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WOW Joo Won-dae Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.

WOW Joo Won-dae
WOW Joo Won-dae

Everything You Need To Know About WOW Guitarist Full Profile Joo Won-dae!

Do you know about South Korean bands, WOW? If you still don’t know about them, WOW (hangul: 와우) is a K-Pop band that debuted under A.CONIC on March 8, 2021. WOW or also known as Wizard of the World and has 7 original members line-up with Jeon Sejin, Joo Wondae, Yoon Daro, Lee Pando, Kwon Taeeun, Choi Yonghun, and Yooseong. WOW released their debut single titled “Miss You”.

In this article, there’s detailed information about WOW’s Joo Won-dae. Do you know about him? If you still don’t know him, don’t worry! Byeol Korea has provided a lot of information about WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s starting from his full profile, fun facts, and many more. Make sure you don’t skip any session in this article below!

WOW Joo Won-dae Full Profile

WOW Joo Won-dae

Real Name : Joo Won-dae (hangul: 주원대)

Stage Name : Wondae (hangul: 원대)

Birth : October 22, 1991

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 186 cm (6’1″)

Weight : 66 kg (146 lbs)

Blood Type : B

Position of the group : Lead Vocalist, Guitarist

Nationality : Korean

Official Site : Instagram ( joowondae )

WOW Joo Won-dae Fun Facts

  1. WOW’s Joo Won-dae has an older sister
  2. WOW’s Joo Won-dae can speak English fluently
  3. WOW’s Joo Won-daeis also part of another pre-debut group called FACT, but the group’s debut is uncertain
  4. WOW’s Joo Won-dae is currently a model under Stallion Entertainment
  5. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s role model is the actor Sung Hoon
  6. WOW’s Joo Won-dae works as a model, DJ and designer
  7. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s favorite food is chicken
  8. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s MBTI type is ENFP-T
  9. WOW’s Joo Won-dae is the translator for the group
  10. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s charm is the only member who can speak English
  11. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s top size is 100-105
  12. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s pants size is 29-30
  13. WOW’s Joo Won-dae can speak English and a little bit of Chinese
  14. WOW’s Joo Won-daelikes the dark
  15. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s favorite music genre is techno
  16. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s  least favorite thing is bugs
  17. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s unresting eyes are his charm
  18. WOW’s Joo Won-dae describes his personality as hilarious
  19. WOW’s Joo Won-dae is more creative after midnight
  20. WOW’s Joo Won-dae likes easiness during the day and getting stylish in the evening
  21. WOW’s Joo Won-dae prefers night over the day
  22. WOW’s Joo Won-dae’s favorite type of coffee is Iced Americano
  23. WOW’s Joo Won-dae doesn’t sleep with socks on
  24. WOW’s Joo Won-dae appeared in “Sad fantasy” by nautilus, “Dead Clock” and “Day of marriage” by Hwang In-sun’s music videos
  25. WOW’s Joo Won-dae is the only member in the group who can speak English
  26. WOW’s Joo Won-dae did a photoshoot for a magazine with his group in March 2022

Well, that was all for the information WOWs Joo Won-dae and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Byeol Korea!