe’s identity started to be revealed little by little, especially when SEVENTEEN members including Vernon talked about their family members.

Sofia herself is also quite active on social media which makes SEVENTEEN members can get to know more about her profile, her activities, and even her interaction with Vernon.

Relationship Between Vernon and His Sister

SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister Sofia

Ever since SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Sofia Chwe were young, they are very close and have had a strong relationship. It is also proven through a bunch of their pictures together during their childhood, even after they have grown up now and Vernon’s fame as a K-Pop idol.

Moreover, Vernon has always shown off his affection and caring side as a brother to her beloved sister. Fun fact, Vernon also has a temporary tattoo that has written her sister’s name on his arm! During one of the SEVENTEEN’s interview sessions, Vernon was also being asked about who SEVENTEEN members that he would introduce to her sister very often.

As often as answering the question, Vernon’s answer is always the same: none of the SEVENTEEN members will he introduce to her sister! Well, just like the common brother, Vernon is very protective and caring toward her sister, right?

On the other hand, Sofia is also being asked how it feels to have a brother like SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. Hilariously, she said, “Yes, I feel lucky to be his sister. But, he is luckier to have a sister like me.” In their opinion toward each other, we can tell that both Vernon and Sofia are very close and have such a warm relationship, don’t you guys also think so?

Not only toward Vernon, but Sofia Chwe also explain that she loves all of the SEVENTEEN members equally. She once explained, “Someone was like, ‘Sofia, do you like DK [from SEVENTEEN]? And I was like, ‘Yes, of course. I like DK’ but it is because I like all of them the same way!”.

SEVENTEEN Vernon Sister Instagram and YouTube

It is quite hard to get to know personal information regarding K-Pop stars or K-Pop idols’ family members, but in this case, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s sister is different. She has opened up an Instagram account, @sofiaschwe, and her official YouTube channel, 최한결Sofia Chwe!

From her Instagram account, you can see a bunch of her pictures with her friends, her family, and of course with SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. Meanwhile, you can also see more of her daily activities completely through her YouTube channel since Sofia has uploaded various content.

Started with daily vlogs, makeup tutorials, song covers, and many more. She also made lots of attention and supports from people, as you can tell, her subscribers are over 200k!

Fans Reaction about SEVENTEEN Vernon and His Sister Relationship

Since SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and his sister are quite open when it comes to their relationship as siblings, many fans have paid attention to them since then and now. Not to mention how they always support each other on many occasions despite their personal matters and the distance. Here is what they say about SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and his sister’s relationship:

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