NMIXX Lily Profile, Age, Height, Parents, Pre Debut, Etc


The Most Anticipated NMIXX Member Who Waited Long to Debut

Lily is one of the JYP trainees who people have anticipated to debut after her unforgettable performance in K-pop Star 4 in 2014. Lily is actually of a Korean-Australian ethnicity and is a talented singer and actress. She is now a member of girl group NMIXX, which debuted in March 2022. Check out Lily’s profile, race, age, pre-debut, parents, etc., in this Byeol Korea article below. Stay tuned and keep reading!

NMIXX Lily Profile Age, Race, Height, Real Name


Stage Name: Lily (Hangeul: 릴리)
Birth Name/Real Name: Lily Jin Morrow (Hangeul: 릴리진모로우)
Birthday: October 17th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
Nationality: Korean-Australian

31 NMIXX Lily Fun Facts

1. Lily signed a contract with JYP Entertainment on May 4th, 2015.

2. She is the main vocalist of NMIXX.

3. Lily was a trainee for 6 years and 6 months.

4. Lily can speak English, Korean, and basic Japanese.

5. Lily’s mother is Korean, while her father is Australian.

6. She has taken piano lessons since she was 4 years old.

7. Lily got accepted in YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, but she chose JYP Entertainment.

8. Her dream is to be a singer.

9. She was an actress and child model before her debut as a singer.

10. Lily was born and grew up in Victoria, Australia.

11. She was rumored of supposedly debuting with ITZY.

12. She is close with Ahn Yuna, a South Korean actress.

13. In the beginning, her stage name was Lily M.

14. Lily appeared in Stray Kids Episode 1.

15. She is a fan of Miss A and GOT7.

16. Lily’s signature point is her stage presence.

17. She is also learning ballet.

18. Lily learned singing from her father.

19. When she was a child, Lily had been singing many OST songs

20. Lily has had a fan base since 2014, after her appearance in K-POP Star 4 where she ranked fourth.

21. She did voice acting in GOT7’s “If You Do”.

22. Lily had a band when she was in high school and performed in many places around Australia.

23. As her qualifying video before debuting with NMIXX, Lily became a trending topic in the top 10 worldwide on Twitter within an hour.

24. She is the hidden vocal in many songs of 3RACHA.

25. Lily is known as the happy virus is what her fans have said.

26. She was the last member to be revealed as a member of NMIXX.

27. Her quote is: “There’s a reason why they are excited all night long.”

28. Lily appeared in the 6 JYP trainee showcase.

29. Her MBTI personality type is ENFP.

30. She placed second in the performance assessment which brought her and Haewoo to a dance camp in Los Angeles, California.

31. Lily just graduated from high school in 2022 with NMIXX’s Haewon.

NMIXX Lily Parents Ethnicity Korean and Australian

Lily has parents that originated from South Korea and Australia. Her mother is Park Jin-hee and her father is Bruce Morrow. Moreover, Lily also has a younger sister named Amy Morrow born in 2007. Her mother likes watching K-Pop Star so she decided to go after K-Pop Star, she loves singing too. Her father is someone who inspired her to start singing. Such a supportive family!

Her parents’ mixed heritage and race make it easy to distinguish Lily by physical appearance. As she can speak fluent English, her Korean is also cutely spoken. When Lily speaks Korean, she sounds so polite and oozes a different vibe, this has been the charming side of her. Check out her video speaking Korean and mixed English, here! The way she spoke Korean in 2014 is still the same after her debut.

NMIXX Lily Pre-debut Story

Lily has been practicing singing since she was in Australia. She was born in Victoria, living with her Australian father and Korean mother. She then participated in K-POP Star 4 which made her more popular and brought her closer to achieving her dream of becoming a singer. Check out Lily’s pre-debut journey below!

NMIXX Lily in K-POP Star 4

In November 2014, Lily became a contestant of the reality show K-POP Star Season 4. The show had a preliminary audition in some countries like the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and others.

Lily stole the spotlight during her first stage appearance in the show. Her husky and wide range voice made it easy to fall in love with. However, Lily placed fourth in this K-POP Star 4 in episode 19. Here’s a clip of her performance in K-POP Star 4, which you should check out.

Lily sang “If I Ain’t Got You” which amazed the audiences and judges.

Lily sang “Roar” which showcased her vocal range and passion.

During K-POP Star 4, the judges come from various entertainment agencies including Yang Hyun-suk from YG Entertainment, Park Jin-young from JYP Entertainment, and You Hee-yeol from Antenna Music. They all adored Lily’s singing performance, especially YG and JYP Entertainment.

In some episodes, when interviewing Lily, Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment back then persuaded her to join his company as a trainee. But, even though Lily admitted that she likes both JYP and YG Entertainment, it is more likely that she is more fond of JYP Entertainment. Look at the clip where she finally joined and is enthusiastic to enter JYP Entertainment after K-POP Star 4 ended.

She joined JYP Entertainment with an exclusive contract on May 14th, 2015. After around 6 years of being a trainee in JYP Entertainment, Lily finally debuted in the highly-anticipated girl group, NMIXX.

Lily Is Active as an Actress and Singer-songwriter in Various Opportunities

Lily has written her own English song, “Trampoline” and also sang “Out of this World”, “Find It”, “The Weather Man”, and others during her pre-debut days. She has also sung OSTs of the 2015 K-Pop drama Orange Marmalade, “I Know”, and “Shiny Day”.

Moreover, she also acted in the movie The Weatherman’s Umbrella (2016) as Sarah. She has been actively sharpening her skills in the entertainment area.

Lily Debuted with NMIXX as the Main Vocalist

NMIXX consists of 7 all-around girls with all-around talents in singing, dancing, and visuals. NMIXX was branded as “Your Next Favorite Girl group” under JYP Entertainment.

Apparently, there’s no specific position for each member of the group, however, Lily more likely fits as the main vocalist as her history is in singing performances in K-POP Star 4 in 2014. She was announced as the seventh member of NMIXX, the last and the most memorable one.

After 7 years, Lily grew up as a beautiful, polite, and lovely girl as shown in her qualifying videos. She has been long-awaited by her fans to the debut and finally, the time has come. Lily got into the spotlight on the Twitter hashtag with her qualifying video before her debut. Here is Lily’s qualifying video.

She debuted in NMIXX on February 22nd, 2022, with the release of the single album Ad Mare, with their lead track “O.O”.

NMIXX Lily Focus Fancam

Look at this focus camera of Lily performing “O.O”; she looks sharp and satisfying. What do you think? Check out NMIXX Instagram official to learn about her activities in the future.

That’s all about Lily’s profile, race or ethnicity, parents, age, debut as an NMIXX member. What do you like about NMIXX’s Lily? Write down your comment below and share your thoughts on Twitter. Keep sharing the positive messages to Lily and NMIXX who just debuted in 2022!