All Information About The Boyz Member Joo Hak-nyeon (Profile, Facts, Scandal, and Produce 101)


All You Need to Know About Joo Hak-nyeon!

Do you know about one of members of the South Korean boy-group The Boys‘, Joo Hak-nyeon? He was also one of the contestants of Mnet’s survival show; Produce 101 Season 2! Joo Hak-nyeon was still underrated when he joined Produce 101 and didn’t have the popularity he now enjoys. Let’s find out more about Joo Hak-nyeon and discover how he got where he is today.

Full Profile of Joo Hak-nyeon
  • Real Name : Joo Hak-nyeon (주학년)
  • Stage Name : Joo Hak-nyeon (주학년)
  • Birth : Jeju, South Korea, March 9, 1999
  • Zodiac : Pisces
  • Weight : 58 kg
  • Height : 174 cm
  • Blood Type : B
  • Education : Hanlim Art School
  • Agency : Cre.Ker Entertainment
  • Name of the Group : The Boyz (더보이즈)
  • Position : Dancer
  • Profession : Idol, Singer
  • Official Sites : Instagram (

Interesting Facts About Joo Hak-nyeon
  1. Joo Hak-nyeon has a younger sister, an older sister and both parents as his family members
  2. His nickname is Jeju Boy, since he has the ability to speak in the Jeju dialect
  3. He’s half Chinese and half Korean
  4. He lived in Hong Kong for a long time, before he debuted as an idol
  5. Joo Hak-nyeon’s real name has a meaning.  It translates as Joo (주) meaning ‘Around’, Hak (학) meaning ‘Crane’, and Nyeon (년) meaning ‘Year’
  6. He came to Seoul to enter Anyang Arts High School as a major in the Theater and Film department. Soon after he finished the entrance exam, he was cast to be an Idol
  7. He can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese
  8. His hobbies are playing badminton and going skiing
  9. He’s also pretty fluent in English
  10. His favorite color is White
  11. He likes almost any kind of food, but he especially loves macaroons, and his favorite flavor is Matcha (Green Tea)
  12. He doesn’t really like pork
  13. He loves to eat Baskin Robbins ‘strawberry that fell in love’ ice cream
  14. He doesn’t like horror movies
  15. His most precious possession is a camera that his father gave him
  16. When he sleeps, he wears a Totoro onesie
  17. He learned b-boying by himself and cooked something then made it looks good
  18. Sun-woo is the group member he feels closest to, while he took the longest time to be close to Kevin
  19. He’s is really confident about making new friends
  20. He’s in charge of deciding the menu eat at the dorm
  21. Most of the time, The Boyz’ stylist chooses the members outfits, but Joo Hak-nyeon also picks his own outfits when he can
  22. He wanted to go to Europe when he hits 50 years old
  23. He has a pig, and he named it Ggul
  24. Joo Hak-nyeon’s family actually has a pig farm, and his mother gave him an award for taking care of the pigs by feeding them
  25. His best friend is Euiwoong, who was another contestant of Produce 101 season 2, and has been good friends with ex-member of JBJ, Lungguo, since they were roommates back when they still trainees at Cre.Ker Entertainment
  26. Back in the trainee days, he once went to Lotte World with Golden Child’s Bong Jae-hyun instead of practicing in the studio
  27. He graduated with UP10TION’s Xiao from Hanli Multi Arts High School in February, 2018
  28. He’s also close with LOONA’s Chu, ever since they took the same development activity class during their school days
  29. His role model is Rain
  30. Joo Hak-nyeon and his fellow member, Hyun-jae, appeared on Melody Day’s M/V titled You Seem Busy
  31. Joo Hak-nyeon and Hyun-jae used to be roomates
  32. He was a trainee for two years, plus a month
  33. Joo Hak-nyeon was a contestant on Mnet’s Produce 101 season 2, and got eliminated on Episode 11
  34. Joo Hak-nyeon did a radio broadcast on V-Live and named it Tangerine Radio

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