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Complete Information Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji’s Relationship and Dating Rumor!

Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji Byeol Korea

Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji’s Sweet Interaction Before and After the Drama Reply 1997

Have you watched the drama that was aired on tvN in 2012 titled Reply 1997? The drama that was starring A-Pink’s Jung Eun-ji and actor Seo In-guk has drawn the attention of many of their fans and at the time, drew a lot of viewers.

Reply 1997 was also a drama with a high rating and has won many awards. The lead roles in this drama, Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji had great chemistry although Jung Eun-ji actually made her acting debut with her appearance in this drama.

Want to know more about Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji’s interaction and moments during the Reply 1997 and also their updates after the drama ended? Let’s not wait any longer and find out in this article below!

Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji’s Romantic Moments in Reply 1997

The drama starring Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji titled Reply 1997 (응답하라 1997) is a romance, comedy and teen drama that was created by Shin Won-ho and Rhee Myung-han, written by Lee Woo-jung, Lee Sun-hye and Kim Ran-joo, it was aired on tvN starting from July to September 2012 for a total of 16 episodes. Reply 1997 is also starring many actors and actresses such as Hoya, Shin So-yul, Jung Eun-ji-won, Lee Si-eon, Tony Ahn, and many more.

In this drama, Jung Eun-ji played the role of Sung Shi-won who is a fangirl of the popular boy group at that time, H.O.T. Although she was the last place in her class among her friends but she’s really devoted to marrying Tony Ahn, one of the members of H.O.T. Basically, Reply 1997 is a story of Sung Shi-won and the background story about her journey in 1997 as a student in a high school in Busan who was surrounded with 6 friends and came to the present time in 2012 where she’s already 33 years old.

Seo In-guk played the role of Yoon Yoon-jae, who is Sung Shi-won’s childhood friend. Because his parents had died, he was very close to Sung Shi-won’s parents who were also his parents’ friends. He has an older brother named Yoon Tae-woong (played by actor Song Jong-ho) who has proposed to his sister Sung Shi-won. Yoon Yoon-jae learned that his brother also liked Sung Shi-won, so he couldn’t express his feelings to Sung Shi-won directly.

Episode 16 of the drama Reply 1997 won first place in the cable tv rating, receiving an average of 7.55% (according to TNms Research), the highest rating ever achieved by a drama on cable tv and topping at 9.08%. This drama, which initially only aired on tvN, was later aired on OCN, Mnet, O′live, and OnStyle for the last few episodes, due to the high popularity achieved.

Along with the final episode of Reply 1997, Seo In-guk, Jung Eun-ji, Hoya, Yoon Yoon-jae, and Yoon Seung-ho became the most searched words in online search engines.

Although viewers worried that Yoon Yoon-jae (Seo In-gook) and Sung Shi-won (Jung Eun-ji) will not get married, they became relieved when it was revealed that Yoon Yoon-jae is Sung Shi-won’s husband. It becomes interesting when it is known that Sung Shi-won is pregnant with her second child, and not the first.

Their Off-screen Moments

A drama that has become a phenomenon makes the public curious that there is an interesting story behind it. The producer of Reply 1997 now shares stories about the casting process. It turned out that quite a lot of famous actors refused to star in Reply 1997.

Reply 1997 is the first series of the Reply series which were all popular during their air time. It turned out, working on the first series was not easy, especially in attracting the names of top actors to become the main character. As it’s known, finally Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji soared their name as a couple in Reply 1997.

Shin Won-ho as the producer revealed that it was very difficult to attract famous actors to portray Yoon Yoon-jae and Sung Shi-won for the drama Reply 1997. Unfortunately, he was reluctant to mention who the actors who refused were. “It was really difficult at that time to find the main actor,” he said in an interview.

“All class A actors rejected the drama,” Shin Won-ho continued. “They all said the drama will fail and we continued to experience rejection for the sake of rejection. Finally, we cast Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji for the two main characters. They were casting very well. To be honest, I have no intention of auditioning them because I still hoped that famous actors will play. But they were good and left a strong impression.”

“Initially, I wanted Lee Min Ki to be the main character of Reply 1997. He’s from Busan and he never really showed himself to romantic things, so I thought that would be good. There was a time when the name was written with the name Min Ki, not Yoon Jae’s character,” Shin Won-ho said.

Because Reply 1997 was the first drama, Shin Won-ho revealed that he also experienced difficulties when casting players. He had offered the script to top actors, but he was only made to wait. Then he remembered Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji, who auditioned for supporting roles.

Seo In-guk told viewers the process behind her famous kiss scene with Jung Eun-ji in the popular drama Reply 1997. He explained the scene in the latest episode of tvN’s Taxi, “When we had to kiss for the first time in front of the camera, the kiss was fake, I kissed next to her lips, but the director told me to do it for real.”

“Another time, while filming the next kiss scene, the director told me, ‘Seo In-guk, you’re so dirty.’ He explained that because my upper lip was a little more advanced, they always seemed ready to kiss.” PD Shin Won-ho said, “I’m sure that I’m shooting a love scene, but it sounds more like a scene of lust when I listen to the audio.”

After the kissing scene, ‘Seo In-guk Jung Eun-ji’s Tongue’ became a trending topic on the portal site. “That’s really frustrating. We don’t use tongues,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun-ji chose Yoon Yoon-jae from Reply 1997 as her ideal type. Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk recently participated in a photoshoot for Star1 magazine and Jung Eun-ji had a brief interview. When asked about her ideal type, Jung Eun-ji replied, “Yoon Yoon-jae is my ideal type. I don’t think there is anyone in this world who loves someone and treats him as noble and with a very sincere intention as he does. I think Yoon Yoon-jae got better because of Sung Shi-won.”

In the drama, the two are childhood friends, later become lovers, and eventually, marry each other. Jung Eun-ji said, “I think, our childhood friends can definitely be lovers. I am very envious of the people who experienced it. I’m jealous of Sung Si Won. Childhood friends can develop into loved ones, and I think that is an ideal scenario.”

In the drama, she has a kiss scene with Seo In-guk on a flight of stairs. Because of that scene, Jung Eun-ji was scolded by her father. According to Jung Eun-ji, the people closest to her were surprised by Jung Eun-ji’s role in the drama. Jung Eun-ji, who used to look cute and was only 20 years old, suddenly played the role of 33-year-old Sung Shi-won.

“Initially, people around me were surprised by the role I received. I am a member of a girl group and only 20 years old who plays a 33-year-old adult character. Simply put, everyone was surprised, especially during the kissing scene with Seo In-guk,” Jung Eun-ji said.

After the kiss scene aired, Jung Eun-ji was immediately scolded by the agency’s CEO by phone. Not only that, Jung Eun-ji’s father who lived outside Korea also called and was angry because Jung Eun-ji kissed without permission.

“After watching the scene, my father called from abroad. He rarely called, but he finally called and asked ‘what are you doing on the stairs without my permission?’ and scolded me. I think he was surprised because his daughter did that in public. I said, ‘It’s Sung Shi Won and I’m Jung Eun-ji’. But dad said ‘whatever, that is your face’,” she stated.

Dating Rumors Surrounding Them

Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk recently shared a photo of their dinner date and of course, immediately sparked rumors of another couple after recently revealing that many celebrity couples are frank about their relationship.

On June 25th, 2012, Seo In-guk himself uploaded the photos with the comment, “Jung Eun-ji bought me dinner. She said she wanted to buy it because last time we ate together, I paid for it. I was very touched. I really enjoyed the food.” In the photo uploaded by Seo In-guk, they showed their closeness even though they were outside of the drama shooting.

Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji themselves appeared as a couple in the tvN drama Reply 1997. Because of that, netizens began to speculate if their love story in the drama developed into a love story outside the real alias drama like the cases of other celebrity couples who experienced love at the location.

Regarding this, netizens left some comments such as, “I hope you two become a real couple,” “Is this the next celebrity couple?” and “Don’t jump to conclusions.”

On September 7th, 2012, Jung Eun-ji appeared in an episode of SBS’ Go Show and clarified the truth behind the rumors that she was dating Seo In-guk who is her co-star in the drama that was aired on tvN, Reply 1997.

MC Kim Young-chul asked, “I heard a rumor that you two are dating, is that not true?” and Jung Eun-ji replied, “That really didn’t happen. In the drama, Yoon Yoon-jae (played by Seo In-guk) is really affectionate and cool but Seo In-guk is actually more shocking in real life.”

Jung Eun-ji made everyone laugh when she continued, “Once, In-guk oppa put his foot in my ear and told me to answer the phone.” The show’s studio was filled with laughter when the MC joked, “If a man gives you his legs, it’s like he gave you everything. You’re dating.”

Seo In-guk continued to be rumored of going out with Jung Eun-ji since both starred in the series Reply 1997. The actor who’s also the singer of “Broken” admitted that he was initially happy with the gossip, but now he feels sick.

When he appeared on the show 1 vs. 100, Seo In-guk expressed his feelings about the dating gossip with Jung Eun-ji. He admitted that he was initially pleased with the gossip while filming because it could promote their series, Reply 1997.

“We were rumored to be dating when in the middle of shooting the series. When the issue arose I was happy,” said Seo In-guk. “When I’m with her I want to look good in the eyes of the audience. On the set, I want to get closer to her so I deliberately often ask her to joke.”

But the desire to be close to Jung Eun-ji raises things that can not be alleviated. Finally, many people believe they are really dating and spread the gossip which has continued to be discussed even today. As a result, Seo In-guk has to straighten out those rumors while appearing on television.

“Many of my friends are asking me if I am really dating her. Even actor Lee Sung Jae called me to ask too,” Seo In-guk continued. “The scandal reappeared after a year. I’m really tired because this gossip keeps on persisting.” Now Seo In-guk hopes his fate will change. “Next year if I am involved in a dating rumor again I hope it’s with a different person,” he stated.

On July 19th, 2012, the main cast of the drama Reply 1997 Eun Ji-won and Seo In-guk appeared on the tvN talk show Taxi and Eun Ji-won revealed the confession between Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji was in reality.

According to Eun Ji-won, Jung Eun-ji’s face turned red and embarrassed every time Seo In-guk looked at her or talked to her. Eun Ji-won continued, “We had a group chat on Kakao Talk and Seo In-guk suddenly sent a voice message. I was curious so I listened and said, ‘Jung Eun-ji, I love you.’ I don’t understand why he sent this in the group chat.”

Seo In-guk later confessed, “At first I didn’t have feelings for her, but now I seem to have them.” Seo In-guk then gave up under the pressure of the MC and finally called Jung Eun-ji. On the phone, Seo In-guk asked Jung Eun-ji to come out for a while and she answered, “I don’t wear any make-up so I can’t.”

Then Eun Ji-won took over and said, “You don’t want to see me?” and she replied, “I want to meet you.” Eun Ji-won then said, “Look, it’s because she doesn’t have feelings for me so she is comfortable meeting me. Without make-up, but she doesn’t want to see Seo In-guk without make-up because she has feelings for him.”

Jung Eun-ji then explained by saying, “In-guk oppa suddenly held my hand and put his hand on my shoulder so what kind of girl won’t be blushed because of that? The level of our relationship is a colleague. He’s not even my type. I heard he loves me and it’s really burdensome. Please control yourself.” His honest answer made everyone on the set explode with laughter.

Despite being rejected by Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk ended the phone call with, “I love you Jung Eun-ji!”

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