Complete Information About Veteran Singer Lee So-ra (Profile, Facts, Collaboration, and Married Life)


Meet Lee So-ra, A Senior South Korean Singer

Lee So-ra is a South Korean ballad singer who made her debut in 1993, and released her first solo album in 1995 titled Lee So-ra Vol.1. Lee So-ra has also won multiple awards at Korean Music Award Shows, and her sixth album titled Nunsseopdal is one of the 100 greatest Korean albums. Let’s read about Lee So-ra in this Byeol Korea article below! Stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts of Lee So-ra
  • Lee Soo-ra was born in South Korea, on December 29th, 1969.
  • Lee Soo-ra also hosted the music talk show, Lee Sora’s Proposal on KBS from 1996 until 2002.
  • She made her performing debut as a member of the jazz band Strange People in 1993.
  • She was born and raised in South Korea.
  • She has been known as a prominent singer from South Korea alongside Youngjae and Park Jin-young.
  • She has a long-running career starting in 1995 and she soared to the top of the music charts with the single “I’m Happy” (direct translation) through the KBS music program as Top 10 Songs.
  • She has released a total of eight studio albums over the past two decades.
  • Her sixth album, Eyebrow Moon (direct translation), led to the singer being named female solo artist of the year at the 2004 Korean Music Awards.
  • She is a low profile person even though she has a great deal of success both commercially and artistically.
  • Lee is a well-known and self-confessed heavy “World of Warcraft” player.
  • She admitted on You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook that she enjoys playing video games and does not have the interest to go outside.
  • On the “World of Warcraft” scoreboard, she had around 8,900 achievement points at that time, she clarified on TV that her score is closer to 6,500.

Lee So-ra’s Debut with STRANGER PEOPLE

She made her debut in 1993 as a member of the jazz group Strange People, and she released her first solo album titled I Am Happy in 1995, followed by several more hit songs such as “Proposal” and “The Wind Blows.”

Lee So-ra Collaboration with EPIK HIGH’s Tablo and BTS’ Suga

Lee So-ra is confirmed doing a collaboration with Suga from BTS. It was reported that the two will be collaborating on a song titled “Song Request” written by rapper-songwriter Tablo of Epik High, a hip-hop track to be released in the summer of 2017.

Lee So-ra is the first artist featuring a BTS member. Suga is also confirmed of writing the lyrics on the rap part of the song. Furthermore, the single that Lee works with Tablo of Epik High is the first time in eight years after she was featured in his solo track “Home” from his album Fever’s End in 2011.


Suga from BTS also has said that he was inspired by Epik High from the song “Fly” to become a rapper. On the other hand, Tablo wrote that he was “honored to write a song” for Lee on his Twitter.

An MC of KBS’ Lee Sora’s Proposal

KBS’ Lee Sora’s Proposal was the music program hosted by singer Lee Sora. This music program loved for 6 years since October 1996 formed a huge fanbase. Lee Sora’s Proposal was broadcast on KBS World which is a 24-hour family entertainment channel provided by KBS, the flagship.

Shaving Her Hair and Hiatus

Lee So-ra shocked everybody when she decided to completely shave her head during an episode of KBS JOY’s Lee Sora’s Second Proposal, her own show. A blogger who attended the recording session commented, “Shocking! Lee Sora shaved all her hair off!” and uploaded a photo with the post. “Most people probably wouldn’t be able to pull off this look. But I’m almost sorry to say that it actually looks good on her! It’s cute.” In the photo, the singer is seen wearing a leopard print top; of course, the most shocking aspect about the image is Lee Sora’s lack of hair.

Some netizens commented, “I wonder why she changed her hairstyle so suddenly. Is there something going on?” and “Did she decide to make a radical change or is she sick…?”

After a six-year hiatus from the Korean music scene, singer Lee So-ra said she will return on April 8th with her eighth album 8. Lee So-ra, the 44-year-old singer opened several accounts on social media sites and uploaded a handwritten note featuring the album’s release date and drawings of a star and a moon. Some sources reported that she will upload the lyrics and a few of her new songs on her social media accounts.

According to multiple music insiders, Lee So-ra has invested 300 million won (about $281,000) in the making of the album in order to increase the quality. She has reportedly visited England last year and New York this year to mix and master her recent tracks with renowned music engineers. Her latest eight-track album will be available both online and in stores.

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