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Information And Facts About SIX BOMB Scandals & Controversies!

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All About SIXBOMB Scandals & Controversies

Behind the sparkling and great success of the South Korean pop music industry or commonly referred to as K-Pop, in fact, there are a lot of controversial stories. One of them is about fashion or stage costumes worn by South Korean idol groups. Some are considered strange, to the point that they are too sexy to be seen as inappropriate for public display.

  • Costumes

South Korean girl group Six Bomb members often wear super-tight stage costumes so many people call them the sausage girl group. Because their clothes were deemed inappropriate, they were banned from appearing on a music program. In one of their appearances in a music video, they wore a very tight pink jumpsuit that made a vulgar impression. They looked like they were not wearing any clothes, every curve of their body was clearly visible.

Behind the controversy that has now ensnared them, Six Bomb was very proud of their sexy appearance. When interviewed by South Korean media, Six Bomb felt no shame, they were even proud of their unique style.

“The CEO at our agency looked at foreign sites for this appearance. It was very difficult to find clothes with pink latex like this. Our clothes are not cheap, the price is quite expensive because we ordered directly from America,” said one member of Six Bomb. “These clothes are made of latex. So, we like wearing gloves all over the body. We are not angry with this girl group called sausages. We are proud because this is our chance to be better known. This is pink, so we think it’s beautiful. But people mention sexual,” added another Six Bomb member.

The Six Bomb statement made Internet users want to make comments through fan forums. They say that the sausage girl group is shameless. “You may not be ashamed. But we who watched you were even more ashamed,” wrote one netizen.

  • Music Video Comeback
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This time they made a comeback to the world of entertainment through the music video “Hiccup Hiccup.” The thing that is horrendous is the concept carried by the four-member girl group. This is because the concept that they went for was inspired by Japanese porn films. Not only the video concept, but even the lyrics also contain elements of sexuality. The video seemed to depict sexual and homosexual relations. Therefore KBS did not give permission for the broadcast of the song “Hiccup Hiccup.” KBS thought the lyrics are too suggestive.

The video in the song starts with a warning label for adult content. Followed by a scene introducing each member made similar to the cover of Japanese magazines.

Then the clip shows a man who interacts with a Six Bomb member. In order to look even more synonymous with the concept carried, the faces of the men are made vague or censored. In this comeback, Six Bomb only performed with three members, because Gabin was still undergoing treatment due to an injury to her leg. That is why their appearance is considered by society as a group of cheap women. These scathing comments accompanied the Six Bomb music career.

Like when their appearance in one of the video clips titled “Getting Pretty: After” with super tight pink clothing. When many scorns came the four members proudly gave the name “pink sausage” to the clothes.

Before the song was released on the market, Six Bomb had received scorn. That is due to the outspoken recognition of plastic surgery that they carried out and spent as much as $90 000 USD.

  • Showing off their plastic surgery results
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Plastic surgery is common in South Korea, where citizens are obsessed with physical perfection. That said, reconstructive surgery is the ‘secret’ behind the charming appearance of women, also men in South Korea. Seoul is arguably the capital of plastic surgery in the world, with more than 4,000 clinics spread across the region. As many as 1.2 million procedures are performed annually.

Despite being a common practice, many people choose not to admit that their attractive face or body is the result of plastic surgery. However, a girl group from South Korea, Six Bomb actually openly reveals the fact that their appearance is the result of cosmetic enhancement. They showed off dramatic changes in their appearance through a music video.

Four Six Bomb members underwent a number of plastic surgery procedures, from breast implants to making thin faces with erosion and even cheekbones replacement. Their consultation with a plastic surgeon was recorded in a music video titled “Becoming Pretty (Before)” which was released in February 2017. Meanwhile, their dramatic change in appearance was released a month later in March 2017 with the title “Becoming Pretty (After).”

The main vocalist, Da In whose breasts were enlarged and her cheeks tilted to make her face smaller said that they all wanted to do plastic surgery to look beautiful. “We thought, why not make a song about it instead of hiding it,” she said. “People will eventually know… so we want to be open to the reality that many women want to look beautiful.”

A leading clinic in Seoul confirmed, Six Bomb members underwent extensive surgery, from the waist down. Soa, one girl group member claimed to have to think long before turning her eyes wide and round. Because, actually she already liked the natural shape of her eyes.

What Six Bomb has done has drawn criticism in South Korea and internationally.

“I understand you are looking for publicity… but should you go that far?” said a netizen. Other internet users accused the girl group of having done strange things. However, the manager, Kim Il-Woong said, “We have not committed any crime. All we have done is open up about it and admit it,” he said, adding that many South Korean artists had plastic surgery but covered it up.

On the other hand, a media monitoring activist from WomenLink, Jung Seul-Ah said what that K-Pop girl group did represent the ‘plastic surgery culture’ that is prevalent in South Korea, which ranks lower on the issue of gender equality according to the OECD.

“Appearance often plays a key role in the ‘social survival’ of South Korean women. It is even related to job prospects. Such a culture has made plastic surgery an important thing for many women who are not considered pretty enough,” Jung Seul-Ah said. “Also an absolute necessity for female celebrities whose appearance is worshiped, consumed and capitalized unceasingly.”

Latest News of Six Bomb

They last appeared on stage in January 2019. They performed on the Mnet show M! Countdown stage with the song “Your Village.”

Let’s look at their performance when they performed the song “Your Village” on M! Countdown below!

That was all the information about SIX Bomb. We shared information about the group’s full profile, filmography, and their most recent news. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!