All About African-Korean Model Han Hyun-min (Profile, Facts, Interview, and Family)

Find Out More About The Humble Korean Fashion Model Han Hyun Min

Han Hyun-min stands out among other young Korean models. His appearance, dark skin, and curly hair might earn him vicious stares from older Koreans and discriminate him from receiving modeling opportunities. However, recently, he stands out for a good reason. He captures the attention of variety show audiences with his funny character and humble persona.

Growing up as someone that was different from other kids of his age, he suffered from mocking and scorn by young and adult Koreans. His mother was always supportive and encouraged him to face the hardships. He found comfort growing up in Itaewon, an area in Seoul packed with foreigners and bi-racial children.

Han Hyun-min was recruited as a fashion model at the early age of sixteen. He finally found his escape and excelled as a fashion model. By becoming a model, he gained confidence and enjoyed being the center of attention. As a dark skin model, he was discriminated against for his appearance but he struggled and made a way for himself to succeed in modeling. Nowadays, he appears in many variety shows and proudly shows his unique look. He aims to be a humble role model for other multicultural kids in Korea. In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about Han Hyun-min. So stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Full Profile of Han Hyun-min
  • Name: Han Hyun-Min
  • Date of Birth: May 19th, 2001
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Management: SF Entertainment
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Snake
  • Instagram: h_h_m0519

Facts About Han Hyun-min

  • His hobbies are playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and games
  • He prefers Korean black-bean-sauce noodles compared to seafood noodles
  • Han Hyun-min and his family live in Itaewon
  • He is a fan of the Korean baseball team Hanhwa Eagles
  • His professional model name is simply “Han”
  • His mother came from Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province
  • His father came to seek asylum in Korea
  • He was included in Time’s 30 Most Important Teens of 2017

Career of Han Hyun-min

Han Hyun-min debuted at the 2016 Seoul Fashion Week, modeling Heich Es Heich in a green suit and deep purplish-red haircut. His appearance stood out from other models.

During his middle school days, he visited the PC Room frequently and became friends with one of the employees. His friend said that his uncle who runs a clothing shop was looking for a model. His friend showed Han Hyun-min’s picture to his uncle. His uncle asked for Han Hyun’s min contact number and they took pictures of Han Hyun-min wearing his clothes. A modeling agency found out his pictures on Instagram and contacted him. They met in a coffee shop in Itaewon and he was cast for a model on the spot. The modeling agency sought him as soon as they saw his walk.

Regarding his casting process and early career as a fashion model, Han Hyun-min recalled that he taught himself by watching YouTube videos on how to stride like a fashion model. He felt privileged because other models went through hardships and rigorous training while he earned a contract from a sudden casting.

In his early career as a fashion model, people assumed him as a foreign model. Another foreign model tried to speak to him in English but he barely speaks English at all. Several fashion brands and designers refused to sign him because of his skin color. He was determined to succeed and discrimination couldn’t break his heart.

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