All Information About Collaboration Between Wiz Khalifa and Taeyeon, What Exactly Happen!


All You Need to Know About Wiz Khalifa and Taeyeon’s Collaboration Facts

Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper who started his career at the age of 15. One of his most popular songs is “See You Again,” where he collaborating with pop singer Charlie Puth. The song itself is part of the original soundtrack for the movie Fast and Furious 7. And, as for Taeyeon, she is the leader of Girls’ Generation, famous for her angelic voice. In 2016, the two artists were rumored to be collaborating for the 2016 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). But, the collaboration went awry and left them with a feud. So, what actually happened?

Wiz Khalifa and Taeyeon’s Beef

In 2016, Wiz Khalifa was scheduled to perform at the MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Award). CJ E&M, the organizer of the event, put out an announcement that said Wiz Khalifa is going to collaborate with a certain K-Pop idol. But, they didn’t mention who the K-Pop artist was. Not long after the announcement, fans started speculating that the artist is Taeyeon because of the leaked video of them rehearsing the song “See You Again” on the stage. There was not much information about the girl in the video, but fans were speculating it’s Taeyeon because of her distinctive voice.

After the video was leaked, their collaboration became the most anticipated performance because of Wiz Khalifa’s reputation as a Hollywood rapper, and the great honor that Taeyeon would take in becoming Wiz Khalifa’s duet partner. The song itself also became a buzz because it had been charting well on the US Billboard hot 100 for several weeks. No wonder many fans were waiting for their collaboration.

But, minutes before their stage performance, Wiz Khalifa received bad news: Taeyeon won’t be performing with him. This brought a shock to Wiz Khalifa and his team. DJ Bonics, the DJ who was working with him at the stage, shared the bad news with the fans. Because of this, Wiz Khalifa performed the song alone. For the singing part, Wiz Khalifa still used Charlie Puth’s voice from the MR. After the performance, Wiz Khalifa tweeted his disappointment with Taeyeon.

Many fans were also disappointed by this. Then, Wiz Khalifa’s team released a statement that said Taeyeon couldn’t perform without the agency’s approval. Because Taeyeon’s name was getting slandered on social media, fans decided to defend her and start attacking Wiz Khalifa and his team. Then, DJ Bonics shared a snippet of their AR for MAMA on his Instagram with the caption “A Korean Pop star Taeyeon was supposed to perform this with Wiz and backed out last minute. Here’s a snippet. #mnetasiamusicawards #mama2016.” In the post, DJ Bonics shows Taeyeon’s AR for the collaboration.

Because of this post, DJ Bonics started getting harassed by fans. Then, DJ Bonics took it to Twitter, to clarify his post.

Wiz Khalifa’s team received information that said Taeyeon is going to the hospital and has to cancel the performance. At the rehearsal day, Taeyeon also backed out and they were told that it’s too late. There was no further explanation from SM Entertainment and MAMA organizers. After the problem appeared on the surface, Taeyeon talked about this on her Instagram.

Based on Taeyeon’s explanation, she was disappointed because Wiz Khalifa’s team prepared the wrong background song. If they prepared the wrong track, it was going to be hard for her to sing live. For her, this stage is very meaningful, for both herself and the fans. There was no reason for Taeyeon to back out from the performance. Because of Taeyeon’s clarification, Wiz Khalifa took this matter to his Tweeter to defend himself.

Because of Wiz Khalifa’s statement that was contradictory with Taeyeon’s clarification, Taeyeon posted on snapchat again saying, “I didn’t go to the hospital friend… I was waiting for you after washing up.”

Her post on Snapchat left them with a feud. Even after the event ended, there was no official statement from the organizers about this matter. In the end, Wiz Khalifa performed “See You Again” alone on stage. Here’s the video of his full performance.

Even though he was performing alone, Wiz Khalifa was still doing his best and managed to make the audience sing along with him. Idols that were sitting in the guest seats were also fascinated by his performance, such as Bambam and Jackson from GOT7.

A year later, MAMA released an official statement about the performance at a press conference for MAMA 2017, that was held at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Based on Kim Ki-woong’s statement, the director of MAMA 2016, the problem happened because of miscommunication between Taeyeon’s team and Wiz Khalifa’s team. After this happened, Kim Ki-woong promised to produce a good stage on the next MAMA events.

So, what do you think about their beef?

Latest News About Wiz Khalifa and Taeyeon

Since the feud happened, both artists continued with their careers. For Taeyeon, in January 2019, she opened her Youtube account under the name 탱구TV. On his Youtube account, she shares her traveling videos and behind-the-scenes videos from her concerts. You can check out one of her videos here.

On February 3rd, 2019, Taeyeon shared a photo of her siblings on her Instagram. You can see his handsome brother and her sister who looks like her.

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안녕 유일한 룸메이트들

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Taeyeon also recently held a solo concert at Singapore Expo Hall, on December 12th. This was her first solo concert in Singapore and the concert was very successful. Can’t wait for her next project!

As far as Wiz Khalifa is concerned, recently, he released a mixtape with rapper Curren$y titled How Fly. Actually, this mixtape was made in 2009, but Wiz Khalifa only recently put out his mixtape to the streaming service, starting with the famous Kush and Orange Juice project that made his name get widely known. If you are a fan of his mixtape, you can check out the songs on your favorite streaming service.

After releasing the album on streaming service, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y also announced their tour ‘2009 TOUR’ which starts on February 8th and is to end on March 9th. Here’s the official poster for their tour that was posted on Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram.

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