All You Need to Know About Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Transformation (Pre-Debut Until Now)


Yeri’s Looks More Mature after Her Debut Year (2016-2019)

Yeri at a fan meeting in Incheon, March 2016. Source:
Yeri at ‘2016 Dream Concert’ in June, 2016. Source:
The photo teaser of Yeri for Russian Roulette in September, 2016. Source:
Yeri at ‘Seoul Music Awards 2017’ on January 19, 2017. Source:
Yeri at ‘Dream Concert 2017’ on June 3, 2017. Source:
Yeri at ‘Friendship Super Show Red Velvet’ on October 14, 2017. Source:
Yeri’s 2018 Season’s Greetings
Yeri for Ceci Korea April 2018
Yeri at ‘Korean Pop Culture Awards 2018’. Source:
Yeri at the airport when she had a trip to Hawaii in March 2019

Yeri’s Looks Sexier and More Mature after Years

Red Velvet’s youngest member, Yeri, famous for her cute and adorable image as a visual of Red Velvet. But, fans were shocked when knowing that Yeri was turning into a whole new dangerously seductive look for Peek A Boo.

She got her hair cut for a more mature look that successfully changed the whole look of her. The red suit itself fit perfectly to her sexy look.

Latest News About Yeri Red Velvet

As Red Velvet’s maknae, Yeri hasn’t had a lot of opportunities for going solo until recently. on March 14, 2019, SM Entertainment released Yeri’s first self-composed, self-written solo single titled Dear Diary, after previously revealed the “sneak-peek” of her self-composed song during JTBC4’s ‘Secret Unnie’.

Dear Diary is relatively simple, which puts focus on Yeri’s voice. Free from the shadows of bombastic and cheerful music of Red Velvet, it’s a pleasure to focus on Yeri’s sweet tone. The warm harmonies fit perfectly with the calming, “throwback” instrumental.

Let’s check the MV below!

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