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Are you a K-pop fan that follows every debut of K-pop groups every year? Then, do you know about the South Korean girl group that officially debuted on April 28, 2021, which is HOT ISSUE? For your information, it is a South Korean girl group under S2 Entertainment, and its group name stands for “Honest Outstanding Terrific Issue.”

HOT ISSUE has 7 original members with Nahyun, Mayna, Hyeongshin, Dana, Yewon, Yebin, and Dain. In this article, we will get to know one of the members of HOT ISSUE, Jang Da-na. Let’s get to know more about her full profile, fun facts, and her debut era in the article below!

HOT ISSUE Dana Profile


Real Name: Jang Da-na (Hangul: 장다나)

Stage Name: Dana (Hangul: 다나)

Birth: Gyeonggi-do, Goyang, South Korea, December 25, 2003

Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper

Family Members: Parents, Older Brother

Religion: Catholic (Baptism Name: Anisia)


  • Jeodong Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Jungsan Middle School (Graduated)
  • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Applied Music / Graduated)

Nationality: Korean

HOT ISSUE Dana Fun Facts

  1. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s MBTI type is ENTP.
  2. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s shoe size is 235 mm.
  3. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s Chinese zodiac is the Goat.
  4. HOT ISSUE’s Dana can compose and write lyrics and was credited on the group’s B-side “Hide in the Dark.”
  5. HOT ISSUE’s Dana acted in Happy Ending (해피 엔딩) in 2012 on JTBC and One-Well Raised Daughter (잘 키운 딸 하나) in 2013 on SBS.
  6. HOT ISSUE’s Dana is a former trainee of YG Entertainment.
  7. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s nickname is Snowball.
  8. HOT ISSUE’s Dana is friends with Dayeon from KEP1ER.
  9. HOT ISSUE’s Dana would like to be a cat inside a spacious and quiet house if she could be an animal.
  10. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s visual looks like Ha Yeon-soo, Solar, Yeri, and Yoojeong.
  11. HOT ISSUE’s Dana has an appearance where cuteness, innocence, and beauty coexist.
  12. HOT ISSUE’s Dana can’t eat seafood.
  13. HOT ISSUE’s Dana likes Abiko.
  14. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s favorite foods are croffles and macarons.
  15. HOT ISSUE’s Dana dislikes mushrooms because of the texture.
  16. HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s role model is BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
  17. HOT ISSUE’s Dana uploaded cover songs and self-composed songs on SoundCloud during her pre-debut.
  18. HOT ISSUE’s Dana participated in composing and writing lyrics for “Hide in the Dark,” a song included on the group’s debut album.
  19. HOT ISSUE’s Dana is close with IVE’s Rei, and they were high school classmates.
  20. HOT ISSUE’s Dana was revealed as the fourth member of HOT ISSUE on March 23, 2021.

HOT ISSUE Dana Debut Era

S2 Entertainment gained fans’ attention by revealing the teaser image of HOT ISSUE’s members Dana and Hyeongshin through their official social media on March 23, 2021.

In the published image, Dana and Hyeongshin created a sophisticated atmosphere by wearing black and red clothes and accessories that stood out with a checkered pattern.

Dana, who shows off her charismatic eyes, was revealed as a member of HOT ISSUE on the same day. She is a versatile member with excellent vocal skills and performance ability as well as songwriting skills.

HOT ISSUE’s Dana is the fashionista member who wears the plainest clothes and was chosen by Nahyun during her debut show because she is usually interested in fashion. Her tension was high so at the time of the debut show, Hyeongshin chose Dana as the member with the highest score in karaoke. She is a friend who can break through the sky once the tension rises.

As the member with the best sense of entertainment, Yebin selected Dana during her debut showcase. Even if she doesn’t have to try to be funny, it’s funny if she just sits still.

Although the members’ backgrounds during their training are different, they shared the same desire for their earnest dream of debuting. S2 Entertainment, led by Chairman Hong Seung-seong, is the place where the dream that felt far away came true.

HOT ISSUE appeared in the music industry with their debut song “Gratata.”

When asked about her debut activity, Dana answered, “It was difficult at first, but I could see the members getting used to the stage and learned about how to perform on the stage. The day went by frantically and quickly, but it felt good to fill it up and spend it well.”

As a former trainee from a Big Agency in South Korea, Dana shared her previous trainee experience that helped her debut by saying, “I auditioned for YG Entertainment for the first time in middle school. I didn’t receive training as a YG trainee but occasionally they contacted me and gave me feedback on what I practiced. I was grateful to be able to listen to advice from my side.”

When asked if she originally had a dream in K-pop and had a role model, HOT ISSUE’s Dana said, “My role model is Jennie from BLACKPINK. It’s great to have a very confident figure. She also has a fashion sense and stage control. I admired things when she performed at Coachella and watched the fancams.”

HOT ISSUE’s Dana also shared about her personal goal she wants to achieve during her debut era by saying, “I want to make a song with our members participating.”

On May 4, 2021, HOT ISSUE held its debut stage that was aired on SBS’ Inkigayo. The members performed for the first time with their debut song titled “GRATATA.” In the focus fancam above, you can see HOT ISSUE’s Dana’s performance that shows off her own beauty on the stage that shines very bright. She also performed with great vocals and rapping skills as well.

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